Chosen Generation – 2/17/17

Proverbs 24

24 He that saith unto the wicked, Thou are righteous; him shall the people curse, nations shall abhor him:

25 But to them that rebuke him shall be delight, and a good blessing shall come upon them

#Marxism101 The media and the leaked info from leftover agents of the Obama regime targeting the Trump Administration is a play right out of the How to Over Throw a Democracy and make it a Communist Country, Don Jans joins me as we explore the history of these types of moves.

#TrumpMedia No matter what the truth maybe the leftist media is going to create a narrative. John Leboutillier joins me to have a lively conversation about the first 29 days.

#IranMissiles #PressConference Herb London joins me to talk Iran and domestic issues.

#CyberAttackWarning John Bambenek – Cyber Forensic EXPERT – For the 20th year in a row, the GAO has put cybersecurity on the GAO’s high risk list.

Chosen Generation – 2/16/17

#ProLifeSolutions The battle over abortion while still raging has seen abortion numbers drop. Thus the panic on the left and the push for more liberal attitudes towards abortion. Years ago I did a series on abortion and what would happen if we outlawed abortion today. Even ardent pro life people were in a quandary as to what would happen in instances where the woman does not want to raise a child.  As we looked at options and adoption as a primary option, for many the costs are just too high. After being orphaned as a child alongside his four siblings, JT Olson went on to start a faith-based non-profit serving orphans and widows. Olson’s childhood tragedy gave him an overwhelming understanding of the need to find loving homes for the world’s orphaned and vulnerable children. Both Hands follows his powerful journey towards spiritual restoration by recounting significant moments in his life, including his family’s life-altering decision to adopt a little girl from China. Read his compelling transformation of pain into passion, the joy found through adoption and the value of every life. JT Olson joins me to share how he is solving this issue.

#TexasAtWar The NFL has threatened to stop having major events in Texas if we do not open our women’s restrooms to men. Our border is the primary entry point for illegals and middle east terrorists. Dallas has one of the most prolific abortion centers in the nation and Houston is the number one city in the nation for sex slave trafficking. Yet with a super majority in both the house and the senate Texas has only a 51% rating on passing a conservative agenda. Matt Long President of the Fredericksburg Texas tea Party and one of the organizers of the Constitution First Legislative Initiative joins me with an update.

#BeNotDeceived The level subversive behavior and leaking of information from Obama operatives who are permanent Civil Service Employees hired and appointed by the FORMER President is reaching mass proportions. Obama continues to lob grenades through subordinates intended to implode the administration and the Democrats who swore to fight Trump at every turn are doing so. In addition we look at the continued carnage in Chicago a city plagued by Obama like policies. Thaddeus Dionne Alexander joins me to discuss this and more.

#Awakened For too many years the church has slumbered as the culture has become more and more secular and fallen further and further from God. But now there appears to be an wakening. Recent polls show that Christians are not afraid of where America sits but are rather excited about the possibilities of having an impact. George Barna joins us to discuss this new found enthusiasm and talk about how to harness the energy.

Chosen Generation – 2/15/17

#RussiansAreComing Forget about the top secret information left open on Hillary’s server! Forget about Obama’s promise to assist Putin after his 2012 election. Lets go crazy over conversation between a campaign staffer and somebody in Russia. The media is obsessed with attacking the Trump Administration . Dan Gainor joins me.

#SCOTUS Judge Neil Gorsuch is one of the most qualified jurists in our time yet the Dems intend to do all in their power to smear him and stop his nomination. Jenny Beth Martin co founder Tea Party Patriots joins me to discuss the grassroots efforts to get him through the process.

#SexSlaveTrafficking Victims of sex trafficking and their traffickers ride planes all the time – the challenge is spotting it. That’s why former airline flight attendant Nancy Rivard founded Airline Ambassadors International,according to a new report on The Stream by Nancy Flory. Ms. Rivard trains flight attendants to know when something’s wrong – the victim won’t make eye contact, has no personal items – or the victim is unusually submissive or controlled by a fellow passenger. American Airlines, too, is learning how to fight sex trafficking in the air – they told The Stream that flight attendants are now receiving training offered by the DHS. Nancy Flory from the Stream.

#NFLInsanity Commissioner Roger Goodell of the NFL is threatening that if Texas passes a bill to keep men out of women’s bathrooms they will not hold any more events in Texas. The second-youngest brother, Michael Goodell, is a Pilates instructor in the Los Angeles area. His longtime partner, Jack Kenny, is a Hollywood writer and producer known for creating the short-lived NBC series “The Book of Daniel,” a controversial show loosely inspired by the Goodell family.

Burgess Owens weighs in!



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Chosen Generation – 2/14/17

#FreeSpeech The left continues to attack anyone who does not agree with their version of the world. From Joy Villa wearing a Make America Great Again dress to burning the Student Union at UC Berkeley to prevent Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking we are watching a direct attack on free speech.  Todd G Young Executive Director Southeastern Legal Foundation discusses the tenuous situation we find ourselves in.

#GenFlynn Ret. Gen Mike Flynn has resigned as NSA Director amid charges of impropriety. But were there improper communications or were there efforts by an appointee to do his job and protect the VP and others. Why was he being targeted by the outgoing administration? The Temp AG who was fired for disobeying a Presidents Executive Order was at the heart of this along with several members of the Intelligence community hostile to Pres Trump. Gen Jerry Boykin weighs in.

#TexasUpdate Matt Long live form Austin.

#HealthcareFreedom #Community #PeopleCaringForEachOther Dale Bellis CEO Liberty Health Share is back with an update.

#NetNeutrality Mike Daugherty explains where this intrusion is at and what the regulators are doing.

Chosen Generation – 2/13/17

#ElonMusk #GaryCohn President Trump has made some selections that are going to be interesting to watch. Conflicting points of view from strategic view points between Bannon and these selections. Also the radical decision of the Ninth Circuit. Megan Barth Reagan Baby joins me to discuss this and more.
#WhatsNext Matt Mackowiak Political Consultant weighs in on what the next strategic moves might be for the Trump Presidency. What will come of the promises he made regarding religious freedom and the recent letter from Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council.
#JudicailTyranny Michael Connelly Constitutional Attorney expert and forme Executive Director USJF discusses the decisions by the lower courts regarding the Presidents lawful order. Have the courts created a constitutional crisis by refuting the executive order which is clearly written out in law? What can Congress do and what happens if they do not act?
#GoodHealth Michael Schwartz founder and CEO of Michaels Naturopathic Health joins Pastor Greg to discuss the importance of supplements and a balanced nutritional program. Also how you can regenerate your cells in seven years!

Chosen Generation – 2/10/17

#WeThePeople Don Jans reaffirms that in spite of a current trend that many Constitutional Conservatives consider to be a breath of fresh air we must always practice “Trust, but verify.” Also how is the behavior of the left in line with facism or communism? Abolish the Dept of Ed 

#UpdateFromIsrael John Leboutilier joins Pastor Greg live from Israel with an update on the upcoming Netanyahu-Trump visit and the general attitude in Israel regarding the change in leadership in the US.

#NuclearIranISIS Joel Gilbert A graduate of the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, Gilbert has produced two features films on Middle East politics: Atomic Jihad (2010) and Farewell Israel (2007), joins Pastor Greg to discuss the latest developments in the Iranian Nuclear program and is ISIS a nuclear threat as well? In their culture what message are they sending us?

#DrainTheSwamp #ChasingtheRabbit Fred Grieger joins Pastor Greg to discuss where we are and what should we be watching.

Chosen Generations – 2/9/17

#IranMissileCrisis #ConstitutionalCrisis Dan Perkins joins Pastor Greg to discuss the threat created by Irans missile program. Will the UN step up with sanctions? Will President Trump take on Iran alone? Also has the Illegal Immigration order created a constitutional crisis? If states can not have sanctuary cities does this also preclude them form passing laws that violate federal law such as the legalization of Marijuana?

#StopTheViolence UCF this week began “Fight Clubs for Liberals” claiming that liberals are being assaulted. While Senator Tim Kaine has called for fighting in the streets and video recordings clearly show protesters attacking building and people and setting things on fire. Thaddeus Dionne Alexander joins me for a courageous moment of calling out the truth over these out of control incidents. While the left complains about President Trump he is finding them jobs. 

#TrackingChristianConservatives George Barna and  American Culture and Faith Institute have finished their December polling results and identified some key issues for Christian Conservatives.

Chosen Generation – 2/8/17

#MediaAtWar Dan Gainor  NewsBusters  Media Research Center joins Pastor Greg Did Judge Robart lie when he said there have been no terrorist threats from the 7 listed countries since 9-11, or had he just been reading and watching the MSM?

PER NEWSBUSTERS: Now, it turns out Robart might not know as much as he let on. Last summer, the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest analyzed public sources of information, seeking to learn more about people convicted of terror-related offenses. The Justice Department provided the subcommittee with a list of 580 people who were convicted — not just arrested, but tried and convicted — of terror-related offenses between Sept. 11, 2001 and Dec. 31, 2014.

The subcommittee investigated further and found that at least 380 of the 580 were foreign-born and that an additional 129 were of unknown origin. Of the 380, there were representatives — at least 60 — from all of the countries on the Trump executive order list. And with 129 unknowns, there might be more, as well.

In addition, since the Senate list was compiled, there have been others involved in terrorism in the United States from the seven countries.

#IllegalCalifornia From Representatives who declare that their families are illegal to a Governor with delusions of being a President California is falling off the deep end. Joe Messina joins me to discuss the mess! Minors as young as 12 years old can get an abortion without Parental Consent

#ReligiousFreedomUnderAttack President Trump received 86% of the Evangelical vote because of SCOTUS and abortion. Yet the greatest threat to silencing the church continues to go unabated. The LGBTQIA has set its sights on silencing traditional bible believing Christians. From forcing the indoctrination in our schools to gender neutral bathrooms the agenda is clear. Christians and their values must be silenced. Barack Obama used Executive Orders to enforce his radical agenda and it was hoped President Trump would Champion the people of faith after receiving such support. Maggie Gallagher of The Stream joins Pastor Greg to share some disturbing news on the Administrations recent change of course on Government Contractors who must change policies to embrace the gender transformation agenda in order to do business with the US Government.Evergreen College  San Antonio Woman Fired

#ObamaJewishHate Former President Obama by his actions showed his animosity toward Israel and PM Netanyahu. Silence on the final UN resolution that would severely weaken Israels defense and his constant siding with Palestine including the gift $221 million on his way out. However his appointment of Ben Rhodes

Chosen Generation – 2/7/17

#AsTexasGoessoGoestheNation Texas and California are two of the biggest influencers on America today. From the purchase of school books to their contributions to national security, energy, produce and technology. The 85th Texas Legislative session is in session and the leftists are doing a full on frontal attack. The RINO problem that has plagued Washington DC exists here as well. Matt Long President Fredericksburg Texas Tea Party and one of the leaders of the Constitution First action group joins us with an update. THSC ACT For America Texas Values

#DEMSTOATTACKTRUMP Derrick Wilburn is reporting that the Dems are planning to take their protests to a new level when President Donald Trump comes to speak to Congress. UCF FIGHT CLUB

#HealthCare #Freedom Liberty HealthShare Biblical Values and the right of conscience are fundamental when it comes to where Healthcare dollars are spent. You don’t have to worry about your shared amount paying for abortions or sex change operations. You are part of a like minded community with like minded neighbors who share one another’s medical costs, have the opportunity to pray for one another and get and give encouragement in the case of a serious medical situation. Neighbors loving neighbors. Matt Bellis Communications Director joins Pastor Greg to discuss these amazing community benefits.

#AgencyShrinkage Mike Daugherty will discuss the possibility of agency shrinkage under President Trump and more. FTC

Chosen Generation – 2/6/17

#ElectionFraud #LiberalHypocrisy Recent reports seem to confirm that as many as 800,000 Hillary voters may well have been illegals. Now Katy Grimes and Megan Barth are uncovering voter fraud in California. Also, since when is it unAmerican to win? Seems that is the message of the #PatriotsHate that has been on display. Senator Chuck Schumer stands at #fakerights site and yells Dump Trump. Megan Barth joins me to discuss this and more.

#DoddFrank Why does the left want to restrict American prosperity? How does Dodd Frank infringe on the pursuit of happiness guaranteed in the constitution? What does rolling back Dodd Frank mean for businesses ans the average American in their pursuit of the American Dream? Norbert Michel Research Fellow in Financial Regulations, Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies, Institute for Economic Freedom and Opportunity for The Heritage Foundation joins me to discuss and inform.

#RefugeeJudge Does the left misinterpret the Constitution when they try to apply it to foreign nationals? Especially when they apply it to Illegal Aliens and Immigrants? Michael Connnelly Author of The Rag and Former Executive Director USJF joins me to tear down the false narrative of the left on Immigration.

#CaliforniaDreamin’ Can the state be saved? Shannon Grove Former State House Rep and current candidate for State Senate in the state of California joins us to talk about what California is doing and how it may destroy them!