Inner Whispers – Episode 13 – 11/7/17

On this episode 13 VERONICA gives her perspective as a Causal Plane Entity about various concepts including:
When do human souls enter the physical (birth, pre birth, after birth)? Can human life exist without a soul? Hive souls, Dreams in-between life reviews, Dreams and inter dimensional travels, Karma in parallel and concurrent lives, Negative attachments to money, Parallel and concurrent lives, Time, Out of body work, What lesson has taken VERONICA the longest to learn? – An Oprah Winfrey question, What advice would you give to your younger self ? – An Oprah Winfrey Question, What is the best advice you were ever given? – An Oprah Winfrey Question, Who has been your greatest spiritual advisor? – An Oprah Winfrey question…
Plus, VERONICA’s Message to you and the world”


  1. Very powerful session, lot’s to think about. What you say about being strong, taking a stand, not allowing the bad stuff to continue, I completely agree, we have to come together and stand strong, and say, No more.

    Not too long ago, a little over a year ago, I got a taste of how that strength feels and it is not like anything I’ve ever felt before. In fact, I’ve always been afraid of any kind of confrontation and would either run from it or just freeze up. I know now that it’s there inside of us and you can find it. Without going into the whole story, I’ll just say I had hit my limit at the time and I could either tuck my tail between my legs, or I stand strong, even with my fear, knowing I could even possibly die, and say, NO, this time I have to stand up, if I run, I will be running forever. I can’t even describe what that moment did for me in my life. There must have been a look in my eye, or a stance about me that they knew, I meant what I said. I was willing to face whatever came at me, and I did. And they ran. I felt like the greatest hero at that moment, in my life, and only to me, and I was amazing! lol. I guess my point here is that when you have had enough of what ever it is, and you finally are willing to stand up for what is right, you will find that strength too. It is in all of us, and it’s incredibly powerful. If there would have ten of me standing there that day, it would have been formidable. And it didn’t take violence, although it could have, we are amazing creatures and are so much more that I ever knew.

    So, I understand Veronica, Be the calm, be the breeze and sometimes you may have to be the storm. But there is always hope. It’s an amazing world we live in a we are amazing beings. Live it and love it. Pam

  2. How can energy exist without time? Energy is defined by time; eg, miles per hour or vibrations per second.

  3. Dear Veronica, I enjoy reading and listening to your knowledge and information. For the first time, on episode 13, I can’t understand how not worrying about money could be right. If a person does not have any money except for food when they are young in the U.S., they can’t see a dentist. My teeth were very bad by the time I was old enough to work and make enough money to go to a dentist. It was too late. What is the meaning of not worrying about money. I don’t think a person needs to make more than they need, but they need a certain amount to be able to stay healthy. What can we do to stay more healthy besides using common sense which I have always done as much as I can? Thank you, Don

  4. Elizabeth Polanco says:

    Hi Veronica,

    First and foremost thank you for all you do. You are a divine gem of spiritual knowledge for whom I am grateful. I currently have 4 spirit guides and I connect with Archangels and Orishas frequently. Are Orishas to me what you would define as a source entity? Also how do I know if I am currently living a simultaneous parallel life or if it is just linear? Would I be able to tell the difference? I’ve had what I think are glimpses of past lives but how do I know if I’m not tapping into a parallel reality?


  5. Don, has it occured to you that thought creates reality and like attracts like thoughts and events? Negative attachments and fears about such things as money can result in not having any, thus fulfilling the attraction to related negative thoughts and events so worried about and feared by some individuals who dwell on such things. This principle law of the universe also applies to everything including health and happiness. There are very many happy and healthy people. Best to hang out with them if you can. ~Allen

  6. Hi team Veronica. I understand we create our reality through our beliefs and thought processes but my question is how much does our soul energy play a role in creating our reality in our daily lives. E.g circumstances, coincidences, chance meetings, e.t.c I hope this makes sense guys.

  7. Dr. Ausmus says:


    Could you manifest a physical body if you wanted to? What would you do with a physical body if you had one again for one day?

    You speak of being from the casual plane. Do most humans who cross over understand what the casual plane is or is it only know by more evolved energy?

    Have you spent time in other systems? Like incarnations as a pleadian? Do you incarnate elsewhere currently?

    Thank you!

    Dr. John Ausmus

    • Dr. John – Your first question indicates that you do not fully appreciate that April Crawford is a FULL BODY open DEEP TRANCE Channel. When VERONICA is here, she is fully here physically. Often for hours each day as VERONICA speaks with clients every day (not one day), 7 days a week. Fully physical. Reference any of the YouTube videos. That is VERONICA (not April Crawford who leaves her form to allow VERONICA to come in. Fully physical. ~-Allen

  8. Veronica, how can we have an out of body experience? I have had a (near death experience) as it is called, but I still do not know how to have and out of body experience when I want to. I appreciate all of your knowledge. I have also talked to a man who must have been an angel. I have never forgot that. Thank you, Don

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