Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is – Episode 249

Doug Giles – Elizabeth Warren cried racist when people accuse her of lying about being Native American, yet Trump who she focuses that anger toward, met with REAL Native Americans to honor them.

Jerry Rogers – The Senate tax bill seeks to undo a crony insurance tax loophole, what is this loophole? Find out.

Megan Barth – Matt Lauer went on national TV and accused, belittled and ripped apart the character of Bill O’Reiley from FOX for alleged sexual harassment (of which still has not been proven), but failed to state that he himself has done this for years and was caught on tape doing it.

Michael Daugherty – Net Neutrality is back in the media as the President and Legislative branch of our government look to nullify the bad legislation. What is it about and why do we need to do this? Your 1st Amendment right could be in jeopardy.

Fred Claridge – Fred receives a letter from Benjamin Netanyahu.

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