Inner Whispers – Episode 16 – 11/28/17

On this episode 16 VERONICA gives her perspective as a Causal Plane Entity about various concepts including:
What happens if you are dreaming when you “die”?, Is there an end point or an end goal?, There is always continuance, Individuality of people’s interests, Individuality of Entities and other nonphysical beings, Entity senses of humor, Choices regarding the degrees of ultimate blending with your Source Entity(ies)… or not… your choice, Remembering everything.


  1. I love the stories April tells about her experiences. I also enjoy listening to veronica.
    My only request is for Alan to please talk less.
    Thank you.

    • Kim, No offense, but since I produce this show for free to you, and also pay out of my own pocket (thousands of dollars per year) to buy up all the commercials so there are no commercial breaks, I shall accordingly speak whenever I wish, and upon whatever topics I wish. ~Allen

  2. When we are integrated into the spirit world, as you are, will we know all that is to be known?
    Will we wonder about anything? Will any mysteries remain?

    • I was wondering the same thing. I also wondered if all our past lives will be known at that point as well.

    • I was wondering the same thing. Also, if at that time, will all our past lives be known too?

      • Renee, it depends on many factors. I do not speak for VERONICA and I will ask her on a future broadcast. But based upon my experience it seems to be related to how aware the individual is and thinks about such things while physical, at least in some cases. Some I speak with totally know (including all about me and my lives!). On the other hand, a significant number have no idea that they are even “dead” in physical terms. For example, I spent two hours trying to convey to someone who died during the war of 1812 that they were physically “dead”… to no avail. Much story about this particular case that included references to VERONICA. Again, two hours of one on one conversation. So, individual situations and awareness matter in a material way. Many variables. All very interesting. ~Allen

  3. Anna Karola says:

    April — I was wondering could it happen that the entity you met could decide to stay in your body and force you to live in her world/ Also, are all entities benevolent. How do prevent unpleasant entities from entering. Thank you and greatly appreciated.

  4. Since on the subject of entities, can you explain how a person gets possessed and does horrendous things. On the flip side of that coin, can a person be possessed by an entity and do amazingly good things?
    Thanks for the great broadcasts. I am enjoying them so much at this point in my life. Much love to all three of you, Renee

  5. claus eriksen says:

    Just brilliant. I recognize/remember most of ‘Veronica’s’ knowledge/wisdom. Smiling big always, when I used to read Veronica’s messages. Very familiar stuff, I’ve experienced a great deal myself. “seen The Light”, so to speak..eeehmm.. Revelations/Kundalini raises & unexplainable things since 1967.. Never commented or listened to this radio thing before.. Love it thank you <3

    • Claus, Interesting regarding your first sentence. I had a similar revelation when I first read the first chapter of the Entity Seth’s book Seth Speaks that was written via trance channel Jane Roberts ( well before I met April Crawford). ~Allen

  6. Jane Lee Pankovitch says:

    Thank-you to all for this important connection. I love that we are reminded to keep thinks simple on an energetic level. There is so much drama mama going on, it is so important to remember to stay connected to our source.

  7. Heather Irbinskas says:

    Question for Veronica- When she sees sadness that is manifested in the linear i.e.) animals or children who suffer and feel pain, tortured or uncared for, what does she feel about it. Does she feel sorrow as well?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Heather,
      I’ve spoken to Veronica and one or two other Entities.
      They have a lovely distance from our travails and often see suffering in terms of the journey — what we have to learn (refer to this week’s Inner Whispers email).
      I have heard them express pain at seeing and feeling particularly awful situations. One Entity talked about the desecration of the Earth and said that it was painful to watch, particularly when humans are repeating mistakes they have already made over and over.
      Compassion is one of Veronica’s defining qualities (I would say from my limited experience). Love,

  8. catherine says:

    thank you so much for the very interesting broadcast. i look forward every week. I am enjoying them a lot.
    thank you to the 3.

  9. Sharon Smith says:

    Please define source enity(s) I have one?

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