Broadscast – Lauren Makk


Kim and Jackie talk to FABLife co-star Lauren Makk

Broadscast – Leah Ashley


TV and YouTube star, DIY darling and lifestyle expert, Leah Ashley, joins Kim and Jackie LIVE in studio!

Leah was a co-host on the ABC Daytime talk show FABLife, alongside Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigen, Joe Zee and Lauren Makk. Previously, she co-created A Fab Life, the dynamic and popular lifestyle Youtube channel dedicated to all the facets of a life well lived, no matter your budget. Leah has been featured on such media platforms as The Style Channel, CNN, ABC, HGTV, KTLA, Discovery, Hollywood Today Live and Glamour to name a few. While settling in to being a new mom; her most fulfilling job to date, she is also developing her YouTube channel Living with Leah, your go-to guide for DIY and lifestyle content.

Broadscast – Parenting and Pop Culture with Jill Simonian


Jill Simonian of motivates moms online and on-air as CBS Los Angeles’ Parenting Lifestyle Contributor (segments every Wednesday 5pm and Fridays 6:45am) by dishing tips, trends and tackling hot parenting topics to keep family life focused & fun. She’s often spotted on national television; HLN’s The Daily Share and is part of NBC’s TODAY Show Parenting Team. Additionally, Jill is a contributing writer/blogger for Right Start baby stores and the popular lifestyle site for moms, Her first book, The FAB Mom’s Guide: How to Get Over the Bump & Bounce Back Fast After Baby will be available Spring 2017 (Skyhorse Publishing).

Broadscast – Being Black at School


Kelly Wickham Hurst is the Founder and CEO of Being Black at School, an initiative to empower parents & educators to make
schools safe for Black children. Previous to that, she worked in public education for the last 22 years as a teacher and middle and high  school administrator, both as a guidance dean and an asst. principal. Her blog, Mocha Momma, won the Iris Award for Most Thought-Provoking Content in 2014. She’s the married mother of 6 children in a blended family and lives in Illinois.

Broadscast – Yay For Women



8/26/1920 Women finally got the right to vote. But we’ve got some other interesting (and maybe shocking) facts about women’s rights.

Is Ryan Lochte headed to Dancing with the Stars? Is this a good move in the right direction?

Why are so many people filing for divorce in August?

Epi Pen is sticking it to it’s customers (see what we did there?)

And, it’s National Dog Day!

Broadscast – Broad Topics


Jackie and Kim talk about a variety of topics that impact our lives.

Broadscast – Behind the Scenes of the NFL


She is “Unintentionally Celibate.”

He is a veteran sports agent and founder of a life-changing non-profit for kids. They’re both talking LIVE with Kim Goldman and Jackie MacDougall.

Guests: Author Olive Persimmon and agent Kenny Zuckerman

Broadscast – Betsy Chasse


Kim and Jackie in an uncensored discussion on parenting with writer, producer and podcaster, Betsy Chasse.

Broadscast – Jenny Blake


If you’re at that point in your life where you’re wondering “What’s Next?,” you’re definitely going to want to listen to today’s show.

Jenny Blake, author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One.

Whether you have hit a plateau in your perfect-on-paper job, are considering taking on a new role in your current job, are thinking about starting your own business, or you want to move into a new industry altogether, one thing remains clear: your career success depends on your ability to determine your next best move.

Broadscast – TSA Goes Viral & Home Ec In School


On this episode of Broadscast, Jackie and Kim discuss how TSA Goes Viral & Home Ec In School