Inner Whispers – Episode 18 – 12/12/17

You can address VERONICA directly with your questions, Does VERONICA feel sad about children and animals that suffer?, When we “die” will all of our “past lives” become known to us?, For energetically sensitive people are there ways to protect themselves from negative energies (sometimes known as energy vampires or energy sucks)?, How can Spirit Entities see without eyes or hear without ears?, Can the “dead” use telepathic communication to get messages to loved ones?,  Skill and awareness and openness on both sides of the equation, Can one of your worst nemesis’s be one of your Parallel lives?, Riding the energy wave, Are readings specific to the individual and personal or are they “general” in nature?, “Be the pebble in the ripple effect of expanding awareness


  1. Hi great show. I especially love the bit about pararell lives continuing while the ”main” personality has moved on. My question is do all the pararell lives go through there own life reviews.. I hope iam making sense here guys.

  2. Kathryn phillips says:

    Thankyou once again allen april and veronica for a truly interesting discussion about our spiritual and linear lives. I love listening to all your stories, advice and specific guidence that you so generously share with us.
    you are all a true inspiration.! looking forward already to the next broadcast!..
    Thankyou all so much..x

  3. What lead to Atlantis’ destruction?
    Is our civilization making similar mistakes?

  4. Kathryn phillips says:

    How bizarre..I was only thinking the same thing as above yesyerday
    about Atlantis and lost civilizations..could Veronica please enlighten us about what exactly lead to the destruction of such a great city..Thankyou..

  5. Andrea A Sanchez says:

    Thanks so much for asking Veronica about emotional vampires. For some odd reason that was my life for much of 2017 and I feel it’s getting worse. I”m around emotional vampires like crazy. But, listening to Veronica I now know I am doing the right thing by staying away from there. Sadly, they still come around like magnets but I keep resisting as I feel completely drained when around those kind of ppl.

  6. Anna Karola says:

    Hi Veronica
    Can you explain how we choose which parallel life to focus on? What if I would prefer to move permanently into another life, can I do it?

    Another Question:
    Can you speak further to spiritual growth. How do I work to achieve this further?

    Thank you and blessings always

  7. Question for Veronica:
    I’ve been finding dimes a lot over the last few weeks – no pennies, nickels, or quarters – just dimes. Is finding dimes a message from spirit? A spirit guide or a deceased loved one?

    I did an internet search just for kicks and most interpret finding dimes as a sign from spirit that you’re not alone, or a symbol of love or approval, spirit is looking out for you, or a sign that positive changes are coming. Any truth to any of these theories?

    Thanks Veronica, Allen, and April. Love to listen every week!

  8. A warm hello and appreciation to you April, Allen, Veronica, I’ve really enjoyed the shows so far and I love hearing April talk about her experiences and thoughts on things.

    To Veronica – I’d really like even more clarity on the idea that some animals incarnate in an attitude of service, to be food for us – I’ve heard this general idea from not only Veronica but other respected channels too, but recently I’ve been thinking – It seems to me that this is more like a crossroads of opportunity and that its actually more complex than that. For instance, when these animals come in, yes we COULD just carry on killing them and take their life-force as our own, it’s what they expect us to do, but we could also realise that we and the animal are one, they’re extensions and reflections of us, and that ideally we wish for a world where we do not have to take away that creatures experience of physical life just to have ours, and in continuing to eat them, and hurt them, we are sustaining a version of earth where that’s’ just the way it is’, instead of reaching for something more evolved that represents a more advanced perspective.

    It feels to me like viewing them as simply food items is disrespectful to the individual sentience of the animals and their experiences, and actually requires us to numb ourselves to our own empathetic natures and pretend it doesn’t matter – but I feel perhaps its not inherently natural to farm and kill animals, and if most of us were faced with the reality of it first hand, we would be put off eating meat for the rest of our lives! Not to mention the dysfunctional animal sacrifices that are still prevalent in many religious countries.

    So while they may have volunteered for the job on a soul level to satisfy our (in my eyes) misguided society, it’s still up to us collectively to decide to perpetuate that ‘rule of reality’, or instead say NO and reach for greater heights, in whatever ways are currently within our grasp. To say “no” for the first time instead of doing what’s expected, would represent a significant turning point in redefining humanity’s relationship to the planet and the creatures we coexist with.

    Thank you! Kiera (England)
    (ps. sorry it’s so longwinded, I couldn’t condense it down much – do what you will with it!)

    • Kiera,

      My personal view, and I do not speak for VERONICA, is that food animals, very different in my view from wild animals, is that not for the food process for omnivores, these animals would never have the opportunity to have a few years to experience physical reality.

      How do you feel about Christmas tree farms?


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