James Miller | Lifeology – Who are you? Guest – Katie Hulbert

Katie Hulbert’s reviews her book, Gurl Please, which is an excellent resource for those of you feel like are not good enough. This book will give you tools and techniques you need to help you find your voice and be the person you were meant to be. ShiftHappensAnyway.com

James Miller | Lifeology – The Hero Inside You: Guest – Tony Edgell

Author, Tony Edgell reviews his book The Hero Inside You. This book teaches you how to find your purpose and passion. It gives you a roadmap of how to break out of mediocrity and to focus on your specific path.¬†You may purchase Tony’s book at amazon.com or in the store at JamesMillerLifeology.com.

James Miller | Lifeology – Being a resilience ninja: Guest – Allison Graham, Episode 2/2

Allison Graham returns for the second part of this two-part series. She reviews her book, Married my mom birthed a dog which shares her struggles during her decade of hell. This book gives you a roadmap to help you become a resilience ninja and overcome your own struggles. R-Ninja.com

James Miller | Lifeology – Blindsided by life: Guest – Allison Graham, Episode 1/2

Allison Graham shares her decade of hell, from multiple deaths, injuries and botched surgeries leading to chronic pain. She found the resilience to fight her way through this and is now inspiring others to do the same. R-Ninja.com

James Miller | Lifeology – The formula for miracles: Guest – Brent Phillips

Brent Phillips, a former skeptic MIT engineer now turned healer, shares his own story of becoming a healer. He now uses science to give you the formula for your own miracles. For more information about Brent visit awakening dynamics.com.

James Miller | Lifeology – Sexual Sovereignty: Guest – Dr Saida Desilets

Thought leader, Dr. Saida Desilets shares her personal story of being sexually assaulted. This awakened the Sexual Sovereignty movement which empowers people to claim their sexual sovereignty in all areas of life. TheDaringProject.com.

James Miller | Lifeology – Prepared for your future-:Guest – Drew Westervelt

Retired athlete, Drew Westervelt shares his story of being prepared to be a successful entrepreneur by the skills he learned from playing lacrosse. You too, have been prepared for your future by what you’ve learned in your past.

James Miller | Lifeology – Effective Communication: Guest – Dr. Diane Hamilton

Dr. Diane Hamilton, an expert in emotional intelligence, shares her wisdom in how she helps business and organizations create a culture that includes effective communication.

James Miller | Lifeology – Climbing your Mount Everest: Guest – Jamie Clark

Adventurer, Jamie Clarke shares his adventures of climbing mount everest four times and how each adventure inspires him to reevaluate his life to determine what truly matters.

James Miller | Lifeology – Lessons from my grandfather: Guest – Marc Demetriou

Marc Demetriou reviews his latest book, Lessons from my grandfather. This book gives you practical tools and wisdom that you can apply to, not only, your business but to all areas of your life. You may purchase this best seller onamazon.com