Inner Whispers – Episode 25 – 2/13/18

As always, VERONICA speaks on a number of subjects, plus her message to you and the world.  On this show specifically there were a number of questions from the comments that Veronica addressed.


  1. I appreciate your information, Veronica. I still would like to know what babies that are only 2or 3 months old dream about. Do they dream of things that happened in between lives or about things that happened in a previous life? Thank you, Don

  2. Many people have claimed they are time travelers from the future. Is this true? Thank you for a wonderful radio program.

  3. Veronica what is your take on this?

    “If Spirit, as it is often defined, is the all-pervasive, intelligent energy of creation, soul is its manifestation at the personal level.”
    My understanding is that the God Energy(Spirit) decided to incarnate so it manifested a Soul to have personal experiences. Inside of my body is a Soul and inside my Soul is the Spirit/God Energy. Each one of us has Individual Souls, but what connect all of us, what is Common in All of us is the Spirit/God energy.

  4. Hi Veronica

    Sometimes at night before I go to sleep, I feel someone touching my face or my hair. This is never frightening. Are these my guides ore relatives?

  5. Wilbert M. Stephenson says:


    How many Earths are there? Or should the question be: How many versions of Earth are there? How did we end up on this one in this reality? Does this have anything to do with free individual choice or matching energies?

  6. Wilbert M. Stephenson says:

    I really enjoyed Episode 25. I received information I needed to hear. Thank you! I detected a delightful difference in energy with the absence of the usual host.

  7. I fully agree. At last Veronica had enough time to speak and questions were well prepared ahead of time.
    I really enjoyed a new host Hope it will stay that way. Thank you for a wonderful program.

  8. It looks like I can not speak my mind as my comment was rejected.

    • CHILL OUT! All comments need to be approved manually the way it’s set up. Nobody’s comments have ever been rejected unless they speak harm or hatred. I haven’t been in the office to approve the comments, as the owner of the podcast site I have to do this, not the show.


    Is Bigfoot or Sasquatch real? Some people claim they are very Spiritual Beings and have the ability to astral project is this true?

  10. Veronica please advise why the human experience can be so destructive to each other or did Source create that to offer extreme diversity not available in non-physical. Destructive physical experiences do not seem benevolent from a loving non physical position.

    Can you advise if this current time line 2018 is the most forward time line for this Earth’s dimension or are there future time lines within this dimensional Earth. For example is the earth year 2020 also in creation ?

    The current USA president by his divisive actions for whatever reason seems to be exposing negative human behavior. At a deeper level is that to expose corruption and deceit which can bring forth improvement. Many recent divisive comments and actions have created intense debate and a strong desire to change to a more peaceful and harmonious environment. Can you please comment.

  11. In those rare cases where someone wakes up and speaks a different language or has a foreign accent, is this due to a medical condition or a remembrance of a past life?

    Foreign accent syndrome (FAS) is speech disorder that causes a sudden change to speech so that a native speaker is perceived to speak with a “foreign” accent.

  12. Thank you for an interesting and mind blowing show -as always.

    I have a simple follow up question. What is a “bad mood’? Why do we get one? What does it signify from an energetic non-linear perspective?

    Many thanks in advance for any response you may wish to share.

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