Inner Whispers – Episode 12 – 10/31/17

On this episode 12 VERONICA gives her perspective as a Causal Plane Entity about various concepts including:
Children under 5 years old, young souls and old souls, Soul Groups, Is there really a devil?, What do we look like in the afterlife?, Eyes as the windows to the soul, How is non-physical consciousness created?
Plus, VERONICA’s Message to you and the world


  1. Jo Connolly says:

    Absolutely loved the piece about the humble entity who created a planet for you, it had me in stitches! Good for them, no disrespect, but it did come across as totally hilarious when you’re coming from this one!!! Lol.

  2. Kelly Wright says:

    What is the point of all of the evolving? Did I REALLY create all of this for my own growth or is there a group of energies up there laughing their energetic asses off pointing at me saying “we tried to warn you?” What kind of arrogance makes up a life like that? What is the point of survival? What is the point of evolving? Do we end in purity and disappear into source energy? or is there just a series of endless lifetimes until we finally crack our nuts as it were? I love that you are here, offer so much guidance…but where does if go? Its hard not to fit, to know so much and so little, to feel almost there and then not. Insanity seems quite peaceful at times. No wonder substance abuse is so rampant here. Please advise. I need a boost here. Am I even in the right direction? Being lost is a drag and flying seems to suit me better.

    With the deepest “RESPECT”


    • If you want a lot of good information about our existence read the “Conversations with God ” series by Neal Donald Walsch. It really opened my eyes and answered a lot of questions.

      • Read them thank you Tim. Ive got a library full of other people and their perspectives. (invaluable no question in my life) but VeronIca and her team are so much more direct eh? That and they can read my energy, read between my pale words, and give pure feedback and less generalized thoughts.

        Kindness and respect to you Tim <3

        • Love the way you express yourself Kelly. You’re right. Veronica will go straight to the heart of this question.
          I said to them once that I hated the idea that my thoughts create reality. My head was such a marsala of negativity and debris. Veronica paused and gave me a nudge (or ‘noodge’ as she idiosyncratically pronounces that word) — helped me accept responsibility for my thoughts and actions (still a work in progress).

          • Thank you for that reply. I appreciate all the “noodges” I can get.
            Ive spent alot of time on deep acceptance, forgiveness and healing. I moving toward self love at a slow pace, but I’m shifting the focus better these days. My fear is that I’ve spent so much time in a ‘hell’ that I have created it for the duration of my life and…that’s so damn scary. Some small part knows better, but I keep forgetting to listen.


          • Kelly Wright says:

            Thank you for your kind and thought filled comments Dr. Tree (great name) I can use all the “noodges” I can get!! I seem to have a well worn rut of forgetting my connection and spirit. I cant believe how thick my head is and how I KNOW better and still drop the ball, as it were. I am utterly tired of myself! (some humor there)

            My biggest concern is I have been is such a dark head space from crazy life dramas, that I wonder if I have created the rest of my life for more of the same? Can I change it now or must I continue to suffer more because I was creating from a bad place. I am sick of these circles, sick sick SICK of this place I continue to come back.
            Can we change our Karma and in one lifetime ??? Surely if I created all of this madness I can throw in a little peace and cheer no? <3 K

  3. Kathryn phillips says:

    Thankyou once again everyone for your help and guidence in most important spiritual matters.its so easy to get caught up in everyday dilemmas and dramas but listening to veronica once again reminds me of the much much bigger picture and to healthily ‘detach’ and take a step back from living in such a mad crazy world right now..spiritual perception and awareness is always key..thankyou veronica..

  4. Shirley Bethel says:

    Thank you so much for this pod cast. Ironically, almost with every pod cast you answer a question that my husband and I had been talking about just a day before. It gives us so much information that we are reading about and pondering. We do not miss a message and I have passed down this site to my son who is a high functioning ausperger person. He is highly intuitive and sees things at his young age of 22. Again, I cannot thank you enough.

    • Doesn’t it make you feel like part of the zeitgeist, Shirley? I know what you mean. I don’t think it’s ironic. I think it speaks to connections we have with each other at different levels. Maybe we were all at a conference in our dreams..

  5. Amazing show again guy’s very insightful and I love the source entities stuff. Allen it seems you know alot more than you let off….I wish you could write it all down in book form😁 iam sure it will be a best seller. Humbly waiting for the next episode.

  6. Kathleen Ploss says:

    Hello to All…. Been a reader and now listener for sometime now. Thanks for bringing this to so many! Is there any way Veronica could tell me one of my guides name?? I’ve tried many times, I’m thinking my own feelings and thoughts get in the way. I know its for many not just for me. I just feel this need to know. Again Thanks for all you do.

  7. Veronica is from the causal plane if I am correct and you say there are different levels and I’m wondering if folks, or entities can come to earth from any of those different levels? And Veronica, you have spent many lifetimes here and I’m wondering if any of those time you were ever completely self-aware. Being in the linear we don’t have a clear recollection of what it’s like where you live, but can we ever come back here and live in a human body and know and remember all? Or would that just be a pointless adventure? I’ve often thought when things are really tough here, and we are almost like newborn puppies, blind and groping around trying to find our way. wouldn’t it for once be nice to at least get louder hints of what our purpose is in being here? Or at least be pointed back in the right direction so there isn’t so much misery involved while trying to figure it all out. Seems I spend more time just trying to figure out who I am and wondering what it is I need to learn so I can move forward. Spinning my wheels and seemingly not getting anywhere, I wonder if that would is part of the lesson , the helplessness I feel sometimes.
    Don’t laugh Allen, I know I’m not being real clear here. lol

  8. Dear Veronica, I am wondering why there are so many things that can go wrong with our bodies in this life. Are we doing something wrong. I realize that some people don’t get enough exercise or eat the wrong things, but it seems that there is always something that can go wrong. What should we do? Are we supposed to be miserable in this life? Thanks, Don

  9. Will we be able to stop global warming?

    Will the Yellowstone super volcano erupt soon?

  10. I look forward to these shows every week and they always leave me feeling like iam litsening with my soul energy.. can you please ask Veronica about the importance of the breath from a spiritual perspective.

  11. Hey yo Veronica
    Can you tell us anything about elementals, other nature spirits, or even our sasquatch family?

  12. I have not heard that there are many source entities. The mass consciousness has come to accept that there is only one Source. Does that mean when I finally Master this lifetime and realize I am God also, I can then go out and create my own universe?? Or is that too ambitious?

  13. Maria Cortes says:

    Thank you so much Allen, April, and Veronica for all the wisdom and guidance.
    Thank you for answering my question.

  14. Maria Cortes says:

    Hello again
    People have many personal concept of what Karma is.
    I’ve heard someone say that the reason a certain person has cancer is because of their Karma.
    Other incident, heard another say someone is now Karmically entitle for healing.

    Please Veronica help. What is the True meaning of Karma?

  15. Hi Alan, April and Veronica!
    I’ve been a fan for quite a few years now and love to listen to your internet radio shows.

    I have a comment regarding a statement you made, Alan, in regards to Edgar Cayce on episode 12. You mentioned that even some of Edgar Cayce’s readings were “wrong”.
    It wasn’t that he was “wrong”: it was that the path we take in life changes constantly. Readings are merely probable realities. All of man/woman kind might have decided they did not wish to experience it and therefore the path changed. And how do we know it won’t happen sometime later on?

    • Hi Mimi – I did not say his readings were wrong but some of his PREDICTIONS that included dates clearly did not come to pass now that those dates have passed, and by a considerable number of years. The raising of Atlantis and the sinking of Japan were not stated as probabilities. Thus, personally I do not care for predictions unless they are clearly stated and discussed in terms of them being probabilities. Abraham Hicks essentially did the same thing in their first book and audio tape under the title Joyous Survival, predicting catastrophic end of the world level events that were supposed to happen, but did not. They have to my knowledge dropped that discussion.: And yes I did call them about it years ago. ~Allen

  16. Kathleen MacKinnon says:

    Source Entities? Wow that one makes me ponder a bit. Somehow I got behind on listening and tonight I was surprised by the statement from Veronica about Source Entities. I have much to think about. Where does LOVE fit in? Thanks again for another fantastic lesson~Kathleen

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