Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 194


Rick Amato – Wells Fargo made $124 million in fake accounts.  What’s going on?  Rick will discuss what’s going on with this illegal activity.

Ed Brodow – The media is not fair and balanced, they don’t talk about what’s good and bad going on.  Instead they are skewed to push a left political agenda and they have been the key to success for the liberals for years.

Cody Wilson – He’s been named one of the top 15 most dangerous people in the world by Wired Magazine.  He creates his own guns using a 3D printer.

Aubrey Shines – He believes the key to victory for Donald Trump is the black vote.  Will they go out and vote like they did for Obama?

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter from Anthony Weiner.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 193


Dr. Robert Blackman – He’s the inventor of the Rest-O-Bics chair.

Wendy McElroy – Author of Rape Culture Hysteria: Fixing the Damage Done to Men and Women

Megan Barth – She’s a Bikini Fitness Competitor talking about the “sex talk” women discuss behind closed doors, showing that Trump isn’t the only one out there that does this.  Why the double standards.

Pamela Capone – Author of I Punched Myself IN the Eye: Stories of Self Sabotage, Imperfection, and Perfect, Amazing Grace

Fred Claridge – Fred flies into Tampa and is live in studio telling us about his interesting ride to the studio.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 192


Douglas Robinson – Author of the book series “The Silently” series about vampyries

Edward Torchy Smith – With Trump being 70 and Hillary 68, this will be the last Baby Boomer election.

Andrew Kerr – He’s an investigative reporter with

David Henderson – Talking about the zombie teenagers we have in today’s society.  Their lack of motivation or ambition to do anything with their lives.

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter from the porn industry, complaining he will put them all out of business with his enormous penis.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 191


Bryan Crabtree – He’s talking about the first debate between the Vice presidential debate.

Herb London – Herb is a personal friend of Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Pence, he’s talking about how Pence will enhance the Trump campaign.

Christopher Horner – There is a movement going on right now from the liberal left to prosecute those who deny climate change.  The scary part is 1 in 4 liberals agree this is OK to do.

Michael Karolchyk – He’s talking about the controversial issue facing Hillary Clinton and that is her health.

Fred Claridge – Fred gets Gloria Alred to defend him against his rape charge, she uses his “Enormous Penis” as a defense.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 190


Jeffrey Stephens – He’s talking about the disgrace of the FBI when FBI Director James Comey attempts to justify Hillary Clinton’s Innocence after saying she was guilty.

Michael Daugherty – President Obama signs over control of the internet to ICANN a foreign body who can limit the freedom of speech on the internet to all American’s a back door around our 1st Amendment right.

Joseph Murray – LGBT may actually be on the side of Trump after the 1st and 2nd debate.

Liz Peek – She talks about the first debate and how each candidate faired.

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter from the San Diego Zoo about the animals contracting STDs and they believe he is the cause.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Epsiode 189


Jeff Crouere – Hillary took a week off from the campaign trail leading up to the first debate.  Her heath is the speculation on why she took the time off, despite what she’s saying.  Is this a real problem?

Aubrey Shines – Riots are erupting everywhere over blacks being killed by cops.  What’s the state of the nation under this duress? Aubrey Shines is here to discuss it.

Tom Harris – Obama orders the military that Climate Change must be considered in all planning.

Cathy Taylor – She’s the author of “Red is the New Black” which discusses her conservative points of view.

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter from Trump trying to help him distract the media from a comment he made about a fat Miss America.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 188


Megan Barth – Hillary’s health has the media and the DNC uptight.  It’s becoming a major topic the democrats are trying to push under the rug.  Megan Barth comments on the health of the former Secretary of State and First Lady.

Nicole Ofstein – She’s talking about how to settle with the IRS if you owe back taxes.

Dan Perkins – Last week we saw terror attacks in Manhattan, New Jersey and Minnesota.  The press was quick to throw terrorism out the window but in reality it was, and it was by Islamic supporters.

Larry Pratt – The most assaulted law officers in America isn’t who you’d think it is.  The most assaulted law enforcement officers are border guards.  They testified before Congress to bring us up to date on the state of our border security.

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter to be a debate moderator for the first Presidential debate.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 187


Pastor Aubrey Shines – Pastor Shines talks about the latest attacks on Bishop Jackson who invited Trump, plus the health of Hillary.

Dr. Bernard Bendok – Dr. Bendok is a brain surgeon talking about a surgical procedure on the brain that requires you to be awake through it.

Doug Giles – He wrote a new book called Pussification: The Effeminization of the American Male.

Dr. Blackman – He’s got a new gym that promotes a new exercise called “Rest-O-Bics”

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter to be a body double from Donald Trump

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 186


Jeffrey Stephens – The Presidential debates are scheduled to air during Monday night football.  Unfair?  Which one will you watch?  Jeffrey talks about the timing of the debates.

S.C. Sherman – He’s discussing the history of Labor Day

Herb London – The G20 Summit is over and Herb is discussing what occurred

Ed Brodow – Author of “In Lies We Trust: How Politicians and the Media are Deceiving the American Public”

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter from Matt Lauer from MSNBC

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 185


Edward “Torchy” Smith – He’s talking about how the welfare state is about to get rocked.

Chris Papst – He wrote the book Devolution which discusses constructing a new Constitution

Michael Karolchyk – He’s discussing how the sponsors for Ryan Lochte, the American Gold Medalist dropped after his false stick up.

Kevin Dunn – He’s discussing euthanasia and how it’s being sent on the American people as a ploy with assisted suicide.

Fred Claridge – Fred is called to the Vatican by Pope Francis.