Inner Whispers – Episode 5 – 9/12/17

In this episode Veronica continues to answer questions from listeners from the comment section.  One interesting question in particular is what happens when we kill animals like rats, bugs, snakes etc?  Her response is amazing.


  1. DIANAH FOSTER says:

    I love the wisdom that Veronica imparts to us! Thank you, April, for allowing her to come to us through you. Today, I want to say “Thank you” to Veronica for the explanation of what happens when we squash bugs. I sometimes feel just an instant of guilt when I kill a pest and Veronica’s explanation will help me in those times when ‘relocation’ of a pest is not possible. I also have a very specific question: Is it possible for me to heal my brother’s body of cancer? I believe that God gives each of us great power when we come to spend a life in time and space on earth. But, how do we use a great power such as healing? I have been visualizing my brother’s body as completely healthy and free of cancerous cells. Is it working? Thank you, ear friend, for your answer.

  2. Betty Golladay says:

    Thank You. I love this broadcast. Peaceful. Thank5

  3. Does a person always have the same personality in each incarnation or does it depend on how a person is raised and the experiences he has as a child? Is this the worst planet to be on as far as the way people treat each other? I hope it is. Don

  4. Really enjoying these broadcasts, thank you! Each one has been so helpful and interesting and this one is very timely too, thanks so much xx

  5. Thank you very for these radio broadcasts. They confirm much.

    I was wondering in a future radio broadcast, if Veronica would speak on the dimensions of Old Earth and New Earth, and Ascension.

  6. Kathryn phillips says:

    Thanku veronica for all your help and spiritual guidence you bring to us on this physical plane..i would like to ask you your thoughts and explanation of what “god” actually children in sunday school and church we were all brought up to think of him as a person who knows everything and someone very powerful..its my own opinion..that hes not a man or a person at all..but an energy of the highest realm of consciousness.. as were jesus christ and the masters..can you please give me your own perspective of whom and what is we can understand..
    Thankyou..most kindly..
    Kathryn xxx

  7. Thanks Veronica Allen and April. Very good
    questions and answers. I’ve had two consultations
    with Veronica and out of body experience was
    recommended. I have put some time and
    energy into it but never got remotely close.

    What can you tell us about how to achieve this
    state and the value of doing so?

    • DumbledorBoB says:

      Thanks for asking this, I would also be interested in how. I also have been trying to have OBEs (or astral travelling). I’ve watched several YTV’s to get ideas from many others, but so far, none have helped. I’m starting to think I am trying too hard or thinking too much and eventually I just fall asleep.

    • There is some guidance for OBE’s offered by The Monroe Institute in Virginia.

  8. That was another spine tingling session from Veronica thanks for responding to my question. Being the seeker that iam…I have many questions. My first question is for Allen. Being a student of both Seth and Veronica how do you compare there work? To me Seth goes into great detail about various topics where as Veronica keeps it short but her messages are sooooo powerful
    Would love to read your take on it.
    My second question is one there is not alot of info about but is crucial. Can Veronica please speak about the source entities.. any information she can give would be very much appreciated
    Thanks guys

    • Cris, my take is that Seth comes from a more scientific basis and VERONICA comes from more of an emotion basis. Both are great and VERONICA is available one-on-one both in person and on the phone. This was not true with Seth. VERONICA speaks in fluid English, Seth was difficult to understand when speaking. His books were edited to eliminate the speech impediment after almost every word. The Seth books for me are by far the best out there, however, VERONICA’s messages are a lot more accessible to many people. Many people find Seth books too difficult to get through (not me).

      Why do you think even knowing that Source Entities even exist is “Crucial”?


      • Hey Allen
        I was litsening to an interview Veronica did and she mentioned the source entities briefly hence my curiosity.

  9. Beth Collier says:

    Thank you for broadcasting information that is not in usual vicinity of my daily life, ie libraries, magazines. I hope you are aware of the huge wave of loving energy I send you all, and am extremely grateful for April who gives her service, to Alan who records and downloads the conversations, and especially Veronica’s collective energy, for being so helpful.

    Loving Peace and gratitude.

  10. Of course you yourself don’t need to care what people think “April”, and it’s so easy for you to preach about not feeling any “fear”, because you’re not having to live in your car with your family because of having lost your home to the evil Banksters. On the contrary you’re filthy rich because you are a scam artist just like those Banksters.

    Oh -and you slipped up at the beginning of this …you did that “deep breathing” thing when you were only being “April” talking. Lol….Then you did it again to show that you were “channelling” “Veronica”. Lol

    • with so many challenges, wondering how these conversations are even part of this person’s life right now. Wow

      • Susan Hartle says:

        Yes, its obvious she has listened in before. Seems like she’s searching for answers and help. She’s angry, but some where deep down she hoping to hear that one little thing that will give her some hope. Why else would she have listened at all. She just needs that one little ray of hope.

        Love Susan

    • NoBull, Peace! Allow Your ‘understandably’ misTrusting Heart to Breathe, and Open to New Possibilities for You and Your Family….let Your ‘guard down’, even just a little, and see how things can turn around in a Golden Moment!

  11. Veronica said that many animals are more advanced than we humans. How so? I know animals are sentient beings but …..
    I like the idea of clinging to something good and positive in your life. I think you have to get use to feeling good especially if you have been down in the dumps or even just in the doldrums for a while.
    I love how she thinks – BIG PICTURE. Her messages are very practical – after all we are on the physical plane – like it or not.
    In order to post this my email was required.

  12. Thank You April for being willing to share your time and body and spirit with us, it is a wonderful gift you give and I appreciate it very much. And you as well Allen, Thank You! I so look forward to these broadcasts and I can’t even imagine the time and effort you have put in to make this possible. The only negative I can find is it seems like the time just flies by and i wish it was longer. I agree with you April, there is nothing to fear here, there is nothing bad or sinful here, I feel only love and if love is bad, well, call me bad too. 🙂 I feel what is being addressed here is so very important for us all to know and although it is so easy to get wrapped up in the negative, you can teach yourself to look for the good, and you start catching the negativity sooner so you can change it. I heard a cool little quote about that this morning. If you are looking for positive thoughts and using them, there is no room for the negative. And this has helped me in the last month or so that I’ve been trying, to begin to see the beauty again and coming out of the fog I had been drowning in. I can see that even the most terrible things that happen to us, they give me something to be grateful for because the hard times, and the toughest lessons are where we grow the most. And during the time it was happening to me, I thought I would die, and welcomed it,,,I made it through and each day is becoming brighter and even more beautiful that the last and for the first time in my life, i feel worthy of feeling joy and love and all the fears I’ve hauled around with me for so many years, they are going away too. I am strong and I have good things to offer this world and I feel myself and my life turning around, simply because I started looking for the positives. I am not perfect, but I am being the best person I know how to be and believe me, I can see changes in people who are witnessing this in me. We do have the power to change the world, to make a difference, and I don’t want to waste anymore time on the negatives. I want to fly and I am not afraid. *hugs* Pam

  13. Ilaann White says:

    I very much appreciate your podcasts featuring Veronica. I listened to all of them so far. A have a question regarding anger—difficulty controlling anger. My grown son, seems to erupt with hostility, aggression, and anger over the smallest things. He’s very moody. I would like to know how I can help him. His moods tend to put a dark cloud over everyone else’s harmony. He doesn’t know where it comes from. Thank you

  14. Great information on guilt! I had been holding on to a lot with a loved one who took his own life! Veronicas perspective was very helpful for me to let go of that guilt! I had never thought of it that way! So… much thanks to you. I find I have so many questions… much like Allen, I want to know more of the science, how our energy interacts with one another! I meet people all the time I feel I know on a soul level. It’s as if my soul recognizes them, even before i do! Also, i would like to know more about connecting with our guides…and people in general I guess. I’m not very good at opening up. I wish I wasn’t so scared of emotions!
    But back to your podcast today… very inspiring message to stay positive! Keep the attitude of gratitude!! Great words… love the podcasts!

  15. I really enjoy your show and your newsletter. My question has to do with incest and how one releases the sadness that remains inside the body. I was abused by family members for a long time and I understand much of what my family felt when they acted out on me. I would like to be free of the deep sadness but I am not sure how to finish this process. I also wonder if anything I learned helped those who hurt me and are now no longer in physical form. Thank you.

  16. Thank you for these podcasts!

  17. Hi, I fully appreciate what I’m hearing, but despite this it just brings up more questions.

    OK, so I have a kind of understanding that we begin human life with an ideal(istic?] blueprint or destiny, but we are also creators ; consciously but mostly unconsciously , which in the main leads us off our blueprint or destiny. (who are the ones who are aware enough to remain on their path, and how so?)

    So, generally it seems most of us live in reaction (rather than aware responsiveness) to our perceived reality, which we’ve helped co-create (unconsciously).

    Would that be a correct summation, or only a partially correct summation. ?

    Because when you’ve used the analogy for guilt; the one where the driver caused the death of his friends in a car accident, is it that this was a pre-determined co-creation of all the friends?. Subconsciously was this how they knew they were going to die, and if so , did they have the choice of deciding to live? For each person involved, was it a personal choice for reasons of individual lessons/experience/karma or to even set up something for those remaining?

    Part of this question is because I seem to believe that we are having an individual human experience, and when in the spirit world we are more amalgamated. And that some of Veronicas talks would be extremely general through necessity, but some of it feels almost like a placebo to promote the feel good factor or prompting for humankind. (am I in the right ball park?).

    So when Allan is discussing killing a rattle snake….was that a pre-determined co-creation with the snake? Was it Allans fear, or the snakes fear , or both (subconscious)fears bringing them vibrationally together when not part of each others blueprint?
    Which brings me to the question, how do you know it’s a destiny thing versus a creation through focus and intent.? Is emotion the only proper guidance system even if that seems a warped premise? (ie we can be emotionally imbalanced)
    What is the greatest driver of creation….intense emotion, conscious or unconscious, ?
    Thanks for all your words….tis grand. Diane

  18. Test

  19. Thank you, Veronica for all your love and help to us.



  20. Thankyou for your awesome show.
    My question for Veronica is ‘How do spirit guides feel when the soul in their care commits acts of cruelty, pedophilia and murder?

  21. What about worry, ruminations. How is it best to release to better move on.?

    Alzheimers disease…what are your insights about who gets this, and how can we actively save ourselves.

    Aging: All the remedies out there that ‘keep you young’… What is your advice to aging gracefully and is there a fountain of youth, that keeps our energy vibrant even into our 70’s and 80’s?

    Thank you. So enjoying these podcasts…. Confirming what my soul already knows. 🙂 Linda

  22. Thank you Veronica (and Allen and April); just hearing these short pieces reminds me to stay positive and helps me so much.
    My question is- how do we best help someone who is close to us, struggling with a problem?
    My adult son is not working. I know that he needs to find a job and begin to form a life for himself.
    He has lived on his own many years, but I feel that he hasn’t started to fully form into the adult that he needs to be (for himself.) He is smart, creative, attractive, and a true joy to be with. But, for many reasons he
    has not gotten a full time job and worked to his capabilities.
    And, how do I handle the feelings of guilt that I have, about how I must have caused this, in how he was raised?
    Love to you all, Kathleen

  23. France Tellier-Ling says:

    I have a question to Veronica. What does she think about astrology, not the one we find in daily newspaper, but the serious one, Is it effective or is it another man-made belief system?

  24. Thank you Veronica for your wisdom and guidance. The show mentioned this week those who would like to do what April does. Can you give some advice on how to go about this?


  25. Thank you Veronica, April, and Allen!

  26. I am enjoying this program very much. There is so much to learn and i am grateful you bring it to us. I do feel that if all of us stand still and listen we will also know the answers we seek but we don’t do it. Veronica is here to tell us what we don’t take the time to hear. Thank you so much.

  27. I found this session dealing with guilt and fear interesting. I’m dealing with both as a caregiver for a person with Alzheimer’s. This is my spouse, my best friend, my partner. I think I’m doing well with the guilt and fear until something untoward happens and then I get overwhelmed with both fear and guilt. For example, he wandered the other day. My immediate reaction was fear and guilt that I’d not been more attentive. It felt like it came from a place not really amenable to conscious manipulation. And, with self reflection, it seems that I’m trying to prevent pain – emotional pain.

    I’d love to hear Veronica’s thoughts on fear as a mechanism for the linear to prevent pain. Or is this really the question?

  28. Cleopatra Biddle says:

    I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying these episodes and I have been a fan of Veronica’s for many years although I have not personally had a session I hope to have one on the near future. I have a question that I hope my be answered in some way by Veronica in the future. I am wondering if Veronica has any input on Ascension of the planet earth and all of the beings on earth. I have heard that ascension means moving to a “new earth” I wanted to know if we are moving into a new earth and what does this mean? I have also heard of a earth split where more positive energies move into positive earth and denser negative energies move onto a denser more negative earth. Does April have any information on these topics?

    Thank you so much for your contribution to humanity and continued success to you and Allen,

  29. Thank you so much for these podcasts.

    My questions: I agree that our thoughts create our reality. I also realize we are part of the “collective” as Veronica states. But can my individual thoughts about another person affect THEIR reality? For instance, can I, as a mother who may have fears or concerns about my child, create negative situations for them in their life? Another example would be if someone worried about a loved one getting into a bad car accident or getting injured in some way – – could they actually be attracting that outcome for the other person?

    Another question, does Veronica have certain “limits” on what she is allowed or willing to share with humans about the nature of our our world, the meaning of our lives, and the history of humankind?

    Thank you! Lara

  30. Thank you so much for these podcasts.

    My questions: I agree that our thoughts create our reality. I also realize we are part of the “collective” as Veronica states. But can my individual thoughts about another person affect THEIR reality? For instance, can I, as a mother who may have fears or concerns about my child, create negative situations for them in their life? Another example would be if someone worried about a loved one getting into a bad car accident or getting injured in some way – – could they actually be attracting that outcome for the other person?

    Another question, does Veronica have certain “limits” on what she is allowed or willing to share with humans about the nature of our our world, the meaning of our lives, and the history of humankind?

  31. Love it, love it, love it! Keep up the good work, I am sure you are helping us all understanding life. Could you please explain how a soul decides when it is time to come back to earth for another life time. Thanks so much.

  32. What always delights me about Veronica is the way they provide answers before I realise that those are exactly the questions I have on my mind. Today’s podcast very specifically addressed my current situation and gave me clear guidelines on how to deal with it. Thank you, Veronica

  33. Thank you Veronica, do you know how many spiders and crickets,lizards,snakes I have caught in a jar to scoot them out doors. Oh how funny.

    I realize that we form or bring drama to ourselves with thoughts and fears, but how does that compare to things that have to be resolved with folks that have been in previous lives with us. How can we know the differance. Im dealing with a young lady that is a Functioning Alcoholic, She is a loving girl, but when she drinks she turns into someone else. She is my Boy Friends Daughter. She trys to come between us. I have been with him for fifteen years. There are too many people enabling her. I cant get them to see this. My question is , is this young ladies soul from a previous life of mine, and what can I do to help resolve this. She tries to pick arguments with me, then Im Angry with her and I end up saying things I shouldnt say. She treats me as though I broke up her Mom and Dad, They had split up some Seven or Eight years before I met him. Please tell me what I might do to help and understand her. Right now I hate to see her come over because I know what its going to lead to. Then I think of an excuse to leave my home so as to avoid a scene with her. Her Dad and Mom think because shes an adult (41), they have no say so. REALLY! I would love to help her if I could without overstepping my bounderies. Please if you can, help me to more understand this situation.

    Awaiting your loving wisdom and insight


  34. Thanks Veronica for all your wisdom. I was wondering, you say that animals are usually more evolved than most humans. I always thought animals are evolving to be humans eventually, if not where do they go from being a animal??

    Thank You.

  35. Auto accident reference -. So they knew before they lived to die in this manner or knew in the life they were living. Thank you. Blessings.
    Your wisdom is great fully appreciated.

  36. Good day. My brkgher passed in a terrible auto accident I felt he had accidently killed him in another life so it was reversed in this life. Can tbat be Possible?
    Thank you so much for all your wisdom and teachings.
    Peace, Love and Light to All.

  37. I am curious…regarding.the discussion first about being fearless…and then discussing rattlesnakes or rats that might harm us…… I am practicing Fearlessness….deeply…and that is the area that stumps me a little! I prefer to live and let live..and fairly give no credence to fear in any form….but when it comes to the Grandbabies, or pets out here in the country, I’m not sure I can ‘Umbrella’ them with that!

  38. Thank you for addressing the issue of killing things you feel threatened by. I hate killing mosquitos and ticks but they can hurt my animals. My dog has heart worm he got from a mosquito and if one bite my dog and then one of my cats they could very possibly die from heart worm. Unlike most women I love spiders (I read Charlotte’s Web as a child) and I feel so sad when I accidentally vacuum one up.

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