#109 Tangie Cousins and Marketing on Flipping America Radio

Tangie Cousins talks about finding sellers through her service, foreclosuresdaily.com. She describes the process and offers listeners a discount.

#108 85 Ways to Make Money on Flipping America Radio

Roger reviews 85 ways to make money in real estate.

#107 My Story on Flipping America Radio

Roger tells his story of how he got into the business, succeeded, failed, and succeeded again.

#106 Where Roger Invests on Flipping America Radio

Roger answers questions about flipping in both hot and balanced markets. Then he tells where he puts his own money.

#105 Top and Best for 2018 on Flipping America Radio

It’s the Top and Best show for 2018!
We scoured the sources and have come up with some Top Opportunities and Best ideas for the coming year:
Design Trends, Hot Cities for residential investing, top cities for apartment investing, top cities in the world for real estate investing, The hot new ideas for 2018. And The Flipping America Guide to 2018 investing. All coming up on this show today.

#104 Private Lending Complete on Flipping America Radio

Roger gives the complete talk about Private Lending, Why, How, Risks, Rewards

#103 Private Lending Part 1 on Flipping America Radio

Roger covers the news, but begins also to talk about Private Lending

#101 Christmas Edition of Flipping America Radio

Roger discusses trends in the real estate industry at the close of the year.

#99 Flipping America Radio

On this episode of Flipping America Radio, Roger talks about ways to effectively increase you income by flipping houses.

#97 Fear in Real Estate on Flipping America Radio

Roger addresses the fear factor in real estate investing