Real Don Smith Show – 4/7/17

Governmental policies can impact citizens in a negative way especially if they don’t fit into mainstream society.  Rule, norms and values are external controls that comes from ideology of the mainstream and only alienates.  Are those citizens caste out or out cast?  Stay tuned tomorrow an d call in1646 668-8512 and lets keep it REAL!!

Real Don Smith Show – 3/31/17

Donald Holds The Trump Card; Activation of Hate In America people have become divisive over political, social and constitutional views.  Fear and anger deeprooted in a lot of Americans has resurfaced.  There is an overall increase in hate crimes by 14% in America but in a lot of our cities the numbers are a lot higher. Hate groups have increased and so has violence and attacks  against certain groups of citizens.  Also, crimes against nature and deregulation of EPA.  Even the slogan; Lets make America Great Again is straight out of Russia.

Real Don Smith Show – 3/24/17

Don Smith discusses crime – is it a conditioning or an incorporation.

Real Don Smith Show – 3/17/17

Don Smith talks about the ERT Project on Central Ave in Albuquerque, NM.  Then he discusses how to build the community through collaboration.

Real Don Smith Show – 3/10/17

Child Abuse is rising on a whole new level across America.  The people who should be protecting them, their parents, are actually the ones abusing them.  Now more and more we even hear about sexual abuse against children from pastors, teachers and family.  This has to stop, we need to be aware of the signs of abuse, stop having children be self supportive and take the reigns for these children.

Real Don Smith Show – 3/3/17

Don Smith and his guests discuss if religion is man made, myth or from God.

Real Don Smith Show – 2/24/17

Don Smith discusses the decline of the Middle Class in America

Real Don Smith Show- 2/17/17

Don Smith and his guests discuss the “state of the union”; how people are perceiving how the United States fairs right now.

Real Don Smith Show – 2/10/17

Don Smith discusses religion

Real Don Smith Show – 2/3/17

Don Smith talks about small business and the working middle class of America.