Chosen Generation – 4/25/17

#DisMemberment Matt Long shares the truth about Texas Rep Byron Cook and his desire to stop a bill that ends dismemberment of babies in the womb and to stop the Sanctuary Cities bill by stripping it of all of the enforcement value. Yes he wants to allow baby dismemberment and keep illegals like MS13 protected in sanctuary cities in Texas.
#HealthCareFreedom Dale Bellis Liberty Health Share joins Pastor Greg to discuss freeing your family from Obamacare and getting the type of medical care you need. Tking back control of your medical decisions from the bureaucrats. 

#BorderCrisis David Ward NAFBPO are the new border enforcement policies being instituted? Who is supposed to act on them? Is the border worse in any particular spot? What is coming across? Who is MS13 and how do we identify them? And Much Much More.

#100Days Mike Daugherty Author Speaker, you can’t drain the swamp in 100 days. Media bias and the attacks on President Trump. Inability of congress to act and the false privileged narrative. The left have become anarchists and judicail activism reaches a new level, Judge tells President he can’t defund sanctuary cities.

Chosen Generation – 4/24/17

#ITIN Megan Barth Reagan Babe joins us to continue to expose the way in which money is being laundered to our southern neighbor through the IRS. How does the IRS track conservative groups but sees no issue with thousands of returns going to the same address? And if $40 Billion has been sent to Mexico then how is it possible that Mexico is so completely corrupt and the people have no resources? Appears the IRS is being used to fund gangs, drugs, Cartels and corrupt government officials.
#OvercomingStress Michael Schwartz Michael’s Health joins Pastor Greg to discuss overcoming stress, exhaustion and sleep deprivation. Breaking the sugar dependency.
#SCOTUS Michael Connelly Constitutional Attorney joins us to discuss the current SCOTUS calendar and the specific cases he sees as having a long term effect. From Religious Freedom to Education to Second Amendment.
#FakeScience Dr Stephen Meyer author new book Darwin’s Doubt as he refuted the non scientific arguments and the propped up scientific arguments of Bill Nye the engineer guy, who has no formal scientific degree. Dr Meyer explains how science proves an intelligence design and how the connection exists between the climate change hoax and the science community.

Chosen Generation – 4/19/17

#FOXShakeUp Dan Gainor NewsBusters Medis Research Center joins Pastor Greg to discuss the ouster of Bill O’Reilly at FOX, AP changes language on Fresno shooter to scrub Allah Akbahr, MSM ignores FGM story, NBC Sports Writer Craig Calcaterra attacks display of US Flag and Fly over honoring Veterans, TEA Party Vs ANTIFA not the same Tax Protests, Georgia 17 to 1 not a Dem win.

#DrainTheSwamp Congressman Ken Buck arrived in Congress in 2015 and quickly realized the problem. When no one wanted to discuss the problem or find a solution he decided to write about his experience and expose the “status quo” that has America on the edge. Drain the Swamp is that book.

#BLM Derrick Wilburn in his latest piece on Allen West shares a story that should be sprinkled across national news. Mass Shooting by Black Suspect at Black Church Carnival in Birmingham Alabama six people were wounded including a baby when a “BLACK MAN” opened fire at a church carnival on Easter Sunday. No protests and no coverage of the shooting in any major media outlets.

#Indoctrucation Students at a Florida middle school recently brought home a disturbing survey – the teacher asked how they would feel in various situations…all of them were designed to detect racism, homophobia, etc. – according to a new report by The Stream’s Nancy Flory. Questions on the survey included: What would it feel like if they were asked to a gay bar and someone of the same sex asked them to dance? What if they saw their brother kiss a boy? What would they feel like if they lived in a black neighborhood? More craziness at our childrens’ schools nationwide… a Maryland high school had students to write out the Islamic Shahada after learning about Islam for two weeks (they covered Christianity for just one day).

#RightWingNews John Hawkins author of a new book 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know, discusses the jockeying going on in the White H

Chosen Generation – 4/18/17

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Chosen Generation – 4/17/17

#ITINUpdate Megan Barth Reagan Babe Free Speech Berkeley #ANTIFA Protesters Free Speech is bedrock of our constitution. ITIN billions of dollars.
#LifeMatters How can a man kill someone on a social network and then disappear? How does a social network leave that up for three hours but is able to cut off the voices of those they don’t want you to hear so quickly? We have become a culture of death.
#RiotersInRiotGear Michael Connelly expounds on the strategy of the left as they use a militant approach to attack free speech.
#HistorySupportsFreedom Tim Barton Wallbuilders validates the need for our founders vision and the rights guaranteed by God.

Chosen Generation – 4/12/17

#MediaMadness Dan Gainor joins Pastor Greg to discuss the continued efforts of the MSM to frame the narrative and direct the intellectual flow of the people, while refusing to do any real honest investigative reporting.
#WeShallOvercome Tred Barta world famous outdoorsman who has overcome a rare blood disorder that left him paralyzed from the neck down shares how his Outdoor life has revealed God to him and how God continues to inspire him to choose life.
#LifeCounts Dr T Brian Callister joins Pastor Greg to discuss the assisited suicide bill being considered in Nevada SB261 that would require doctors to falsify death certificates and only require two opinions on a terminal illness diagnosis to allow assisted suicide.
#MixedUpMessedWorld Judson Phillips Tea Party Nation joins Pastor Greg to discuss the Tomi Lahren law suit, Bill O’Reilly, Fox News and SCOTUS.

Chosen Generation – 4/11/17

#BattleGroundTexas Matt Long Fredericksburg Tea Party shares the latest update on the Texas Legislature and the RINO games being played at the State level. Texas has a super majority in the House and Senate yet the RINO Speaker of the House kills conservative bills in committees and through a lack of bill movement.
#HealthcareFreedom Dr John Hunt shares the benefits of Liberty Health Share and the medical healthcare sharing model from a physicians perspective.
#Immigration Elvira Salazar who has been covering immigration for 25 years with 5 emmy’s discusses what we do with the current back log of illegal immigrants and argues for Immigration Reform that might leave non violent offenders in the states.
#UnitedAirlines Mike Daugherty Author Devil Inside the Beltway What do we learn from the attack that United did on the Dr on the flight where they dragged him off the flight.

Chosen Generation – 4/10/17

#TruthLiveHere Megan Barth Disinformation, Propaganda and the lefts efforts to distort the truth with their lies. Debunking False Flag anti American rhetoric is as important as debunking the left. End of the day We The People need to get busy.
#ProLife Jeanne Mancini President March for Life Pro Life is trending in the polls. New SCOTUS balance a plus. Possibility of other appointments. Activist Federal Judiciary must be put in check.
#NuclearOption Michael Connelly what is the truth about the “Nuclear Option” used by Senate GOP and why are the Dems not looking in the mirror?
#BLMLies Burgess Owens the Black Lives Matter group is exposed as just another Marxist organization trying to destroy America.

Chosen Generation – 4/7/17

#WorlwideUpheaval Don Jans and Pastor Greg discuss what is happening in Europe and the impact on the EU, Germany, France and England. The Netherlands and how looking at Europe has been a reflection of the future of America.
#WhiteHouseUpheaval John Leboutillier discusses the influence of Jared, Ivanka and Gary Cohen on President Trump. Also ousting of Steve Bannon and the potential in fighting for power in the WH.
#SyriaNKoreaChina Frances Martel Breitbart News National Security Editor discusses the Syria bombing, the message sent, the purpose of it. How it effects China, Iran and North Korea. The St Petersburgh connection to the Assad bombing.
#WaitTillItsFree Colin Gunn explains the history that got us here in health care. 1930’s policies that introduce socialized medicine. What fre market would liike and how to refute the lies about high costs of care.

Chosen Generation – 4/6/17

#OutLawingFossilFuels Tom Harris International Climate Science Coalition joins Pastor Greg to discuss the recent Ninth Circuit Court decision that there is a fundamental “right” to “a climate system capable of sustaining human life.” What does that mean? Also what are the truths not presented in the case?

#Grassrootsunderattack JoAnn Fleming GAWTP (Grassroots America We The People) joins Pastor Greg to discuss the letter sent to President Trump in defense of the Freedom Caucus and letting him know we are ready to stand with him but, he needs to keep his promise.

#WatchoutGrassroots Pastor Greg shares his article about recent Presidential appointments that add to the already full Deep State by keeping more Obama hold overs in key positions.

#TeaPartyvsBLM Thaddeus and Pastor Greg discuss the Tea Party message and how the left has tried to create a false message about the group. Also the BLM movement and Thaddeuss interaction with the original leaders.

#LiberalCivilWar Susan Swift joins Pastor Greg to discuss the Civil war being carried out by many on the left as they reject all rule of law. The tyranny of the left and judicial activism. Also her optimism that the awakened and learning are not going to go back.