Inner Whispers – Episode 21 – 1/9/18

VERONICA offers her perspective as a Causal Plane Entity on the following subjects:
Comments on the Entity Seth’s nine families of consciousness and the Entity Michael’s seven Roles in Essence, The so-called “Silver Chord”, Can humans be possessed by “evil”?, What about “Exorcisms” are they fake?, The
 Ouija  Board, PTSD – letting go, Source and Source Entities
Plus, VERONICA’s message to you and the world.


  1. Hi veronica…I think you’re awesome and so helpful. I would like to ask a question as to why some people are bonded and love animals so intensely as their true friend and kinship and others do not ….I have had animals my entire life and have loved each and every one of them as if they were a part of me. I have grieved each passing and people think I’m crazy it’s just an animal they say. I’m confused as to why my soul is different in this aspect.

  2. Thank you Veronica for your insides and explanation of evil. Seth talked about ‘All That Is’ and mentioned there were other ‘All That Is’ in different universes. Is there a difference between source entities and All That Is? Is All that Is the source of all the other entities? thank you your consideration.


  3. Kathryn phillips says:

    Thankyou once again allen april and veronica for such uplifting spirituality..could I please ask veronica a question about emi emissions..i have a friend who is almost a recluse because of his phobia (but self made fear ‘ as I would call it.) ..and doesnt allow anyone to leave their phone on and suchlike in his company..I do understand however to a certain extent..because I too, am very sensitive to energy..and indeed if i keep the fone in my hand or if i am on the phone too hands have sharp pains and my ears are buzzing like crazy.(even…but I guess what Im trying to…can we if we really want to , overcome this and not let it rule our my friend obviously it a mind over matter thing..or can it really be as bad as he says ..thanking you..kathryn..oh and I suffer with really bad this a sign that spirit is trying to connect with me..and vice versa maybe..? Or am I just a natural stress

  4. Wilbert M. Stephenson says:


    Can Veronica explain what are “past lives” and “simultaneous lives” bearing in mind that we have been told that there is no time?

  5. Wilbert M. Stephenson says:


    How many Earths are there? And which one are we on in this moment of “time”?

  6. Sharon Smith says:

    Thank you April, Allen and of course Veronica! These broadcasts are exceptionally informative and I look forward to listening to each one.
    Todays information on Source Enties was facinating and I have thought of multiple sources many times, trying to get my mind around the fact there is more than one. It is difficult, for me anyway. There is so much to learn. If anything I am learning how much I do not know about our world, and the non physical enities surrounding what we view as past, present, and future. Answering one question brings up more questions!

  7. Why does an animal body require sleep?

  8. Cindy Gegeckas says:

    When Allen mentioned that the subject of ‘source and source entities’ is a topic so deep and broad that someone could write their dissertation on it, I immediately thought how wonderful it would be to have a place (a university if you will) where those of us who are interested in learning more about our spirituality, source, the universe, other entities, etc. could come together to learn from teachers such as Veronica and others.
    These weekly broadcasts are very educational, but they focus on answering questions submitted by listeners rather than taking ‘students’ through a topic, such as a professor would do. With so many on-line classes available today, is this something you might consider doing in the future?

  9. Hello April, Allen and Veronica,
    Do we decide our DNA before entering the physical body including inherited disease ?
    Allen I would like to know more about Source entities, can Veronica please talk more about this and their creations in this part of universe.
    Thank you 🙂

  10. Shawn Kellar says:

    Hello. Thanks Allen and April!

    Allen, the opening music is very soothing – what is it?

    it is sometimes explained that after we croak, we become part of the “primordial soup”? do we still retain the ego – will I be able to communicate with my grandmother (already transitioned)? or we will be one with source, so this separation and therefore the need to talk to a singular person will not exist?

    part 2 of the question: if I can communicate 1:1, then what about past/future/simultaneous lives? shouldn’t my grandmother be in her future life? since all timelines exist simultaneously (is this true?) I think parts of the same soul/soul group must exist at in all lives and ego selves at the same time.

    I know this is a discussed to death (!) topic – its difficult to grasp this from the 3D perspective.

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