Broadscast – Kathleen Baty, The Safety Chick

In recognition of National Stalking Awareness Month, the broads are sitting down with Kathleen Baty, Founder and CEO of Safety Chick Enterprises with a lesson in personal safety. Kathleen’s message: She believes that people do not respond to fear, but rather, by being empowered to make smart safety choices.

Kathleen, herself the victim of a kidnapping attempt at gun point by an obsessive stalker, teamed up with then California State Senator Ed Royce to pass the nation’s first anti-stalking law (SB2184). In 1997, she and now US Congressman Royce teamed up again to help pass the first Federal Anti-Stalking Law (H.R. 3230).

She’s spoken to millions of people through appearances on and contributing features to The Today Show, America’s Most Wanted, Inside Edition, Good Morning America, The Security Brief with Paul Viollis, and ABC World News Tonight. Kathleen and SafetyChick Enterprises have been featured in People, Time, Glamour, Redbook, Women’s Day and USA Today and she’s the author of two books, ‘A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do’; ‘The ultimate guide to living safe and smart’ (Rodale Press) and ‘College Safety 101’; ‘Miss Independent’s guide to Empowerment, Confidence and Staying Safe’ (Chronicle Books).

Kathleen is currently the Transportation & Safety Administration (TSA) and Homeland Security (DHS) Host/Moderator for our country’s new Anti-Terrorism Training and Education Video program: First Observer Plus. She is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), the National Association of Threat Assessment Professionals Conference (ATAP), the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) and the High Tech Criminal Investigators Association (HTCIA). Additionally, Kathleen helped create the country’s first stalking course for Police Officer’s Standards and Training (POST).

Broadscast – Asha Dahya

Asha Dahya is a host, writer and content creator with 13 years of both broadcast and digital media experience to her name. Born in the UK, raised in Australia, East Indian by ethnicity and residing in Los Angeles, Asha is a true representative of the diverse, millennial generation who are seeking new ways to push the boundaries, and disrupt mainstream conversations.

Having previously worked for ABC,, Disney, FOX, Nickelodeon, TV Guide, MTV,, and Nine Network Australia, Asha has a comprehensive grasp on all aspects of media production.

She is the creator and editor-in-chief of, a daily women’s feminist media site.
Her passion is to use her voice and platform to amplify the stories of women around the world. She is specifically interested in the areas of reproductive rights, religion, and gender equality.

Broadcast – Broad Topics and Holiday Cheer


Kim and Jackie tackle trending topics and kick off the Broadscast holiday gift guide!

Broadscast – Marijuana For Dummies


Dr. Dina is a pioneer of the medical marijuana movement and the inspiration for the Nancy Botwin character in the TV show Weeds. In 2003, she unexpectedly entered the world of medical marijuana while trying to help a friend with cancer. Soon thereafter, she would open and run Southern California’s first medical marijuana doctor’s office, consult for and manage the first dispensaries in Southern California, inspire a hit TV show, and become the go-to consultant for countless Hollywood celebrities, politicians, dignitaries, and others, including a presidential candidate, a major Hollywood studio and the cities of West Hollywood and Los Angeles.

Named the “queen of medical marijuana in L.A” by Rolling Stone Magazine, she received her nickname “Dr. Dina” (she is not board certified) from Snoop Dogg for helping him acquire his first letter of recommendation for medical cannabis. Since stepping into the public spotlight, Dr. Dina is rapidly becoming a household name, having been seen by millions in the Vice documentary “The Real Nancy Botwin” and in a GQ web-series with 2 Chainz, where she smokes the world’s most expensive joint and has a $500,000 dab session. She is also the host of the popular podcast Cannabis Confidential on Cannabis Radio. Among her many accomplishments, including winning first place at several High Times Cannabis Cups, she founded Freedom Grow which provides essential support to people serving time for non-violent cannabis crimes and helped launch a compassion program in West Hollywood that provides free medical marijuana to the sick and needy.

Broadscast – Veterans Day & Election Talk


Kim and Jackie talk the reaction to the presidential election.  What do Veteran’s really need? One veteran shares his thoughts.

Broadscast – Dean Banoweitz


He’s gotten his hands in some of the most famous hair in Hollywood, but his latest passion project is helping us everyday parents.

Hear how Dean is improving those Daddy/daughter relationships, one head at a time, with The Dean’s List of Daddy Do’s. Plus, we get the behind the scenes scoop from Dancing with the Stars and a bunch of other reality shows. Meet celebrity hairstylist, Dean Banowetz.

Plus, with just hours until our next president is elected, Kim and Jackie talk share their candid feelings — and there’s no lack of passion happening in this conversation.

Broadscast – Women Protest Letter to the Editor in Hilarious Way


It all started when a town resident wrote a letter to the Barrington Times about his dislike of yoga pants on certain women.

“Not since the mini-skirt has there been something worn by so many women who should never have it on in the first place,” wrote Alan Sorrentino. “Yoga pants can be adorable on children and young women who have the benefit of nature’s blessing of youth. However, on mature, adult women there is something bizarre and disturbing about the appearance they make in public.”

Now, the ladies of Barrington, RI and beyond have created a Facebook event, inviting women from around the community to a “yoga pants parade” Sunday at 2pm. The parade, which will pass by the writer’s house as they march, is expected to draw hundreds.

How much do we love the women of Rhode Island?

Broadscast – Broad Topics


Kim and Jackie talk
• their latest travels
• Kim’s threesome invitation
• Harry Connick Jr vs Eric Dane
• The 3rd and last Presidential Debate
• Women’s health issues and the leadership we need

Broadscast – Christine Burke


Christine Burke is The Keeper of The Fruit Loops, The Manager of The Fecal Roster and The Driver of The People Mover. In other words, she’s a mom. An Erma Bombeck Martha Stewart with a Roseanne Barr twist, she has the mouth and the organized cabinets to prove it. She resides in Pennsylvania with her ever budget conscious husband, two blog inspiring Fruit Loops and her extensive collection of thrift shop shoes. She’s a staff writer and assistant social media director for Scary Mommy and her work has been seen on the Today Show, The View and Huffington Post. She was an inaugural cast member for Lehigh Valley’s Listen To Your Mother Show and was the Logistics Coordinator for the Blog University Conference in June 2016. She runs marathons, avoids volunteering for the PTA and drinks cheap wine to cope with it all. Her personal blog is and she can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Broadscast – Samantha Ettus

Samantha Ettus, author of The Pie Life: A Guilt-Free Recipe For Success and Satisfaction

A renowned work/life balance expert, Sam inspires corporate cultures and increases employee retention and productivity through her executive workshops and keynotes. Thousands of professionals from C-level leaders to administrative assistants have benefitted from Sam’s unique guidance on how to maximize work/life success. She finds that spark within each of us and turns it into a fire.

Sam-white-dress1Since earning her undergraduate and MBA degrees from Harvard, Sam has become a bestselling author of four books, a writer for Forbes, a renowned speaker and host of a nationally syndicated call-in radio show. Sam’s fifth book, The Pie Life: A Guilt-Free Recipe for Success and Satisfaction, will be published in September 27, 2016.

Sam began her career in media at CAA, Turner Pictures, Nickelodeon and Ziff Davis. She later founded a personal branding firm and soon realized that she couldn’t talk to executives about their personal brands without talking about the elephant in the room: how they were managing their professional and personal lives. Sam’s passion for work/life optimization began.

Sam is consistently called on by traditional media outlets for her advice. She makes regular national television appearances on shows including NBC News, The Doctors, Fox and Friends, Access Hollywood, and The Today Show, among others. She has been featured and quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Inc, Fast Company and Success Magazine.

Widely known for her interviewing skills, Sam has interviewed an array of personalities from Mary J Blige to Jessica Alba, Sara Blakely and Al Roker. She spent two years as host of leading Internet talk show, Obsessed TV, which she created and produced with tech entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk.

More than 400 experts have written chapters for Sam’s bestselling Experts’ Guide book series, published by Random House. Contributors include luminaries such as Rachael Ray, Richard Branson, Suze Orman and Barbara Corcoran.

Sam has a large social media following and is active in causes relating to women and girls. She sits on the Friends of Good+ Foundation and the advisory boards of Thuzio and Sparks and Honey. She is co-founder of the LA Electing Women Collective and Senator Gillibrand’s paid leave coalition. Sam lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children.
After working with thousands of the busiest professionals on the planet, Sam saw a common theme. The happiest ones were the most fulfilled. Happiness is not the goal, fulfillment is. With fulfillment comes happiness and greater productivity and better relationships.
What makes a fulfilling life? It is one that plays in six or seven slices rather than one or two, some combination of career, health, relationship, children, community, friends and hobbies. When we overfocus on one slice at the expense of the others, we hurt that one slice rather than hone it. What makes it easier to play in multiple slices? It is letting go of the guilt that drags us down and letting go of perfection. When you embrace the idea that the most fulfilling lives are going to be messy, it is easier to manage the bumps. Think of your favorite pie. It probably isn’t the perfect one, it is more likely the gooey messy one that is most delicious.

Life is like pie. Dig in!