Thriving Entrepreneur – Lets Tell Your Story

Finding Your Unspeakable Joy: Right There, Where You Are – Adrienne Fikes

Feeling unspeakable joy seems automatic if you make it a part of you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When you feel hopeless and down, it may be hard to see joy at times like that, but it is there. It is inside of you. It is already entwined in the core of our being.

#LetsTellYourStory – Kathy Kidd

Kathy shares her story and some golden nuggets on the importance of sharing your story and a part of you with the world. Remember, you have the power within you to change lives. You have the power within you to SAVE lives. So repeat after me…

I am unique. I am wonderful. I am brilliant. I am strong. I am confident. I am loved. I am ME and I am ready to tell my story.

Thriving Entrepreneur – Driving Traffic Using Videos

Video, we keep hearing about it. Why does YouTube when used correctly drive so much traffic to your website? How can you make use of video to drive more people to your site? You can have the greatest content, the best program, the most impactful message on the planet, but if no one sees it, then no one can be affected.

So today we are going to have a fun conversation with Brandon Lucero. Brandon helps some of the top sellers in their industry get traffic to their website simply by creating YouTube videos for them. Listen in as we find out from Brandon how we can drive traffic to our website using video.

Thriving Entrepreneur – Winning At Life, Love and Business

Today’s episode is all about being a champion in  life.

First, Taneisha talks about her upcoming book After the Affair… What’s Next? We should give importance to every relationship that we have in our life. At some point, you may commit infidelity and say so many lies, but you can still move past that. People make mistakes, but we should also learn how to forgive ourselves. Turn your mistakes into lessons and turn your lessons into blessings!

Next, Myra shares with us how she turned her failures into learning experiences through her book The Savvy CFO: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming The Money Savvy Genius of Your Business! She shares in her book the importance of knowing how personal finance works both in life and in business.

If you want to start winning in life, love, and business, please join Steve in this amazing interview with our bestselling authors Taneisha Mitchell and Myra Good.

Thriving Entrepreneur – Living as an Overcomer

The two authors that will be joining us today will share with us how they lived their life as overcomers and how you too can live your life as a winner.

1st THE CENTER by Annette Bozeman

Not all of us have a pleasant childhood, and not all of us are blessed to be in a good, wealthy family. We don’t get to choose any of that. But we have a choice to be strong and face all life’s challenges head on. In the darkest times, there will always be that one thing that will serve as our light; something that will give us hope. For Annette, that was The Center. That was where she felt safe and helped her understand a lot of things and see the world in a different light. We should find our own light that will serve as our source of strength. Just like Annette, we should lose hope and just keep on trying to see the good in everything and everyone.

2nd CONQUERING THE ODDS: Turn Your Valley Into A Mountain Top by Habibo Haji

No matter how awful you think your life is, you have to remind yourself that there are hundreds of people in this world that are struggling with either the same kind of pain or something worse. Habibo was a shepherd at the age of 4, and now she is a registered nurse. See? There is a lot of possibilities in your life. You should trust God that He has plans for you. You have the power to change your circumstances. You have the power to change your life.

Thriving Entrepreneur – Your Amazing Intentional Business Life

You are intended to live an amazing life and you are intended to succeed in this life

So why dont we?

First we learn from Dr Nika White that it  is imperative you have a business to succeed in life and then how being an Intentional Inclusionist. To on purpose and intentionally include a wide variety of people in your company’s growth.  Discover from her Best Selling book The Intentional Inclusionist how you too can join the moment and watch your company be revolutinized

Then hear from Catrina and Twana Wilson why it is so important that you have a businss.  Most of us were raise that to get ahead you need the right education and that great job to be successful.  That is a lie.  The truth is you were made and meant for a purpose that only you can serve and that only by being in business for yourself will you ever fulfill your highest purpose.  They share from their best Seller THE UNTOLD STORY Live with Your Regrets, Die with Your Dreams or Choose to Walk in Your Awesomeness!

Host Steve Kidd shares these amazing best sellers with you today on Thriving Entrepreneur

Thriving Entrepreneur – How to Growth Hack Your Business

Do you want to explode your business growth?

Are you ready for that big change?

All businesses, big or small, have the opportunity for growth. You need to have the right mindset combined with the right strategies. Growth hacking can’t be done without passion and focus. Meaning, anyone can learn it, but not everyone can do it.

Growth hacking is all about strategies and pragmatic action steps that you can take to grow your business rapidly. Stuart’s company High Growth is focused on helping growth companies or aspirational growth companies scale easily, swiftly and sustainably.

Join Steve in this remarkable interview to know how you can achieve and sustain the growth of your business with Stuart Ross on Thriving Entrepreneur.

Thriving Entrepreneur – Success in Health and Wealth with Wisdom

Today, we are joined by two amazing authors who both have the same passion in life – to SERVE & HELP people.

1st Being Successful While Laying On The Couch! Really? by Wisdom Primus

Wisdom talks about the importance of action as well as inaction in success and their powerful impact in the different areas of your life: Social Life, Professional Life, Financial Life, Health and more. If you want positive changes to happen in your life, shifting your paradigm is the only way to do it. So keep moving forward and never give up!

2nd Push Through! 7 Steps To Help You Through Diabetes Overwhelm by Carmella Bell

Carmella shares with us how she triumph over diabetes and how her book can help people who are struggling with the same condition to live a normal and happy life. You are more than your diagnosis. Don’t let it define who you are. It’s imperative that you accept your current situation so you can forgive yourself. Starting looking for motivations instead of looking at the negative side of things. Lastly, educate yourself about your condition so you can overcome it!

Join Steve in this astounding interview with Wisdom Primus and Carmella Bell on Thriving Entrepreneur.

Thriving Entrepreneur – Lets Talk About Love and Marriage

Today, we celebrate Valentine’s Day so we’ll be talking about what everyone desires – LOVE!

1st HOW TO ATTRACT A GODLY HUSBAND by Emmanuela Prival 

Do you ever feel like unworthy, unloved, and unappreciated?

Today is the right time to stop, get up, and know that there is hope. Don’t just sit there and wait for love to come. But don’t just attract any man but a Godly man. To do that, you have to be the woman a Godly husband deserves. First, focus on yourself and have fun. Keep in mind that women with positive outlook and values in life are the ones who are going to attract the right men. Second, seek God. He will send you the Godly husband that you deserve once He sees that you’re already complete as a Godly woman.

2nd 10 STEPS TO HELP YOUR MARRIAGE TODAY by Pastor Michael Steele

Marriage is a big thing. Once you decide to get into it, you need to be ready to compromise. You will have your differences so both of you will have to work on your marriage every day until you reach that certain level of love and understanding. All of us have different ways to speak and understand emotional love and the ten steps in Michael’s book will help you understand your spouse’s love language so you can have a better relationship.

Join Steve in this amazing interview with Emmanuela Prival Rodenberg and Michael Steele.

Thriving Entrepreneur – Take It To The Bank

Are you ready to take it to the BANK!!!

What does that mean?

Do you ever feel frustrated with the selling process? Have you ever just decided selling isn’t for you?

What if selling didn’t have to be so hard?

What if there was a way that you could feel more integrity while also getting more customers?

What if there was a way for you to be able to know the needs of your potential customer before ever trying to get their business? Would you want to meet their needs if you KNEW what they were?

What would this do to your ability to serve your customers? How would being the best service possible feel? Would knowing that you are actually meeting the needs of the people you are asking to do business help you feel more comfortable asking them for their business?

ALL of this and more IS possible with the BANK personality sales training system!

Listen in as Cheri Tree, the creator of the BANK personality sales training system shows us how we can better serve our customers needs by understanding up front what their needs are and how to approach them in a spirit of service. Cheri developed this system and then used it in her company first. Using the BANK system, Cheri Tree was able to take her income from $8,000 to $261,000 in 28 DAYS!!! Does that sound like a system you would like to know more about? Thriving Entrepreneur welcomes Cheri Tree.

Find out:

How she created the BANK personality training system.
Why does the BANK system work so well to close sales?
The typical sales model and why it doesn’t work and how can a business owner change that?
1-3 Tips to start taking it to the BANK today!

Thriving Entrepreneur – Standing on the Edge of Greatness

Life is real.

Life is hard.

There will be things or people who will try to bring you down, but you should go after what you want. No matter what happens – don’t stop. You got this far. Don’t let others keep you from living your ultimate greatness.  GOD indeed has a plan for everything and everyone of us. Everything that is happening to you is molding you to a much better you and is leading you to a place where you need to be. You have a purpose, and that is something that is already inside of us that is just waiting to be discovered.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and the world needs you. Join Steve in this inspiring interview with Kristen Bell on Thriving Entrepreneur.