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Your story matters!

In this second anthology book by Kathy Kidd, she shares another group of amazing people as they share their stories about what it means to them to live as a thriving entrepreneur.

“Passing It On” by Ancleah Gamble

For Ancleah, being a Thriving Entrepreneur made her feel important; that she has a voice. Providing service to other people and knowing that she was able to change people’s lives gives her a sense of fulfillment. Plus, knowing that her children are learning and embracing entrepreneurship gives her so much joy.

“Say Yes to Your Next Step” by Monica Reed

Monica resigned from her regular job in the corporate world because she realized that it wasn’t what she was meant to do. She became a relationship coach because, in her heart, what she wanted was to serve other people.

Let’s talk about SALES with Kathy Kidd.

“If you had 10% more belief, what would be possible for you?”

SALES is about offering solutions to your clients and letting them choose. It’s about discovering what your clients need and what’s going to solve those needs.

“The Feng Shui of Personal Transformation” by Connie Knudson

According to Connie, you need to find your own personal best direction. You need to create and write down your goals to know what you want to accomplish. Then you have to place them in your best success direction. You have to declutter those areas and have images that reflect your goals. By doing this, you’d be able to attract the energy and the inspiration to take the next steps.

“Prospering in Life” by Dionne Garvin

Thriving in life, for Dionne, is all about prospering, growing, and operating in your most authentic self. It’s about nourishing, not only the people you serve but also nourishing yourself. Being an excellent communicator, she is able to share the things she learned to help other people thrive as well.

“My Journey of Parallel-preneur Towards Entrepreneur” by Noreen N. Henry

Thriving in life, for Noreen, is having complete peace and focus. She didn’t have that before, and it seemed like her life didn’t have any clear direction. When she found peace and focus, she was able to discover what her passion is and see the direction that she wanted to go.

“The Headline of Your Life is Success!” by Rodney Lawson

Rodney explained the importance of creating your own organizational culture and not letting others dictate it to you. You are the one who should guide it in the direction that you want it to go. Rodney prefers to work only with (1) people who are very serious about what they do, (2) people who have the passion for serving/helping others, and (3) people who are respectful.

And Lastly, the host of radio show Thriving Entrepreneur Steve Kidd encourages you to “Just Show Up.” You just need to be the best version of yourself and show up fully in all that you do.

This anthology book is not only for entrepreneurs and parallel-preneurs but also for those who never thought they would want to be an entrepreneur. As Kathy Kidd says, “Begin to make progress today, because the opportunity is there, now!”

“Entrepreneurship is the most courageous choice someone can make. It requires grit and grace, heart and hustle, and testing and failing and succeeding. Most of all, it requires resilience and living intentionally every day. Easier said than done? Yes. Worth it? YES.” — Jennifer Kem

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