Inner Whispers – Episode 14 – 11/14/17

“On┬áthis episode 14 VERONICA gives her perspective as a Causal Plane Entity about various concepts including:
One of April Crawford’s (not VERONICA’s) “past lives”, The importance of breath, Karma as it relates to getting sick and events, Is there anything that VERONICA is not “allowed” to say?, A VERONICA past life marriage, Do we stop reincarnating, or if yes do we go on forever?
Plus, VERONICA’s message directly to you and the world…”


  1. Dear Veronica, could you tell us how to get started to have an out of body experience. Thank you, Don

  2. I know from the guidance of My Higher Self that the devil, sin, Karma, religion are all man-made.
    Any time Fear is attached to any Ideas, Believes, Practices it’s all UNTRUE. Fear bounds us to limitations.
    And we are all spiritual beings with infinite possibilities.

  3. Hi Allen,
    About Donny’s comment.
    When there is fear attached to any ideas, believes, practices including sin, Karma it’s all Untrue?

    Is this right?

    Is Karma and Sin the same?

    • Simon,

      I have been told that fear is the true root of all mishap, and that the flight or fight response is the only useful aspect of fear. I agree. ~Allen

  4. Can artificial intelligence ( computers, robots ) be developed to have consciousness and be self aware?

    Are aliens visiting earth and interacting with humans?
    If so, are their intentions benevolent, hostile, or just observing us?

  5. Are aliens visiting earth and interacting with humans?
    If so, are their intentions benevolent, hostile, or just observing us?

  6. Kathryn phillips says:

    Thankyou once again..April Alan and Veronica and everyone
    Thankyou for your kind wisdom and guidence..Very much appreciated
    And accepted..looking forward to the next broadcast..blessings!

  7. Thank you so much, once again, Veronica, April and Allen, for your great work and dedication to a paradigm shift in global consciousness and spiritual awareness.
    My question is: although Veronica has explained to us what she means by spiritual expansion and how the term expansion has more to do with enhancement, concentration, or density of expansion than anything we in the linear might otherwise be inclined to imagine – why is at all necessary? What’s the point? Is it all just fun, sport, or to use the Sanskrit term, ‘lila’, the divine dance of life? Does spiritual expansion enhance the dance?
    How does spiritual expansion further All That Is?

    Warmest wishes from Ireland,


    • What do you mean by the term “All that is”? Does that include eternal expansion? ~ Allen

      • Hi Allen,
        I was using it, I guess, as I uses All That Is it to mean Source, including Source’s creation of consciousness, visible and invisible. Does Source need expansion because it is incomplete? And if it is already complete, why the need for expansion?

        With thanks and every good wish,


  8. Thank you all for another interesting session. I can relate with you, April, on the water issue. I have to get myself thoroughly dry whether it is from taking a shower or just washing my hands. I suspect I must’ve also drowned in a past life. I have been practicing this year telling myself it is okay to not be completely dried off and I believe it is helping. I am contemplating a past-life regression session via a nearby QHHT practitioner, but I’m still on the fence. She is rather new at it and I’ve had challenges ‘going under’ when trying hypnotic sessions with a couple of other practitioners (non-QHHT).

    • Bob, or you can try talking directly with someone who is rather experienced in such things… and that is a considerable understatement: You can talk directly with VERONICA on the phone: Nothing to be fearful about: That is, if your interest in such things is serious. ~Allen

  9. Thanks Veronica, April and Allen for these sessions and our chance to ask questions. Numerous times throughout the years when trying to fall asleep with my eyes closed I have experienced bright light on one side of my head, it’s there for a about 10 seconds then fades away. I’m quite sure this is a Spiritual Experience but was wondering what it might mean ?

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