Inner Whispers – Episode 17 – 12/5/17

On this episode 17 VERONICA gives her perspective as a Causal Plane Entity about various concepts including:
When Catholics “die” what do they think when they find out that reincarnation is a fact?, Can pre-life agreements regarding health be changed by choice?  Will we know all there is to know when we “die”?, There is always opportunity to expand, There is always more, Can an entity stay in April Crawford’s body and “high jack” her form?, About Lower Astrals, VERONICA on the totality of experience: in this case… Sugarcane.”


  1. Love it guys…I look forward too these like a hot meal… keep on keeping on…

  2. Kathryn phillips says:

    Thankyou once again allan april and veronica..and thankyou so much for answering my last question..
    I do however have another one for veronica its on the same kind of subject of energy.I was wondering if veronica had any suggestions about using any quickfire techniques on the spot ones so to speak.. for protecting oneself from negative people and places..I am extremely sensitive to people and places and well just about everything I guess and so I wondered if theres any general advice veronica can give to myself and other sensitive people like me..and also can I please ask about wi-fi and suchlike and the effects it can have on susceptable people whose energy systems can be affected in this there any visualization techniques maybe veronica can give to us that can for instance block such harsh energies..many thanks to everyone….I so look forward and enjoy your broadcasts so much….Thanks again..x

  3. Thanks again Veronica, April and Allen. I appreciate these podcasts, all three of you make it a great program !

  4. Hello and thank you for taking the time to answer my question or to think about it at least. I am not a practicing catholic but I certainly have been influenced by it’s teachings. I rejected most of them when I became an adult but one thing still bothers me.

    I suffer from a degenerative disease called Supra Nuclear Palsy, a nasty thing that will eventually end my life, but not in a nice way, Patients usually choke to death on food or liquids. I chose this life, I’m living it to the fullest and consider it to be a productive one. My question is do I hurt my soul if at one point I have had enough and decide to end my life.

    At 68 years old, being married for almost fifty years to the love of my life, having raised fine children , having loved my grandkids and career as a nurse helping others, I’m think I have accomplished all I can . Veronica says there is no judgement on the other side….but would an action like taking my life impede my soul’s progress. Thank you

  5. How can spirit entities see without having eyes?

    How can spirit entities hear without having ears?

  6. Kathryn phillips says:

    Hi there Ross..maybe I can help you abit there .I know for a fact that we are all able to see clearly and indeed hear clearly as spirit..( after all..we are spiritual beings having a physical this reality)
    ..because when I was only 6 yrs old..I had a very serious car accident but I can remember it as if it was yesterday..( and Im nearly 60) ..being out of my body..not knowing what was really goin on..but being able to see everything and everyone and hear everything..I remember being scared but absolutely seeing all what was goin on around i know for a fact..spirit hears and sees all I..hope that helps you…and not confused you

    • Yes, I understand that this is so. I am also led to believe that in the spirit form one cannot taste because of absence of taste buds, cannot smell due to not having a nose, and cannot feel without a physical body.
      So I am curious as to the mechanism of sight and hearing with no sensory organs for those purposes.

  7. Hello April, Veronica and Allen, this is a very informative and pleasant series. I enjoy every broadcasting, I wish I could do what April is doing, going into history but alas I am not a medium or channel hence I have to resort to books etc. I have two questions for Veronica, There is a lot of animal torture around, a lot of it is very bad. Are these people, and there are thousands of them, born evil? Do they have a blue print in how to torture and kill and abandon animals? I don’t personally think it’s the ‘denseness’ or ‘density’ of the linear that drives them to do what they do.

  8. Kristin Lofgren says:

    How I stumbled across your emails a couple years ago, I do not remember, but I always looked forward to them. Now that you have a podcast, I eagerly listen to each episode with my teenage daughter and son in the car on our Morning school commute and remember your message as my day unfolds. It is a profound way start each day present to all we have to offer the Universe and our world.

    I love when all three of you tell stories as I feel we can identify our own humanity (and spirit) in your telling of them. Perhaps I am not alone in that it is the stories that stick with me the longest and from where I most learn.

    April, you had mentioned that your Mother is still around and you see and interact with her often. Would you please share the story about when you first reunited with her after she passed and what the interactions are like? And please share how we might reach out and communicate with our loved ones who have also passed? Thank You for bringing calm Presence, Joy and Love with each message. ❤️

  9. Sharon Smith says:

    When we pass will we have access to the records that Edgar Cayce spoke of? I very much look forward to this radio show. Thank you!

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