Real Don Smith Show – 5/26/17

Today’s topic on the Real Don Smith Show is “Divided We Stand, United We Fall”.  What do we mean by that?  Tune in and find out.

Real Don Smith Show – 5/19/17

Don Smith talks about maintaining a healthy lifestyle then gives an update of “As the White House Turns”

Real Don Smith Show – 5/12/17

Don Smith discusses the state of the US right now with FBI Director James Comey being fired, Korea standoff and more.  He’s discussing all this and more today.

Real Don Smith Show – 5/5/17

On this episode of the Real Don Smith Show we discuss mental illness, is it man made, myth or medicine.  Then we talk about the most abused group in all the US, the elderly.

Real Don Smith Show – 4/29/17

Today’s show topics are:

  • Native American Pride
  • Adapting to Change
  • Developing Inner Strength

Real Don Smith Show – 4/21/17

The topic of discussion for the Real Don Smith is the cycle of man.  Is he the root of All Evil?

Real Don Smith Show – 4/14/17

Last week we discussed the impact of Govermental policy when it comes to citizens but since we have big business running America there is a goal to dismantle the public sector and  privatize through deregulations.  It is hard to believe that so far the only law passed was giving severely mentally ill individuals the right to own a gun.  Also, we will discuss a possible 30% budget cut and the process of appropriation and reconciliation.  How will this impact the middle class?  They were the deciding vote that turnred the election in Trumps favor.  Will they side with the rich and turn against the poor?  Stay tuned to the next episode of The Real Don Smith Show live @ 9:00 am Friday and call in 1 646 668-8512.

Real Don Smith Show – 4/7/17

Governmental policies can impact citizens in a negative way especially if they don’t fit into mainstream society.  Rule, norms and values are external controls that comes from ideology of the mainstream and only alienates.  Are those citizens caste out or out cast?  Stay tuned tomorrow an d call in1646 668-8512 and lets keep it REAL!!

Real Don Smith Show – 3/31/17

Donald Holds The Trump Card; Activation of Hate In America people have become divisive over political, social and constitutional views.  Fear and anger deeprooted in a lot of Americans has resurfaced.  There is an overall increase in hate crimes by 14% in America but in a lot of our cities the numbers are a lot higher. Hate groups have increased and so has violence and attacks  against certain groups of citizens.  Also, crimes against nature and deregulation of EPA.  Even the slogan; Lets make America Great Again is straight out of Russia.

Real Don Smith Show – 3/24/17

Don Smith discusses crime – is it a conditioning or an incorporation.