Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 239

Dr. Jerid Fisher – He’s talking about how we can help children of a military parent help them if they suffer from a traumatic brain injury.

Kiril Ravensong – He’s discussing Bitshares

Jeffrey Davis – He’s talking about how the magic of comedy is born, with an idea.

Michelle Owens – She’s discussing the horrific scenario of colleges and rape/assault and how the collages tend to use Kangeroo Courts to prosecute, most are brushed under their carpet.

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter from the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 238

Eddy Taylor – Bit Coins are a hot new electronic currency.  Eddy talks about the bit shares, bit coins and tell us what we need to know.

William Gheen – President Trump suspends DACA sending millions of Americans into a frenzy.  He talks about why President Trump should do more.

Brian Maloney – A CNN Host was caught supporting the Antifa Violence at a rally.  Antifa is what most call a domestic terrorist group.

Alan Gottlieb – Hurricane Irma and Irene that hit Texas and Florida caused massive damage to those regions, but to add to the mess; looters are starting to steal from stores that incurred damage or were forced to close.  He’s talking about why we need to protect our families against looters.

Fred Claridge – Fred is asked by Walmart to be a greeter in Texas after the flood to brighten people’s spirits.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 236

Lee Bailey – Famous defense attorney for O.J. Simpson is on to talk about the case and why he knows O.J. is innocent.

Dave Workman – A recognized expert on Washington State gun laws, he’s here to talk about why it’s vital the American people continue to have the right to bear arms.

Charles Reiblum – Author of the book “The All-Time Book of Fascinating Facts”.  He’s discussing a variety of things like the similarities between Kennedy and Lincoln’s assasignation.

Doug Giles – As more Confederate statues are torn down, Giles makes us realize that tearing these down has absolutely nothing to do with racism.  It’s the work of the facist, anti-free speech police.

Fred Claridge – Fred a letter from the White House Chief of Staff – he’s going to JAIL

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 235

Cody Wilson – Walmart apologizes for the “Own the School Year” gun display

Michael Daugherty – Judge orders a new search of Hillary’s Benghazi e mails

John Guandolo – We talk about Islamic terrorism and how the law enforcement is getting prepared for attacks.

Megan Barth – If Trump ditches Bannon, the base will revolt.

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter from the Department of the National Park Service

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 234

Larry Fedewa – Hes discussing the current news media bias and Trump

Nick Palmisciano – Producer of the new movie #NotAWarStory

Bryan Crabtree – Mark Zuckerberg believes he can be President.  Does he have a chance?

John Daly – He’s discussing Media Bias and how it’s influencing the public of America

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter to be a test dummy

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 233

Eric Peters – Small business made up the heart of the American economy, over the years Crony-Capitalism has killed these small businesses. Eric talks about the impact and what we can do to save it.

Megan Barth – She’s discussing the current situation in Korea and Russia

Joshua Harman – America’s roads are NOT safe and he’s showing us what we can do to protect ourselves.

Ed Brodow – Sean Spicer and Scaramucci were both released from the Trump Administration. Leftists calling it chaos and lack of leadership. However that’s simply not the case.

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter from Maxine Waters

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 232

Doug Giles – Kushner, Trump Jr. and Paul Manafort testify on Capital Hill regarding the Russian nonsense; nothing came out of it.  We’re talking to him on why this waste of time won’t go away.

Darius Norman – He had some financial issues and fixed it through research.  He’s talking to us about how to fix our credit scores and credit report blemishes.

Brian Patrick Eha – Ever hear of a Bitcoin?  Most of us haven’t or know how they are used.  Brian is here to tell us what we need to know.

Michelle Minton – Online gambling is in trouble and what we need to know she’s going to discuss.

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter about transsexuals in the military and his request for surgery.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 231

Larry Pratt – He’s discussing the Senate must adopt Paul’s Gun Amendment on Health Care Bill

Curtis Bailey – He’s discussing scams against seniors and how we can stop it.

Bryan Crabtree – He appeared at the protest on CNN so he’s discussing the impact they hope to make.

Dr. Dennis Deruelle – Trump says the Senate should pass a clean repeal of Obamacare and Dennis agrees.  He discusses the impact of a clean repeal.

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter from special FBI investigator Robert Mueller

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 230

Alveda King – She’s coming on to talk about her upcoming music “Bless This House” and she talks about why faith leaders are standing with Planned Parenthood

Dan Perkins – Trump denounces the agreement with Cuba and pulls away from it.

Mitchell Fronchen – He’s the author of “Dying To Save America” a book that tells the dangers of America adopting a single payer healthcare system.  Just look at the baby in England.

Herb London – North Korea on the 4th of July shot a  ICBM that can hit Alaska.  Happy Birthday America… but according to snowflakes, they are still no threat just a distraction.

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter from special FBI investigator Robert Mueller

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 229

Ed Brodow – Can America be saved?  The radical left has started an all our war against the conservative party and is looking to infuse radical, socialistic and even communistic policies against the US citizens.  Will we be able to stop it?

Brent Ayscough – Author of a new book Ernie and the Evils of Insurance

Melissa Francis – Fox News anchor and actress on the popular show “Little House on the Prarie”, Melissa joins us to talk about her book “Lessons from the Prarie”.

Professor Ryan Mauro – A Jihadi cult associate was arrested in NY with a fire arms stockpile.  What does this mean for America?

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter from Las Vegas Freemont Street Experience.