Thriving Entrepreneur – Simplifying Technology

Technology. Do you have a negative opinion about it? Do you avoid it? Does it scare or confuse you? Why is it that the technologies that are designed to improve our lives, all too often just create new challenges and struggles for us.

Every business should have an online presence whether it is as simple as listings on 3rd party websites, or things like Facebook and Twitter, or a personal website. It is impossible to be a business today and not have an online presence.

On today’s episode, we are going to address the root causes of this confusion. We are going to offer you some practical, and easy to implement, solutions that you can begin using immediately to have your online presence serve you.

Steve Kidd is joined today with a good friend and an expert technology guru Tom Moline who is going to help us discover how to K.I.S.S (keep it simple). Meaning, how to remove some of the complications from the technologies we need to use for our business. Tom has generously donated his time today to help the Wounded Warrior Project.

We know you don’t need another technology to learn. You don’t want to have to become a master at something before it is effective. What you want and need is someone to show you how you can simply and effectively make use of social media, the internet and other technologies in such a way that it aids the growth of your business. You also need permission to hire a professional to come in and set up or manage some or all of your technologies, so that you can spend your time sharing your unique brilliance with the world.

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