James Miller | Lifeology – A heartbeat away – A fulfilled life: Guest – Papa Soob

Author and motivational speaker, Papa Soob helps you prepare yourself by giving you a blueprint for your final years to live a happy, fulfilled life.

James Miller | Lifeology – Lead like a superhero: Guest – Sebastien Richard

Sebastien Richard reviews his book, Lead Like a Superhero. This book teaches how to be a leaders by using popular superheroes as templates.

James Miller | Lifeology – Living an anticipatory life: Guest – Daniel Burrus

Innovation Expert, Daniel Burrus, reviews his latest book, The Anticipatory Organization, which teaches you how to separate the Hard Trends that will happen, from Soft Trends that might happen— allowing you to jump ahead with low risk and the confidence certainty can provide.

James Miller | Lifeology – Friendships at midlife: Guest – David Figura

David Figura reviews his book, So what are the guys doing? which examines what men are doing during midlife and how it affects their relationships.

James Miller | Lifeology – Recognizing the dignity in others: Guest – Colleen Adams

Colleen Adams discusses her book, “Hope in the Hood.” This book shares how her program Empowered Youth USA has transformed Miami’s inner-city youth.

James Miller | Lifeology – The power of your story: Guest – Heather Ann Havenwood

National Radio Host, Heather Havenwood teaches you how to tell your life story in a compelling way to win over any person with whom you are speaking.

James Miller | Lifeology – Emotional Intelligence: Guest – Caroline Stokes

Business expert and coach Caroline Stokes helps you improve your emotional intelligence as well as ways in which companies can hire the best candidates.

James Miller | Lifeology – Accessibility for the disabled: Guest – Rene Steelman

Rene Steelman helps families with disabled children acquire wheelchair accessible vans. See how you can support this incredible foundation. SteelManFamilyFoundation.org.

James Miller | Lifeology – Your creative flow: Guest – Tracee Sioux

Author, Tracee Sioux guests on today’s show. She helps you find your creative flow to even write a book in a week.

James Miller | Lifeology – Analyzing your coping strategies: Guest – Alicia Marceau

Author, Alicia Marceau shares her struggle with obesity and the coping strategies she changed as well as electing to have vertical sleeve gastrectomy.