Tanya Free and Friends – 3/22/17

The 45th President of the United States released a proposed budget for 2018 that cuts spending in education, health and human services, along with housing and urban development, not so much in military spending. What’s wrong with this picture? Speaking of defense, North Korea had conducted several nuclear tests and missile launches. What’s up with that? Recently, Tom Price, Health and Human Services Secretary was asked whether he thought immunizations against infectious diseases should be mandatory. How do you feel about it?

Tanya Free and Friends – 3/15/17

Republicans have come up with a health care plan to replace the Affordable Care Act that they can’t even agree on within their own party. That’s not a good sign including the insinuation that we may have to just choose between health care coverage and an iphone!!! That statement deserves some words I’m not allowed to on the air, Feel me!!!! Hate crimes are on the rise and civil rights groups are calling on the 45th President of the U.S. to take a firm stand. Have you encountered or noticed an increase of racial tension since the election? Let’s talk about it TODAY on the Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show

Tanya Free and Friends – 3/8/17

The presidential side show continued this week with a presidential address that many feel exploited a Navy widow and ending with the Attorney General “misspeaking” about Russian contacts and 45 accusing President Obama of tapping his phone lines. Let’s talk about these stories, the HBCU presidents’ visit to the White House and the administration’s plans to pursue fewer investigations of troubled police departments

Tanya Free and Friends – 3/1/17

In addition to calling the media fake news, the 45th president of the United States has barred several news organizations from a press briefing. Are we becoming a nation with a government that controls and censors the media? The 45th president also revoked transgender bathroom protection. Who is he going after next? Beware recreational marijuana smokers; the new administration is on record that there should be greater enforcement of federal drug laws prohibiting the use of recreational marijuana in states where it’s legal.

Tanya Free and Friends – 2/22/17

Tanya Free discusses issues that impact the United States

Tanya Free and Friends – 2/15/17

There were a series of setbacks for the 45th President last week. Protests continue around the country. His Travel Ban was struck down in court amid reports that National Security advisor Mike Flynn did in fact talk to the Russians about sanctions prior to inauguration. And that’s just the beginning! White House Counsel Kellyanne Conway was herself reportedly counseled for using the White House to promote Ivanka Trumps clothing line after the President attacked Nordstrom by tweet for treating his daughter so unfairly by dropping her clothing line.
And while we were all distracted by this clown side show, North Korea and Russia were busy threatening the world by firing ballistic missiles and the release of a report revealing that African-Americans fatally shot by police were twice as likely as whites to be unarmed.

Tanya Free & Friends – 2/8/17

The 45th President of the United States signed an executive order to reduce regulations on the financial industry. Speaking of money, the next time the collection plate is passed during morning worship it might be funding his re-run for president. We have a new Supreme Court nominee. Who is he? The first Dominican-American elected to Congress,who identifies as a Latino of African descent wants to join the CBC but his Blackness seems to be in question. Let’s talk about these stories and more this TODAY on the Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show

Tanya Free and Friends – 2/1/17

The 45th President of the United States signed an Executive Order banning refugees and people from seven Muslim majority countries from entering the USA….causing chaos, protests and outrage across the country. Earlier this week tensions rose between 45 and Mexico’s President resulting in the cancellation of a scheduled meeting in D.C. between the two. Mexico is not paying for the wall, so who is? In the words of Marvin Gaye, “What’s going on” …. Let’s kick off Black History Month with these stories and more

Tanya Free and Friends – 1/25/17

President Trump signed several executive orders including an executive order weakening the Affordable Care Act just hour after being in office. What’s the Rush!!! Women across the country and beyond showed up in record numbers to protest the newly elected President. By far, it appears that there were more at the protests than were in attendance at inauguration the day before. Where does the Women’s movement go from here? Let’s talk about these stories and Trump’s “alternative facts”

Tanya Free & Friends – 1/18/17

In a couple of days we will say farewell to President Barack Obama, who has served this country with class, dignity and without scandal. Not so sure if we’ll say the same about the 45th president, who will take the oath of office just 5 days after the celebration of Dr. King’s birthday. “We’ve Got Some Difficult Days Ahead”