Chosen Generation – 3/29/17

#MediaDuplicity Dan Gainor @Newsbusters @theMRC joins me to discuss the lefts obfuscation with the issue of the murder of innocents. Former California AG Kamala Harris and current Congresswoman made it clear she wanted David Daleiden prosecuted for exposing the hideous selling of baby parts. Now new video shows that Planned Parenthood participated in the murder of live born babies at their facilities. Yet Kamala like other liberals feel no compulsion over this and would rather slay the messenger.
#ChristianReveal <a href=”“>George Barna </a>my co host for today joins me live in studio to discuss what being a born again Christian has devolved to today.
#DemLabels Wayne Allyn Root The authors of the Birther label are now the purveyors of the Tax and Russia labels.
#WinnersandLosers Dr Gerard Lameiro discusses the question of who won and who lost in the Obamacare Repeal debacle.

Chosen Generation – 3/28/17

#TEXLEGEUpdate Matt Long Fredericksburg Tea Party Live at Texas Capitol Constitutional Carry, Texas House Speaker says he is against the Bathroom Privacy bill, Why do the liberals get what they want in legislation? How can we make a difference? Don’t buy the excuses!
#GetTheTruth James Hirsen Nunes not the problem, all roads lead to Obama spying on US citizens Trump included, Deep Shadow State, Russia has been and will always be an enemy so long as they are Communist.
#PersonallyRepealObamacare Dale Bellis joins in Liberty Health Share to discuss the Health Care Revolution and repealing Obamacare for your family today!
#DeepState Mike Daugherty exposing that the deep state is far worse than we have thought and that there is almost no one moving to stop the real problem.

Chosen Generation – 3/27/17

#RepealFail Megan Barth joins me as we discuss the Obamacare repeal failure and what we need to do about it. How have the RINO’s failed us? Is the Freedom Caucus our friends? What can we the people do? Will Obamacare implode? Medicaid for illegal immigrants is bankrupting the system.
#Turningthigsaround Pastor Greg answers a listeners question as he exposes the lies being told to parents at Rockville HS and the MS13 gang problem that the school would not acknowledge. How can we stop the anti American crowd and take back our country. Pastor explains the how.
#ComeyDeception Michael Connelly discusses the issues surrounding FBI Director Comey remaining in office and the possibility he will end up being prosecuted. Also the Senate and its voting record why less than stellar.
#AbsoluteTruth Dave Mcculloch joins Pastor Greg to explore the existence of absolute truth and how do we apply it.

Chosen Generation – 3/24/17

#NigerianChristianPersecution Don Shenk The Tide Radio Ministries discusses the persecution Christians are experiencing in Nigeria and India. Also how they are delivering the gospel message to several countries through indigenous broadcasters and what role faith is playing in their mission.
##StopSpin John Leboutillier joins Pastor Greg to discuss his interview with Ed Rollins and the first eight weeks of the Trump Presidency. Also to discuss what are the real issues and what is just a distraction?  

#RealEducation Tracy Livingston is running for AZ School Superintendent on the slogan Better Schools for All!. Tracy has been teaching in classroom for 18 years and she exposes the corruption and the agenda that is ruining our children.

#ForeignPolicy Herb London London Center for Policy Research discusses North Korea, Japan, China and the attacks on this administration by the left which are derailing our efforts to re establish American greatness abroad. The Deep shadow State and the disunity in our nation and in the GOP.

Chosen Generation – 3/23/17

#Espionage #Wiretaps #IllegalImmigrantRapists Dan Perkins joins Pastor Greg to discuss Rep Nunez revelation on the wiretapping of the Trump campaign supposedly after the election. Dems in a panic. Terrorist attack in London, young girl raped at her school by illegal immigrant who should have already been deported, Disney pushing homosexuality and KLOVE promoting Target.
#NoFakeNews #ThaddeusDionneAlexander Flags of Freedom I80 Princeton IL. The continued lack of coverage and fake stories the left puts out to try to manipulate the masses. Controlling the narrative in order to create their kind of world.
#StateofChristianEvangelicals George Barna how the Christian Church has forgotten the real message of the gospel and what a changed world could look like if we started with changed hearts. 

Chosen Generation – 3/22/17

#IllegalMedia Dan Gainor Newsbusters and Media Research Center joins Pastor Greg to discuss the MainStream media and its continued cover up of horrific violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants against US Citizens. Proponents from the left consistently take up for the individual incident of bullying or supposed racial slurs, yet are totally silent when a 13 year old student is brutally raped at school during school hours by two illegals and the school still refuses to investigate who might be attending their school. Comey and Rogers coverage, Gorsuch coverage and more liberal media lunacy.
#RINOS they have had seven years to get ready a plan to repeal Obamacare. Democrats accused them of grand standing and conservatives called their previous votes empty rhetoric. Now with majorities in both houses and the White House it seems the RINOS are being exposed. They have no plan! Judson Phillips Tea Party Nation joins Pastor Greg to discuss what he is hearing on the hill.
#REPEALObamacare Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin and her grassroots activists have been working day in and day out fighting for the full repeal and replacement of Obamacare. Yesterday, during a speech to activists at the “Day of Action” rally co-hosted with FreedomWorks on Capitol Hill Jenny Beth said “Go in these building, talk to your congressmen, talk to your senators, and remind them that we expect them to fully repeal Obamacare. We want to help them replace it with a framework that’s based on free market that will lower costs of health insurance premiums and not cause them to skyrocket.” She joins Pastor Greg
#NOSnowflakes Kyle Reyes CEO Silent Partner Marketing has developed an application process to keep snow flakes out. What can businesses do to push back against the PC crowd? How do employees respond when you actually treat them like adults? What has been the response to his no Snow Flakes policy?

Chosen Generation – 3/21/17

#TexLege Matt Long Fredericksburg Tea Party Illegal Immigrants are testifying in front of the Texas Legislature to save Sanctuary Cities in front of actual citizens if the State. Yes you read that right. Illegal aliens are testifying in the Texas House Legislature and they are being left alone. Wake up We the People! Also HB2338 to create stronger states rights and subjugate the federal government.
#Obamagate Derrick Wilburn Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives there is a plan and the level of evil they are willing to stoop to is beyond the comprehension of most Americans. What is UIL and how does it determine if you live or die?
#HealthCareFreedom Angie Martin Liberty Health Share has a Health Trac specifically for you. Looking for a health partner that puts you first? Tired of being treated as less than human in your health care? Ready for freedom and self directed health care that puts you first? Join today!
#DismantlingtheSwamp Michael Daugherty Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur. President Trump has sent a budget that eliminates agencies that are taking our freedoms. Mike has been in the fight and outlines how these rogue agencies are acting out of the box and beyond all scope of reasonable over sight. This is how the Deep State works!

Chosen Generation – 3/20/17

#DHSReport Megan Barth joins Pastor Greg to discuss the recent release of the DHS report which exposes the real issues with the Sanctuary City issue. The release of murderers, rapists and arsonists back into society in the name of love?
#Gorsuch #SecondAmendment Larry Pratt Gun Owners of America joins us to discuss the Neil Gorsuch nomination. His links to a very liberal Episcopalian Church where homosexuality is openly accepted and celebrated and where the female Pastor attended the Woman’s March. Also where Islam is seen as equal to Christianity.
#LawlessSedition Michael Connelly exposes where the left has crossed the line and perhaps committed treason and sedition.
#TransMadness Dr Michael Brown with 5 examples of how the Trans issue goes to far. Also a look at the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. Is a gay character in the children’s film a continued effort to indoctrinate our children?

Chosen Generation – 3/17/17

#AmericanSpring Don Jans joins me to discuss the historical view of the kind of uprising we are seeing in American media, on the streets and in our Capitols.
#SeekingTruth John LeBoutillier joins us to discuss his quest for a fair and balanced approach to a tumultous political time in our history,
#GunRights David Keene on Guns Rights and Russia
#Texas Update Texas Senator Dawn Buckingham in studio

Chosen Generation – 3/16/17

#SimulcastWGSO990AM Jeff Crouere Poltitical Ringside Statues Deep State Obamacare
#RaceWars Thaddeus Dionne Alexander Conservatives always called racist. Trump supporters etc.
#SocialStateofAmerica George Barna