Inner Whispers – Episode 7 – 9/26/17

In this episode of Inner Whispers, Veronica answers a variety of questions from the comments and a few specific questions which include:

Can someone create in another person’s reality, like curing someone from a terminal disease

She talks about how we can help people with anger issues and where the issues may stem from

Veronica talks about past lives and Alzheimer’s disease


  1. Olga Roldan says:

    It is somewhat confusing when the idea that everything exists at once and so all our lives are happening now, all at once (since time is non-existing) and then we are told that we incarnate in order to evolve; to grow which denotes a definite movement from one level to another level. The expressions that some are more evolved than others and I have heard Veronica say that animals are more evolved than humans all show the idea of different levels of attainment which requires movement. How is this so? What about the souls that decide not to ever or who have never incarnated, are they in a perfect state, in that they do not need to incarnate and develop further?
    I am also bother by the idea that a soul decides to incarnate into a certain life with certain conditions and liabilities and/or physical disabilities and I am looking at the existing being in his earthly physical condition and I attempt to imagine his/her daily disadvantages and painful existence and for the life of me I cannot understand why all the need for such suffering and pain. People don’t know or understand why it is they have been born in ways different than the majority. Does the soul creating such a dilemma take into consideration the humiliation, pain and suffering such will brings to them on a daily basis? If I am a small part created from a larger entity (soul) that may be composed of a thousand others, and that soul decided the conditions and challenges to be faced by me in my present life and my mind as I know myself is not what will incarnate for it is my creator who reincarnates into someone who will be different in personality. Then, the way I will live my life, will mean more for my creator then for me, for after death I will be as a thought or a memory in the larger extent of it all. It is my soul; my creator who gains from any personal growth I may achieve. Now in the case of those humans most unfortunate, if there is no personal gain, why such unfairness? Not to the creator of such, but to the wretched ones that must face the encore of daily humiliation, suffering and hardship with no knowledge of the why’s, or idea of recompense.

    • Growth. All of existence in all dimensions is constantly growing. The eternal present is constantly expanding. “Time” it a curious thing. -Allen

  2. I am so enjoying these radio sessions, have been a keen reader of Veronica’s email messages for a long time and it’s even better in this format Greetings and thanks xx

    Having listened recently to talk about pets I have a question that I may have some idea of the answer, but here it is .. why don’t I have an affinity for pets? – most people seem to expend a lot of time and energy into their animals. I enjoy to see animals in the wild, free and living their natural lives harsh though that often is.
    I have had pets in the family when my children were young but I never felt too emotionally involved.

  3. Hey lovely people… great show again..I don’t know what it is about Veronica but I just get her, the advice she or they give is super practical…thanks for putting all together team Crawford. I have a question.. Do we pick our genes e.g height skin colour any imperfections however small e.t.c before we enter a life OR does a body become available and our souls then blend with that body without manipulating it anyway. Also what’s Veronica s take on autism it has super increased over the last 20 years is there a reason for this .
    Thanks again

  4. As a longtime fan of April Crawford’s series of outstanding books, I am pleased to discover that she and her husband-facilitator have started an online radio show/podcast. This is a very engaging and interesting format with tremendous potential going forward. If this is your first discovery of April Crawford or the entity Veronica, mark this moment in your life because you’ve just stumbled onto the most gifted deep trance channel medium in our times. I’m excited that iHeartRadio has just recognized the show and will be carrying it on the iHeartRadio app.

  5. I always look forward to hearing your views Veronica on the different issues and get much comfort. I thank April, Allen and Veronica for this co-creation with the listeners. A BIG FAN always!!!

  6. Words cannot express how grateful I am that you are producing these radio podcasts.
    Learning about April’s experiences when she leaves so Veronica can do her work is very interesting.
    Veronica is such a gift to us in the linear ; how fortunate are we to have such an evolved energy share positive wisdom that can assist all of us on our journey. Allen thank you for taking the time to host the show without you April and Veronica wouldn’t have this platform.
    Question: How can we create a collective energy to shift what is happening in the world today. It seems
    each day the planet is feeling destruction and humans are continually creating more racism,
    violence and dislike for each other. Please share how we can all shift this back to a more harmonious

  7. This is great Thank You and Iheart is a radio app I listen to on my phone every day so excited you are all on it!

  8. I recently read about a woman with multiple personality disorder. I’m wondering , are these personalities past lives or is she unknowingly channeling different entities?

  9. I thank all of you again for making these programs and congratulations about Iheart. April, I found it very interesting what you had to say about feeling more connected with plants and trees and would love to hear more about that. I’ve noticed with my own plants that they do seem to get attached to us and when we have to let someone else take care of them they seem to wilt. I’m wondering if its only because everyone cares for them differently or if there really is an attachment they feel with their caregivers. I always feel bad when I have to dig plants up to thin them or to replace them, etc. And when I have to do that, do the other plants feel what is going on? Not sure if you would know the answer to that but would love to hear your views.

  10. Dianna Bowers says:

    Thank you so much for these radio broadcasts. I can close my eyes and listen intently, shutting out the outside world during your speaking.

  11. I have enjoyed Veronica’s messages for a long time. I have some questions at times, but I do know that there is a lot more to this life than meets the eye. I have talked to an angel at least twice in my life. That was very nice and helpful at the time. I know there are a lot of things that happen that a scientist would say is impossible. I am very grateful that these things do happen.

  12. Profound,inspiring , authentic thank you

  13. Questions for Veronica, some partially answered already:

    1. anger like judgement is always at one self although for different reasons — anger for giving your trust/power to another and judgement of another is truly judgement of one’s self.

    2. Knowing, prophesying or creating. If I know someone is dying, am I prophesying that or creating it? If someone prophesizes, does that create the event prophesied?

    • The first item is a statement, not a question.

      Self fulfilling prophecy can certainly apply to one’s self. However one cannot create within another’s reality without invitation or agreement.


      • I think I was expecting a confirmation of my statement numbered 1 above.
        Thank you for the explanation for item 2.

        Allen, I love your level of questions. I find your questing for cosmic information exciting. I followed the late Dolores Cannon for just that reason.

  14. Leonie Nardo says:

    Hi April and Allen.
    I have tried listening to episode 7 but the sound was all distorted. Do you have any suggestions that might help me with this? I am trying to find out what I can do to help someone with pancreatic cancer.

    Thank you
    Regards Leonie

    PS. Your emails from “Inner whispers” has helped me understand so much for which I am forever grateful.
    Thank you too Allen for all the work you have done to make it possible to share this knowledge.

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