Thriving Entrepreneur – Fulfilling Your God Given Purpose


The most important thing that you need to do before finding your purpose is to accept who you truly are and be the best version of yourself. After that, ask yourself these questions:

What is your purpose?

Are you living the life God intended for you to live?

What’s stopping you from living an intentional life?

A lot of things, including fear and money, are stopping you from living a purposeful life because once you do, you’ll be unstoppable. You’d be able to shift a ton of people around you. Remember, your purpose is not for you, it is for the people you were meant to serve. Just like what happened to Tia, finding her purpose didn’t only help her, it also helped and is currently helping the people she serves and it’s helping her business too.

What you can do after discovering your purpose is to create a life mission statement to create your identity. To know more about this, join Steve in this remarkable interview with Tia Ross on Thriving Entrepreneur.

Thriving Entrepreneur – Unleashing Your Greatness Inside


If there’s one thing you can do and you know you will not fail what would you do?

If there is something that only you possess, what would that be and would you share that with the world?

Marcus shares some tips about achieving success in both life and business using the most important element of success which is YOU. Most often than not, we tend to look for solutions from other people or from everything around us instead of looking deep inside of us.

Three main goals of the subconscious mind:
1. Keep you safe physically, mentally and emotionally.
2. Always in search of reasoning.
3. Always wants to be right.

Marcus also talks about his passion for Marketing.
* Secret to take your brand to the next level.
* The important things that you should consider aside from coming up with a brand name.

It’s time to get off the bleachers and start taking action. You are amazing. You are brought into this world for a purpose. You have everything you need. It is already in you. Join Steve in this inspiring interview with Dr. Marcus Alexander on Thriving Entrepreneur.

Thriving Entrepreneur – Living Life as a Warrior


How do you make decisions and manage difficult situations? Nacole Ali proved that she is a warrior built to last after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Her journey was an emotional roller coaster but she didn’t allow those negative feelings to take over her life. “Take every obstacle as a challenge and not a defeat. We should not procrastinate, and we should not just take action but live in the moment,” Nacole said.

We all know that music is an effective medium to inspire people to action. Mark Pogue is a Classic Christian Rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter. The lyrics of his songs are so impactful because most of them were inspired by his life-changing experiences. Singing/writing a song is just like writing a diary. You pour out all your emotions to it to create something good which is music. Mark shares with us the story behind some of his songs and the 25-year silence that he had in his musical career since his last album.

Listen in and be inspired to live your best life as a warrior built to last and how you too can impact other people’s lives through music just like Mark here on Thriving

Thriving Entrepreneur – Declutter Your Life


1st Releasing the Shackles of Shame by Linda Husser

Yes, you have Herpes. No, it’s not the end of the world. There is no sure shot cure for this condition yet but that should not stop you from living a happy and meaningful life. Consider this as a blessing in disguise for this will teach you how to love and take care of yourself more. Never allow anyone to put you down because of the condition that you’re in. You only have one life and the best choice will always be to live it fully.

2nd Transformed For A Purpose: A Practical Plan To Get Unstuck And Live A Power-Filled Lifeby Andrea Humphrey

Sometimes you know exactly what’s stopping you from living your purpose but you just don’t know what to do about it. In her book, Andrea shares 30 power moves that can transform your life emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. You will always have the upper hand when you start moving in your purpose.

3rd Embrace the Process: Through the Fire by Angelina Paul

Angelina shares her personal story about the miracles that God has done in her life and how these miracles made her realize what her purpose is. Her book is one proof that God can and will work in your life if you let go and surrender everything to him. Let go of the things that hinder you from living the life that you deserve.

Thriving Entrepreneur – Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone


What is the medium that you’re using to share your message with the world?

Did you know that all the magic happens when you step out of your comfort zone?

Pushing past you comfort zone is terrifying, but sometimes that fear is the best thing you could have. You first need to understand that your existence has a purpose. You have a story that needs to be told and you have to share that with the world. It will be tough to succeed at the beginning, but you just have to keep pushing yourself to the limit and keep on doing what you love and what you’re good at so you can make an impact to the lives of others. Once you’ve reached that level of success that you’re aiming for, always keep in mind that it doesn’t end there. You will need to engage with your audience by constantly connecting with them.

Steve Kidd is joined today by John Lee Dumas. John is the founder & host of EOFire(Entrepreneur On Fire), an award winning Podcast where he interviews inspiring Entrepreneurs. John shares with us the biggest mistake a person commits that leads to failure as well as the top secret that a person should know as an entrepreneur in order to succeed both in life and business. Know the story behind John’s success on Thriving Entrepreneur.

Thriving Entrepreneur – To Respond or React


When faced with a situation we can choose. We have the power to make the choice to respond or react.The choice we make is a powerful one that can have a lasting impact on our lives and on our business. When we choose to learn from our past and have a plan for our future we can respond in a manner that helps guide us to being the person we want to be. When we react without thought to a circumstance we allow that event to control not only that moment but the direction of our life.

Steve talks with Rodney Lawson about his discovery that the abuse in his childhood had lead him to be a successful businessman, but also very angry inside . Hear Rodney’s amazing journey to self-discovery book Broken Inspired and Driven,

Leslie Cottrell Simonds share her amazing workbook that allows you to plan for of the most difficult, usually avoided and definite events in our life – DEATH. Learn how you can choose to be powerfully prepared and proactive response to this event in life rather than having to react when it happens in her book I Want You to Know

Lori Tsugawa Whaley shares secrets to a happier more powerful life in her book The Courage of aSamurai. This book shares real world stories from Loi’s life and other lives as there take the bold journey to empowered happy successful living. The basic principles of a Samurai are brought into easy to follow impact ways you can use them in your own life

Steve weaves through all of this lessons on how you can learn to respond in life rather than react to situations on this episode of Thriving Entrepreneur

Thriving Entrepreneur – Lets Talk About Life, Leadership & Money


1ST AU-MAZING GIFT: A Journey to Autism Acceptance by Dr. Alisha Griffith

If you have a friend or a relative who has autism, I strongly recommend that you get a copy of Dr. Alisha’s book. Consider autism a gift and not a tragedy. Just like Dr. Alisha, you need to embrace life by accepting reality and differences. Don’t allow your negative beliefs to leave you stuck in a place of grief and hatred.


The famous glass ceilings still exist about women’s roles and responsibilities up to this day. Leadership development is a never ending journey and you can’t be an authentic leader if you are distracted by inner conflict. Winnie talks about the different ways on how to shatter your glass ceiling so you can be an effective and authentic leader.

3rd YOUR BIG MONEY SHIFT by Mimi Quick

What role does money play in your life?

Your powerful beliefs about money can impact your life in a big way. Mimi’s book will help you shift your thoughts about money, and transform your relationship with it that will help you seize control of your financial destiny. Now is the time for a big money shift in your life and business!

Thriving Entrepreneur – Sell With Ease and Charge What You’re Worth


Do you love it? Or like most people do you avoid it or even hate it?

What if you could sell with ease and charge what you are worth? How would confident selling impact your business?

Customers buying from us is one of the most central actions of our business. So why is selling the thing business owners like to do the least. Do you believe this because selling is hard? Or are you are afraid of the reaction? Or is it something else? Break through the mystery and emotion surrounding sales and discover an empowered new attitude that will impact the effectiveness of your selling permanently.

Learn how you can:

  1. Discover why you dislike sales
  2. Reframing selling into something that empowers you
  3. Learn what is making you hesitant to sell
  4. Become empowered to boost your sales this week.

Join host Steve Kidd and his dynamic guest Jessica Riverson of Permission to Charge™ Headquarters and let them release you into a whole new realm of growth in your company. Make more money; Sell with ease; and FEEL GOOD about it! Steve and Jessica share with you practical tips on how you can turn selling from a chore into exciting potential today on Thriving Entrepreneur

Thriving Entrepreneur – Thriving in Life and Business


1st Soar! Beyond the Heels of Adversity by Shevelle McPherson

Each of us has our own paths to take in life and we experience different bumps on the road that causes us to stumble and fall. It’s true that we cannot control or stop these things from happening, but we do have control on how we deal with them. Shevelle shares her personal story and how she was able to soar and overcome life’s adversities by simply igniting her 8 character traits.

2nd Marketing Guru, Jennifer Kem, shares powerful marketing tips that will transform your business to a whole new level.

  • Persuasion and Influence
  • Dips and Failures
  • Importance of becoming a Master Marketer
  • Mindset of a Marketer
  • Marketing + Branding
  • Patient Urgency

I won’t get into details! Tune in on Thriving Entrepreneur and I promise you, this episode is worth listening to!

Thriving Entrepreneur – Achieving Greatness


We celebrate the release of 3 Best Sellers in this episode.

1st Breaking the Myth: How Screenwriters Can Sell Their Own Scripts in Hollywood byRANDY BECKER

It’s hard to stand out especially when you’re building a career in Hollywood. There are a lot of artists who are very talented but didn’t make it on top. Why? Because they didn’t create and build good relationships with the right people who can help them, they didn’t have the right mindset, and they didn’t have a system that worked for them. It is about time to stop living your dreams on the promise of luck.

2nd The Straight Line by MARK SNELLING

Life isn’t perfect and that’s ok. No matter how organized, careful and wise you are things will not always turn out as planned. But you just have to go with the flow of life. God will always be the strength you need to overcome life’s challenges. Things may seem messed up right now, but they will all work out in His perfect timing.

3rd The First 33: One Woman’s Journey from Trash to Treasure by BRIDGETT LARE’

Each of us has a story to tell that can help change lives of thousands of people who are going through the same fate. Bridgett shares her life story and how she was able to turn her life’s hardships into stepping stones to achieve a better life. There is more out there for you and now is the time to take control of your life.