Thriving Entrepreneur – Is Your Tribe On Your Team

What do your future clients think of you? We need to ask ourselves, “Am I seen as a contributing member of the group or, Am I an annoying outsider?” In any group, there are those that add value to the group, and then there are those who are only thinking of them self. You know the person that is always trying to sell something and never interacting. Another great question to ask ourselves is: ” Do people recognize me? Do they know my name? Do they see me as someone they want to know more? OR do they have no idea what I do?”

When we think of approaching our potential clients, often we get it wrong from the start. We need to truly be a contributing member of our “tribe.” Our tribe is the group of people just like us that could be our potential clients. However, we need to always remember that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

We all know the type of person we don’t want to be perceived as. That person who enters a room and immediately begins selling you something. The kind of person who corners you in a social situation to “pitch” you. You know you don’t want to be this person! You know you don’t want to be that person everyone avoids. LOL

So as we think about how we are in social situations, we need to also think about, “What is my approach and how am I perceived on social media? What we want is to be the person everyone seeks out. We want to be liked admired and trusted. Not avoided, disliked or maybe even feared.

How do we do that?

To start with, we need to approach our online presence with a spirit of giving. We need to be a contributing member of your tribe.

What you want is for all of the members of your tribe to be on your team. You want them to refer people to you when they have a need you can meet. How do we do that?

Social marketing and online marketing expert Don Crowther is going to share some insights with us on how to really be present and effective in your social media.

Learn how you can add benefit to your tribe and how you can create a presence that makes people want to be on your mailing list and interact with you.

Let Don and Steve show you how to make all of your tribe part of your team!

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