Savvy Business Radio – Lynn Shaw

Lynn Shaw President – CEO of Lynn Shaw Productions, discusses with Savvy the serious epidemic of domestic abuse. Lynn Shaw shares details intoPriscilla Bennett‘s new book: “Something To Be Brave For” One woman’s harrowing story of domestic violence and her ultimate escape. Get the book at: All proceeds for this book go to the National Network to End Domestic Violence.

Self-employed since 1996, Mitch Stephen has purchased well over 1000 houses in and about his hometown of San Antonio, TX. He has perfected a method of achieving cash-flow without having to be a landlord and without having to rehab properties. He’s mastered the art of raising private money and the classic “Nothing Down” deal. For those interested in becoming a successful real estate investor, please visit

Savvy Business Radio – Lou Diamond

When it comes to putting great people in touch with other great people, Lou Diamond is the master. He has over 25-years of experience in sales, relationship management, business development and executive coaching. Lou’s authenticity, energy and enthusiasm for what he does is unmatched. If you’re trying to find the right way to make the connections essential to achieve your business or personal goals, Lou Diamond is the man to help you make it happen. Lou is an energetic, humorous, and inspirational business development strategist and performance coach. He has consulted with and mentored leading performers from companies all over the world.

As a Business Growth Coach, Personal Branding Strategist, and Peak Performance Mentor, Adèle McLay supports Small Business Entrepreneurs to achieve profitable business growth and success via her Business Mastery and Extraordinary Performance Frameworks.

Adele is also a published author of the highly acclaimed book: BIG Profits – 12 Strategies to Substantially Grow YOUR Business Profits (Akitu Press).

Savvy Business Radio – Lisa Manyon

Lisa Manyon is “The Business Marketing Architect” a content strategist for mission-driven entrepreneurs and business owners. She’s a thought leader in copywriting, strategy and marketing, she specializes in powerfully communicating your marketing message to increase results. Lisa share’s with our Savvy audience her top tips for a New Approach for Marketing Success.

Chris McNamara is the founder of Tech Gear Lab and its sister company, Outdoor Gear Lab.
Chris also happens to be one of the world’s best big wall rock climbers, climbing Yosemite’s 3,000 foot El Capitan over 70 times and setting nine big wall speed climbing records. Chris’s knack for gear and adventure led him to take up wingsuit base jumping and hacking together his first wingsuit by sewing wing sections onto a Walmart sweatsuit.  He quit wingsuit jumping when his friend, Dean Potter, died in Yosemite on a jump. &  his blog:

Savvy Business Radio – Ted Harvey

Former State Senator Ted Harvey, chairman of The Committee to Defend the President, discusses potential solutions to repair the fragments of our great Republic.
Ann Reynolds has over 20 years in the Napa wine industry. In 2006 it was time to leave the employee world and start a business, Wine Compliance Alliance which assists US wineries with their required compliance filings. Ann is also the author of “The Inside Story of a Wine Label”

Savvy Business Radio – Dr. Lawrence J. Fedewa

Dr. Lawrence J. Fedewa is the author of more than 100 Washington Times online columns. He is known as an early interpreter of the Donald Trump phenomenon as well as fiscal, racial, and religious trends and events and is a sharp critic of the Obama administration. He has become a trusted voice for many fans seeking analysis of the recent election.

David Loshelder has a Bachelor degree from Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s degree from Duquesne University. He also lectures to corporations, associations, civic groups, and universities on personal achievement and leadership. Today David shares his latest book: “Take Care of #1 So You Don’t Step In #2”! and how by embracing defeat, you can reach ultimate success in your life.

Savvy Business Radio – Abby Johnson

Doc has had a long interest in politics and its effect on the American family. Though he was a registered Republican for many years and was often the only representative to state conventions from his precinct, he is now a Tea Party supporter, True the Vote volunteer, and recently nominated by his Texas Nationalist Movement group for outreach director. You’ve heard him for years on Houston radio on AM 700, AM 950 and 92.1 FM.

Abby’s shares her story from both sides of the controversial issue of Abortion in her book: “Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader’s Eye-Opening Journey across the Life Line”

Abby Johnson quit her job in October 2009. That simple act became a national news story because Abby was the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas who, after participating in an actual abortion procedure for the first time, walked down the street to join the Coalition for Life.

Savvy Business Radio – Sharon Haver

Sharon Haver helps women entrepreneurs and small business owners be seen so that they can step into their star power. She has a three-decade career as a style + success strategist including New York fashion stylist for 15 years, internationally known fashion, beauty and style expert, bootstrapping web entrepreneur, speaker,  and the founder of, online since 1999, syndicated fashion advice columnist on the Scripps Howard News Service, the creator of The C’est Chic Crash Course, author of StyleWORD, Fashion Quotes For Real Style, and host of the 7 Days to Amazing Podcast. Visit her at for your free Star Power Kit.
Jill A. Lublin is an internationally renowned speaker on the topics of publicity and networking.  As author of her best-selling book Get Noticed…Get Referrals, and co-author of the best-sellers Guerrilla Publicity (Adams Media), and Networking Magic (Adams Media), Jill is a master strategist on how to capture the attention of the media and increase your visibility in the marketplace. Her latest book is Profit of Kindness. Today she shares how Kindness will not only make your life better, but your business more profitable.

Savvy Business Radio – Paul Mladjenovic

Paul Mladjenovic is a CFP, national seminar leader, author and consultant.Since 1981, his specialties have been investing, financial planning and home business issues. Today Paul discusses the economic differences of Capitalism vs Socialism.

Marilyn Waite, author and green business expert explains how people can incorporate principles of long-term sustainability into their work in her new book, “Sustainability at Work: Careers that make a difference.” Our guest today is an expert on “sustainability” – making choices to support a healthy planet and society for the future that also make economic sense today.

Savvy Business Radio – James Corbett

James Corbett has been living and working in Japan since 2004. He started The Corbett Report website in 2007 as an outlet for independent critical analysis of politics, society, history, and economics. The Corbett Report is an independent, listener-supported alternative news source. It operates on the principle of open source intelligence and provides podcasts,

David K. Jackson is a Pastor, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Certified Personal Trainer, Writer and Proud United States Marine that served on the Elite Marine Security Guard (Embassy) Program. A promising author and teacher whose views on faith and hope are both unique and prophetic. Jackson is very passionate and believes faith is a vehicle that all can ride in.

Savvy Business Radio – Colin Gunn

Colin Gunn is an award-winning writer/director/producer, accomplished animator and podcaster. His previous films include Shaky Town, a film about San Francisco homosexual politics and The Monstrous Regiment of Women a documentary about the harmful effects of feminism.  He most recently co-directed/wrote and produced the Documentaries IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America. He Also recently completed a new feature length documentary on American healthcare called ‘Wait Till It’s Free!’ Originally from Hamilton Scotland, Colin Lives in Texas with his wife and 9 children.
Leon Logothetis is a TV host, producer, author, traveler and all around good guy. Formerly a London broker, he gave up his comfortable life to travel and find real human connection. He is the host of “The Amazing Adventures of A Nobody” which was licensed to National Geographic International and aired in over 100 countries, including in the United States on Fox Reality Channel and Canada’s OLN. He is also the author of a book: The Kindness Diaries: One Man’s Quest to Ignite Goodwill and Transform Lives Around the World. He has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, FOX, BBC among other mainstream media outlets. He runs a production company called Principal Media and lives in Los Angeles, CA with his dog