Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 225

Dave Cole – What a church can learn from Harley Davidson

John Ligato – FBI Analyst says Trump will nominate former Justice Department official Christopher Wray to replace Comey.

Erich Pratt – He’s talking about how law-abiding citizens in London could have stopped that onslaught of murder by terrorists.

Doug Giles – Kathy Griffin committed career suicide when she attacked Trump with a fake beheading.  It shows the mentality of the left.  He’s talking about her stupidity.

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter from the incontinence society

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 224

Cary Allen Stone – Author of “Though A Mother’s Eyes: A True Story”

Michelle Deen – Michelle believes that President Trump is causing immoral problems to American values.

Sean Dowdell – One of the most successful tattoo and piercing artist in the world.

Jeff Crouere – Trump released his budget and Jeff is here to discuss it.

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter from John Kerry asking Fred to help with the Global Warming crisis.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 223

Doug Giles – President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey.  The Dems who once wanted him fired for the Hillary investigation are now supporting him and attacking Trump for firing him.  WHY?

Larry Pratt – Texas Governor signed a bill banning sanctuary cities, will this start a new trend among the other 49 states.

Jack Herskowitz – He’s the author of a book titled “Danger at the Ballpark”.

Brendan Gaughran – He’s known as the Liver medic and he’s taking liver health

Fred Claridge – He gets a letter from Newt Gingrich to help his wife as ambassador to the Pope.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Epsiode 222

Emanuel Koshaba –   Commander in Chief of the Assyrian Army (Dwekh Nawsha).  He’s talking about President Trump and how his administration can help the Assyrian army defend their people.

Ed Brodow – More fake news as the outlets announced President Trump gave classified information to the Russians.  None of it actually took place.

Michael Daugherty – A major hack happened over the weekend that involved more than 20 countries, Michael will discuss this.

Miko Peled – Miko is discussing Trump’s trip to Israel.

Fred Claridge – He gets a letter from Anthony Weiner.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 221

Dr. Joe Khoury – Another shooting in Fresno, this man screamed Allahu Akbar as he open fired killing 3 people but still the media says it’s not middle eastern terrorism.

Megan Barth – She’s talking about Comey’s firing and the Russia pane

Katie McAuliffe – He’s talking about taxes and the upcoming tax reform President Trump is trying to pass. and fake news

Dr. Herb London – As tensions rise between Korea and the US, President Trump said he’s willing to talk with Kim Jung Un.

Fred Claridge – He gets a letter from the Department of Justice with a great job opportunity

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 220

Douglas Robinson – He’s talking about ways to effectively write a book from tips on character development, plot creation and story flow.

Joe Navarro – Former FBI Agent and author of the book “Three Minutes to Doomsday”

Jesse Brown – The author of the book The Canadaland Guide to Canada

Joseph Murray – 7th Circuit courts are wrong to expand LGBT civil rights from the bench, bypassing the powers set forth by the Constitution

Fred Claridge – He gets a letter from the Little Sisters of the Poor

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 219

Rick Lynch – Author of a new book titled “Work Hard, Pray Hard: The Power of Faith In Action”.

Doug Giles – Susan Rice admits she unmasked Trump’s names and the impact it made on the administration.

Glenn Parris – He’s the author of the book “Watch for the Renaissance of Aspirin”

Dennis Deruelle – Author of “Your Healthcare Playbook: Winning the Game of Modern Medicine”

Fred Claridge – He gets a letter from former FOX News commentator Bill O’Reilly

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 218

Kelvin Boone – He’s the owner of Boone Modeling Agency telling us about the high profile modeling agency

Chris Kortlander – He’s talking about the deep state of Government that has hurt so many people it’s designed to protect.

Justin Peck – Justin is a race car driver that suffers from Bi-Polar disorder.  One day he attempted suicide but the gun jammed, now he’s an advocate for suicide prevention and mental illness awareness.

Jay Solomon – He’s talking about how the spy games, bank battles, and secret deals shaped the middle east as we know it today.

Fred Claridge – Fred is in the studio talking about his trip to Florida, some of his strange letters he’s been receiving and getting more stock market advice.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 217

Ed Henry – Talking about his new book “42 Faith: The Rest of the Jackie Robinson Story”

Herb London – After the Obamacare overhaul failed, London discusses who’s to blame

Larry Pratt – Neil Gorsuch, a pro Second Amendment Supreme Court nominated candidate gets confirmed through the Senate

Megan Barth – She talks about how Trump dropped the ultimatum on Obamacare

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter from North Korea Dictator Kim Jung Un

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 216

Jeff Crouere – Comey throws a cloud over the White House as he said his department has investigated Russian ties to Trump and that absolutely no evidence of taping Trump Tower ever occurred (but we now know that’s a lie) so is this a lie?

Michael Daugherty – U.S and UK flights to ban iPads and laptops from plane cabins on international flights

Dathan Paterno – He’s giving a psychological evaluation of why Millennials lack masculinity

Yuki Oikawa – Japanese political commentator and historian discusses Trump and how the US will work with Japan.

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter from Jarred Kushner about him passing gas and like the red line in Syria this can’t happen.