The Win – Discovering Your Personal Relationship to Financial Prosperity with Joan Sotkin

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What is your Personal Relationship with Money? What do you feel when you see your bank statements? How do you feel when you talk to a financial advisor? What is your experience when you see your business PnL statements?

Joan shares an important quote here: “If you are not taking care of yourself, then you are not taking care of your money.”

In this rich and deep discussion, I share my own personal story of feeling betrayed with my family and re-creating a betrayal situation as an adult.

Our businesses as an entrepreneur are an extension of ourselves. Our personal health is an extension of our relationship to money. It is all connected.

I invite you to listen to this episode twice – it is that rich with unique and subtle statements. Joan of is truly a woman that has and is walking her work. Enjoy my personal share…

The Win – Peter Lisoskie

It Is Time For Chat Bots, Baby! – Peter Lisoskie
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Oh YEAH! You heard me! Chat Bots are HERE … and I have my own! YEP!
This interview with Chat Bot Nation STUD, Peter Lisoskie, is out of your head mind-blowing. We no longer need true relationships, we have relationships with BOTS!!! Peter and I have a mind blowing chat about Chat Bots … and others things, as well. So listen in – because the new marketing is HERE!
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The Win – Kym Dolcimascolo

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