Travel The World With Londonman11 – Charleston, SC

On this episode Londonman11 takes you through historic Charleston, SC

Travel the World with Londonman11 – Trains

This week Londonman11 takes you across the country on trains, see the countryside and more from one of the oldest forms of travel.

Travel the World with Londonman11 – Belgium

On this episode Londonman11 takes you through the beautiful country of Belgium

Travel the World with Londonman11 – Canada

This episode of Travel the World, Londonman11 takes us through Canada exploring Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton and more.

Travel the World with Londonman11 – 7/11/17

Travel on a round the World Journey to places you may not have heard of or maybe you had always wished to visit. Travel with the LONDONMAN11 across Canada or Europe by rail, cruise to South America in luxury or hike the Appalachian Trail, all without leaving your seat.

Eddie Mitchell, your host has traveled the World by rail, ship, car and plane. Join him in his search for places beyond the normal or stay on the beaten path to enjoy popular tourist haunts.

Eddie’s weekly one hour presentation will take you on a journey you may have only dreamed of. If after listening to the program you wish for further information just e-mail Eddie at and he will send you all the up to date details.

Londonman11 host Eddie Mitchell will take listeners and viewers around the world on a breathe taking journey from North Carolina to the coast of California. Stay with Eddie and you will visit Europe, Asia and Australia.

Eddie has a very interesting history having traveled to almost one hundred countries. He has traveled by rail across Canada and Europe sailed on cruises in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

He also played professional soccer, cricket for his county, Kent and rode in bike races across Europe.
A radio host for over fifty years, from the British Broadcasting Corp. to Blog Talk radio here in the USA.