Inner Whispers – Episode 22 – 1/16/18

In this episode VERONICA talks about soul and Source and Source Entities


  1. I wish I could PM you this message; you sound so upset while talking abut your pre-9/11 channelling/emotions/experiences. You couldn’t have done more than you did. I also had a terrible sleep that night, and weird dreams, feeling, even before hearing what had happened. I bet a lot of us (sensitive people) did. I have since has quite a few more, though, not to that extreme degree… My question is, what can we do as a collective to guide the world in a different direction? I have children and am so very worried and concerned.

  2. Kathryn phillips says:

    Thankyou once again allen april and veronica for such spiritual inspiration you bring to us..everything always seems to be much more understandable and I gain so much more perspective on life for listening to your wise words..we live in such a chaotic world with so much goin on..its enough to drive us all bonkers..but you remind us to take a step back..away from the chaos..and get some real perspective on make us aware of what life is really all about..and what is really important..its so easy to get caught up in the thankyou all once again for your kind words of wisdom..

  3. Is it possible to create a computer which is conscious and self aware? Thanks.

  4. Thank you all for another brilliant show! I so look forward to them every week! I am curious as to what happens to a soul who chooses to abdicate. Is there any kind of karmic debt as a result of breaking an agreement such as that of a soul mate or parent? In a past episode, Veronica spoke about and gave some wonderful advice about the person who was left holding the bag saying “now what?” What about the other side of the equasion? I am sure there is no standard answer but what happens to the person who chooses to abdicate and violates a life agreement? Thanks and lots of love!

  5. What are the functions of the Source and the Soul in our human bodies/beings?

  6. What are the functions of the Source and the Soul in our human bodies/beings

  7. Hi team Veronica this show is always such a uplifting litsen, I really look forward to it. Question regarding ‘soul growth’ Do souls who incarnate on other planes of existence go through a similar process of soul growth as the one described in the Michael teachings.

  8. Hi Veronica

    I would like clearer communication with my non-physical guides. Are there any methods, other than mediation, that would help with this?

    Thank you very much

  9. Dianna Bowers says:

    Why is Veronica saying WE as she talks about reincarnated events?

  10. Why does Veronica speak about WE as she addresses reincarnation?

  11. Juliiette says:

    Hi Allan, April and Veronica!
    I do enjoy these podcasts very much and feel close to you all. I am very curious to learn whether Veronica stopped incarnating after that experience of love and connection in Bristol she was talking about. Did she get a feeling from that experience that it just couldn’t get any better than that? What happened after she had that experience? Did she reincarnate again to repeat it?

  12. Greetings. Thank you for these informative podcasts. Below are questions arising out of my attempt to understand the nature of Veronica…
    • What is the connection between the conglomerate of 3000 that make up Veronica? For instance, using Veronica’s own terms from the 1st podcast…Are the 3000 all the “yous” that Veronica has been during her linear incarnations? Are they chapters in the book that is Veronica?
    • Is Veronica something that we might call a higher self or oversoul?
    • Is April one of the conglomerate of 3000 that form Veronica?
    • Are any of the 3000 in the conglomerate currently incarnated on earth?
    • How can 3000 speak as 1 voice instantaneously?
    • Are each of the 3000 entities that form Veronica completely aware of the conversations held during the podcast, and do they consult internally before answering questions?
    • Do the 3000 entities that form Veronica have conflicts or arguments with each other?
    • Do the 3000 entities operate independently with their own goals and actions while still part of Veronica?
    • Are each of us in incarnations now on Earth part of a conglomerate such as Veronica or is it something we become through evolving in our incarnations?

    Thank you

    • I have been wondering about Veronica too! For instance, how and why did the 3,000 souls unite? Do all of the souls in the conglomeration have full knowledge of each other’s histories and past lives? When Veronica speaks about her past lives is it the same soul we are hearing from or are the stories such as the one with the shoes and the life in Bristol from different souls that make up the beautiful entity we know as Veronica? So curious!

  13. Juliiette says:

    Hi Allen,
    I’m very curious about relational issues. What about the relation between various sources from which souls are projected? Do those sources know each other or some of them and in whiat kind of relationship are they with each other? Are they just aware of each other or do they intermingle in some way shape or form?
    Is there an exchange of experience between various source energy entitities?
    I would also like to ask about the phenomenon Roger Federer. He’s such a great athlete and very powerful eventhough he doesn’t look like it. He doesn’t have big muscles to show off for instance. And also he inspires and delights countless people and is so well-loved and wealthy. He even has two sets of identical twins and a happy marriage. What kind of magic is going on with him, I wonder? (I’m a big fan too..)

  14. Don Simpson says:

    Hi Allen, April, and Veronica,
    I have read and heard many theories about the power of our thoughts. I have read that our thoughts our the most powerful aspect and the basis for all we create in this human experience. Please as Veronica to give her opinion concerning the power of our thoughts and if they are the power behind the experience we our living in this current human incarnation.

    Also, when a dear pet makes its transition, is the grief (which can be overwhelming) a healthy feeling, is there a way to make it less painful?

    Thank You,
    I very much look forward to these podcast.

  15. Kathryn phillips says:

    I would like to basically ask the same question about connecting more with my spirit guide(s)
    I would love to call them by their name (s)..i do try to meditate and clear my mind into a peaceful state but it never seems to be enough..i do pick up on them i do feel their loving guidence around and with me daily as i give them my love and attention back i know its an ongoing thing ..but i still would love to be able to call them by their rightful names..i think im picking up names but then i dismiss them thinking its just me and my own thoughts running through my im never really there any helpful hints and ways that veronica can recommend to strenghten the connection more..thanking veronica and everyone..x

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