Inner Whispers – Episode 23 – 1/30/18

The Entity Seth uses the term “All That Is” instead of the term “God”, What are “past” lives and simultaneous lives?, Why is sleep required?, Will on-line courses be offered?, Do we design our DNA pre-life including inherited diseases?, Abdication of pre-life agreements, Individually in each afterlife, Can a conscious and self aware computer be designed?, Any Karmic debt created by breaking pre-life agreements? Functions of Source Entities and Soul on this planet (Note: Allen misquotes how many people are on this planet currently by a large factor — sorry about that!), Evolution in other dimensions, Methods for connecting with Guides, Why Does VERONICA use the term “we” instead of “I”?, Did VERONICA stop incarnating after Bristol?


  1. Good day to you all… In the words of Allen ‘Another parallel life question’
    😊 Do each of our pararell selves go through there own life reviews and also can one parallel self who has crossed over guide another who is still incarnate.

  2. 1-So if theres no 1 supreme creator(GOD) then who was Jesus Christ talking about when he would say his Father ?
    2-Is the Adam & Eve story real or symbolic?
    3-Is Affirmative Prayer according to Ernest Holmes) actually helping me change my reality or is any or all prayer useless?
    4- so is the bible inspired by our source entities or just all made up by man to control us?

    • Winifred Margolis says:

      Cajah, after listening to this broadcast, I too wondered if prayer was useless. Your question about whom Jesus Christ was referring to as Father is another question I would like to have answered. Thanks for asking them. Hopefully Allen will choose them to ask of Veronica.

  3. Is the Mandela effect due to a reality shift or false memories?
    If it is a reality shift why do some people remember the former reality while others do not?

    The Mandela effect is the belief that some differences between one’s memories and the real world are caused by changes to past events in the timeline.

  4. Thank you Veronica for your answer, it was quite explicary. The question I have now is: As you said all time is one time and one time is all time, all happens at the same time but if all happens at the same time what happens when all is done? Are there several ‘time zones’, like ours is the linear, yours is what?

  5. I was confused, I thought the Source Entity is the same as God (God Energy), the Spirit inside all of us. As you mentioned Allen there are 50-60 Source Entities. Thanks for clearing that up. I’m new at this; I’m eager to learn and grow, so I do appreciate your patience.
    Veronica –
    “If Spirit, as it is often defined, is the all-pervasive, intelligent energy of creation, soul is its manifestation at the personal level.”
    My understanding is that the God Energy(Spirit) decided it wants to incarnat so it manifested a Soul to have personal experiences. Inside of my body is a Soul and inside my Soul is the Spirit/God Energy. Each human has Individual Souls, but what connect all of us, what is Common in All of us is the Spirit/God energy.

    What’s your take on this Veronica?

  6. Brigitte Hesper says:

    Hi all,
    I really love your radio shows, but I still like the newsletters better so far, and I can tell you why. In a newsletter Veronica usually covers a specific topic, and at the end answers a certain question.
    The radio shows, as good as they are, they are touching on too many topics, but don’t answer any of them satisfactoryly enough. Of course I can see that this dilemma may lay in the time constraints you are working under.
    I for one would love to hear way more about source energy etc, because for us earthlings at the moment this topic is hard to grapple, and if you are just throwing out a few sentences, it just leaves you wanting more. I actually find that single questions don’t answer them very well.
    Given a choice, I’d like to hear a lecture actually on any topic, in one radio show, and a question and answer session in another one.
    But thanks so much for everything you are already doing,

  7. Kathryn phillips says:

    Thankyou all so much again..for our weekly spiritual podcast for our daily inspiration !..could I please ask can I tell if the wisdom or guidence and knowledge Im picking up conciously is coming from my friends or guides in spirit ..or if it is actually my own higher self giving me the information..I never quite can tell the it if im making decisions from my heart and its all positive..then its actually own soul..and when Im in doubt and Im asking for help..then thats when my spirit guides are actually communicating with me…and could you also explain more about to become aware of when its ego based and not from the soul..and how it can be misunderstood for its more negative qualities in a person..but actually its really from a place of fear..and insecurity ..I.thank you all very much once again

  8. Alan, At risk of being considered unappreciative, I’d to hear Veronica MORE than your personal comments. I thought you may have gotten carried away this week and you drifted. About the change in formats; I very much like this format. One of the problems is people’s understanding and backgrounds are very different. Maybe reading Jose stephen’s the Michael teachings would help serious students obtain a foundation for further explorations. Some of Veronica ‘s info has gone beyond Michael’s. But they are all going in the same direction ultimately. This is important work that you and April are doing. Thank you.

  9. Winifred M says:

    No disrespect intended, but I agree with Susan F. Sometimes I feel Allen uses up too much precious time on his personal comments. It is Veronica I want to listen to.

  10. Allen, why do you feel like you need to change formats? I think the opportunity for people to ask Veronica questions in an open comment format is incredibly helpful.

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