Inner Whispers – Episode 9 – 10/10/17

On this episode Veronica answers questions from the listeners in the 9th episode of Inner Whispers such as: Getting past regrets, Do we go to the Causal Plane When We Die?, What VERONICA enjoys about the physical Plane, One of VERONICA’s favorite physical lives, The most asked question, Other Dimensions and Parallel Lives, Other Planets, Why talk to an Entity?


  1. Kathleen Ploss says:

    Love these … Thank you for letting us hear the stories. Keep them coming…:)

  2. Thanks. I post these on my FB wall, as “Veronica” is one of my own higher guides and totally rocks!

  3. Cindy Gegeckas says:

    Thank you for your work and helping to educate those of us who are curious about “what else” there might be to this life. My question is this: if the goal for all of us is to expand and raise our vibrational level, is there is ‘goal’ so to speak? Is there a level we are all striving to reach, or some state of being that we are trying for? Thank you so much, April and Veronica. I hope you truly know how much your messages affect my thinking about my life and my focus.

    • All my life I felt there was more to “Life” than what was being taught to us as “Truth”. In the early 70’s I discovered the Edgar Cayce readings which rang true.. By the time I stumbled upon Ms April, Allan and Ms Veronica I realized even more that my inner feelings were right and there was so much more than I had ever imagine. I am most grateful. Now at 70 yr old I am looking forward to all that there is and I have been attempting to live a more aware and compassionate life toward all that is Is there anything beyond our universe or is our universe the only playground available? Thank you for everything you do for us.

  4. I really love and enjoy this enlightening programme. To have my mind opened up to the endless possibilities is so amazing and comforting. I think a lot of us just get so wrapped up in the drama’s that the media splash everywhere, that we can easily become unsettled and frightened. But then to realize that we can influence not only ourselves but others very easily just be taking control of our own thoughts is empowering. Thank you so much Alan and April and of course Veronica. A question though, If domesticated animals ie cats and dogs are known to have souls and most are higher than humans, what about the animals bred to be eaten, such as cows, sheep etc, do they have souls? I too post Veronica’s teachings on my facebook page and the facebook page of my Healing Centre – Bromley in Kent England for others to enjoy, get comfort from and learn from.

    Roz Burton

  5. Wilbert M. Stephenson says:

    I like Veronica’s suggestion of spending some quiet time every day connecting to thehigherself. “I stand in peace in the midst of chaos” can be an approprite affirmation. I was virtually forced to do this this week as I became embroiled in states of mental chaos. It worked, and I am now calm and at peace and stabilized.

    Now, questions for Veronica:

    1. Why do our guides and other spiritual entitities/energies not solidify and make themselves visible to us humans when we interact with them to discuss urgent, serious, and important issues? Or are they the ones who make the decisionas to whether and when doing so would be most apprpriate and helpful?

    2. How do we ceate abundance in our lives?

  6. What role does religion play? Is there one true path for our soul to follow?
    Is God waiting for us? Who is God?

    What readings are important for us to do to have a better understanding of what this life is all about?

    How can we better help those who are dying to pass with confidence??

    Thank you!!

  7. Kathryn phillips says:

    Thankyou april and veronica and alan for your wonderful and interesting things you say..i know from experience everytjing resonates with me what veronica says..i was knocked down by a car when i was 5 or 6 i stil remember the experiences of being out of my body even now and im coming up 60.. so ive always always been so interested in the spiritual aspect of our lives..
    I love so much listening to everything that is spoken about..bless you all for your knowledge and guidence..
    Kathryn phillips

  8. Hi to all,
    A couple of comments first, and then a question or two. First to Allen…Just so you know I find each and every comment and statement to be very interesting. I do love the final words from Veronica, of course, but none of this would work without you and April too and you bring it all together very well. I love to see another email coming from you guys, it’s always so enlightening to me. And I know i don’t speak for everyone here but I think a small segment would be nice on the scientific questions you have to ask. It seems that it would bring the rest of the information more into perspective.

    Now for my question(s). This one is for Veronica mainly. I’ve heard that it used to be when we reincarnated we came with our awareness much more intact about our other lives and something happened along the way to stop that from happening, is that true? And since you have been to Earth many times, have you ever been here with full awareness of all you had already done or did you have to learn it all over each time?
    And one more question, you said people like to come here because of the denseness and being able to be more artistic in this environment, does that mean art isn’t as much fun on the higher planes?

    Thanks for all that you are doing, all of you.

  9. Thanks for these radio shows! I really enjoy them and appreciate the info and guidance veronica provides.

    I’m curious to know what veronica’s take is on ‘enlightenment’ and also has veronica experienced what humans refer to as enlightenment in one or more of her past human lives?


  10. Thank you April & Allen. So moving to me to hear Veronica talk about her discovery of true love. My own true love is on the other side of the world at present and to hear Veronica speak about the power of this love in all her existences was profound and comforting.
    Love to all of you,

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I appreciate April, Allan, and Veronica so much. I have been a reader for years and it is so nice to be able to hear the wisdom that is being shared with my own ears. I just listened to this podcast today and my question for Veronica is, exactly how to put Positive Vibes out to change the world. She talked about it, but I don’t know too much about energy. I would love to be part of a group or even just one ripple in the pond that puts positive energy out there and makes a difference in the world. Lots of l9ve to you all!

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