Inner Whispers – Episode 24 – 2/6/18

As always, VERONICA speaks on a number of subjects, plus her message to you and the world.  On this show specifically there were a number of questions from the comments asking about religion topics including questions about “God”, Jesus, and the Bible.


  1. 1- I do understand that we attract things to ourselves by our vibration , but i dont understand how a whole race of people can attract genocide or enslavement upon themselves. Examples Jewish holocaust and enslavement of africans. Can you explain this?

    2-whats the most effective way to manifest what we want? What do you think about visionboards and visualizing?

    3-why cant we in our dreams figure out the lessons we came here to learn and then be able to heal ourselves? Particularly if we cant figure it out in our awake state. Thanks in advance!

  2. There have been a few questions on previous shows about ‘time.’ I think of it this way – that if I was an astronaut in space with no reference points then time wouldn’t mean the same to me as if I was in the linear.

    • Excellent way to think about it! Thanks for that – it helped me with my struggle to understand the concept of time being non-existent.

  3. Another aspect about time…. if all our lives are happening concurrently we could in theory contact or channel our future ascended self?

    A question about time – how similar are each of our concurrent lives? Are we dealing with the same issues in each life? How connected are the lives – if I learn a significant lesson in what I believe is this life does it improve all my other lives?

  4. Veronica, April and Allen — Thank you so much for the truth and wisdom that you make available for those who want to know. I especially enjoy Allen’s deep knowledge questions. I do have questions for Veronica that I’ve not seen answered anywhere else: Are the visitors known as the Annunaki real? Did they come from a crossing planet? Are their stories the basis of part of our Old Testament scripture?

  5. Greetings to you all..I have a some questions regarding personalities that are trapped in a life experience …..long after physical death

    How does the soul move on from that experience? I understand the soul is detached from the life and isnt ”stuck” but I would love veronicas perspective

    What is the guides role in that scenario?

    How long can a personality be ‘stuck’ for?

    And anything else Veronica can say about the topic would be much appreciated

  6. What are society’s chances of containing global warming to a manageable level?

    How long do we have before that level is exceeded?

    • Regarding the question by Ross, is global warming caused by the natural cycles of the earth, warming and cooling? And is the sudden spike in temperature a precursor to a mini ice-age.

  7. Thank you All so very much for helping us understand life. As you have explained, we plan our lives before we are born in this life. What I don’t understand is why any of us are born in the first place. Why are we here? When was our first life and why did we choose our first life to incarnate?

    Our son wants scientific facts that there is reincarnation. I keep trying to explaine, but he keeps saying that is not science. I had an NDE back in the 1960s long before it was common knowledge. Our son thinks that it’s crazy talk.

    Thank you for giving us knowledge, both in your readings and this radio show. Very enlightening!!

  8. Hi April, Allen and Veronica,
    thank you April for sharing your perspective. This is of great value to me. Thank you Allen for having asked Veronica one of my questions on your previous podcast. I’m stll very intrigued with her experience in Bristol and would like to know more: was the being she experienced such pristine love with a regular human or some kind of ascended being she was fortunate to bump into? She said she did have two more incarnations after that experience and I would like to know whether only having two more incarnations was a fizzling out of incarnating, tying up loose ends of some sorts, since it couldn’t have gotten any better than the way it was in Bristol wrapping up the whole incarnation on Earth deal subsequently.
    I’m also intrigued about the source entities and the number of something between 30 and 50 you had mentioned. Are all people on planet Earth part of the same entity while the other ones are somewhere else or are they all sending aspects to Earth (or more than one at the same time). Are those 30 to 50 source entities aware of each other and do they interact with each other or do they operate on different territories being isolated from each other?
    Much love to all of you.

  9. Regarding the topic today about the Bible only having a third if its original material. Are the Dead Sea scrolls with gospels such as Mary and Thomas part of the original bible? They seem to be much more metaphysical and esoteric.

  10. Winnie Margolis says:

    I really enjoyed episode24. Thank you, Allen, for asking the questions presented by Cajah, as those were the things i also wondered about.
    Someday, if possible, I would like to know where the soul we knew as Hitler went upon his death here on Earth. Did he go without punishment for the events of WWII?
    Thank you.

  11. Why would two people that are married die of the same rare brain turmor almost exactly three years apart. And what caused them?

  12. Is it possible to meet yourself from a past life?

  13. Recently, I heard something that I had never thought of before. A mother who has a baby of 3 months old said that her daughter sometimes seems to be dreaming and laughs in her sleep. What does a young baby dream about? Do they dream about things that happened while in the spirit world or in a past life? I can remember being born, but I can’t remember anything in between lives. I can remember some parts of other lives. I can remember being 3 months old. I knew when someone was talking (baby talk) to me and when they were talking normally. I knew what smiling meant also. I also wonder if a baby learns to talk or if they remember from a past life. Thanks, Don

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