Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 214

Miko Peled – Israeli author in D.C. to discuss the United Nations report.

Sargis Sangari – Nations hating America and Trump’s pledge to help the Christians in the Middle East

Ryan DeCicco – Host of the Ryno Report.  He’s discussing the issues facing the republican party.

Michael Daugherty – He’s talking about the wiretapping of Trump Tower

Fred Claridge – Fred gets a letter from the NSA

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 213

Mat Best – Owner of the Black Rifle Coffee Company, which he is a Veteran and promises to hire 10,000 veterans

Cody Wilson – He’s discussing Trump’s threat to the states and/or cities that stay sanctuary cities of defunding for their defiance.

Ryan Mauro – The recent Trump Traval Ban has been over turned by yet another Obama appointed liberal judge in Hawaii… what now?

Doug Giles – The live action Beauty and the Beast has a gay kissing scene that’s rocking the world.  Doug talks about this.

Fred Claridge – Fred sends a application to UBER to be a driver but his car isn’t exactly functional for the job here, however they offered him the opportunity to start up Uber Saudi Arabia

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 212

Bree Graziano – National Preschool Moms Group welcomes muslims and all faiths

Susan Michael – Netanyahu lands in Washington and pressure mounts as to what will happen seeing what the past administration did to our friend.

Paul Sutliff – He’s the host of the radio show Civilization Jihad Awareness

Chris Versace – Jobs are coming back thanks to Trump’s policies and he’s here to talk about the success and what we can see going forward

Fred Claridge – April the giraffe won’t give birth till the father comes to be with her so the zoo is requesting Fred comes back and take responsibility.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Epsiode 211

Ed Brodow – MSNBC is trying to delegitimatize Trump’s aide Kellyanne Conway.  The media wants us to trust them but when they report on blatant lies and partisanship it’s hard to trust them.

J.T. Olson – He’s the author of “The Orphan, The Widow and Me: Paying it Forward with Both Hands.

Megan Barth – She talks about the shadow government President Obama is setting up in an attempt to take out President Trump.

Jerry Rogers – Trump in his address to Congress discussed a potential border adjustment tax.  This tax is something we do not impose on foreign goods but all countries impose on our goods.  Do we do it and make things fair?

Fred Claridge – Fred invents a stupmonitor which determines the sexual rank of all women.  TSA wants to use this device for their screening process.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 210

W.T.Fallon – A Trump hater, she wrote a book called Fail To the Chief.

Michael Karolchyk – After Trump won the Presidency, the leftist hate has focused on his daughter Ivanka.  Retail chains across the US have caved to the demands of the left to remove her merchandise.  Marshalls and TJ Maxx are the most recent two.  We talk about this.

Pastor Bill Jenkins – The Prophetic Almanac of 2017 is out and Pastor Bill Jenkins, the author, talks about it.

Doug Giles – The Boy Scouts now allow transgender boys.

Fred Claridge – Fred gets sued for divorce by his camel Fatima in Sharia Law court in Palestine.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 209

Tyler Zacharia – He’s the executive producer of a movie called “Silence”

Josh Bernstein – Josh encountered Facebook stalkers, people who were able to get and steal his information without being friends despite having a security setting, they were still in his friends list despite not approving them.

John Agostinelli – He’s talking about Easy Money and the Real Estate Ponzi Scheme that plagued America in 2007/2008 but it’s starting to make a comeback.

Steve Milloy – Left wing extremists are denouncing factual science and scaring people with global warming thanks to the EPA and those big businesses making a fortune off of it.  Trump is threatening to drain the swamp at the EPA to save business and people money.  What will it mean for the environment and business.

Fred Claridge – Fred gets fired as the director of sexual education given to him from Betsy DeVos.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 208

Brian Garst – Donald Trump appears to be flirting with Chuck Schumer over a tax hike as maybe an olive branch decision.

Jeff Clayton – He’s the Executive Director of the American Bail Coalition.  He’s talking about how Trump will deal with the Obama administration’s DOJ Bail Reform.

Dr. Dathan Paterno – He received death threats after tweeting his opinion about the women’s march.  He also was forced to resign from the School Board.

Ed Brodow – Trump may be thinking about kicking the press out of the White House over their poor reporting.

Fred Claridge – Fred gets an important job offer from Betsy DeVos to help aid our children in their educational journey.  This was the main reason Congress was so fierce in keeping her from her nomination.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 270

Herb London – Herb is talking about the British PM trip to Washington D.C. to meet with President Trump and what to expect.

Joseph Murray – The LGBT community did support Trump despite what the media says.  Trump announced that he will not undo anything the Obama administration did for the LGBT silencing the hate on that side.

Sargis Sangari – Obama in his last hours as President sent 221 million dollars to the Palestine Authority, a group that has been persecuting and destroying Christians.

Alveda King – The daughter of the late Martin Luther King Jr.   She’s discussing the new President and what she sees for the progression of equality in the US.

Fred Claridge – Fred gets an important job offer once again in the Trump administration.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 206

Scottie Nell Hughes – She’s discussing the left wing social media bias that’s taking the internet by storm.

The King Twins – They are a sibling rap group that mixes hip hop and comedy

Ellen Hughes – He’s the author of “Be a Smart Client’

Megan Barth – She’s talking about the transition from Trump to Obama and her fear is that Obama will stay in DC and cause trouble for Trump.

Fred Claridge – Fred is in Florida and he’s talking about his experience on this trip.

Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 205

David Horowitz –Trump promises to reverse 200 of Obama’s executive orders on his first day in office.  Will he do it?  What impact will it have on the country?  Horowitz is here to discuss it.

David Loshelder – David is the author of “Take Care of Number 1 – Don’t Step in Number 2”.  He’s talking about how you can be a success in life.

Bryan Crabtree – John Lewis has been an open mouth piece against Trump calling him every name but his own, he’s also said he would not attend the inauguration.  What does this say about the radical left?

Jeff Crouere – Jeff is covering the Inauguration and discussing the impact Trump will have on the country following his swearing in.

Fred Claridge – Gen. Mattis writes Fred because he has a very important mission for him to help thwart attacks by the Muslims on America.