Dr. Diane Hamilton Show – Kyle Wong and Jordan Levy

Kyle Wong

Kyle Wong is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Pixlee, a visual marketing platform that helps brands to market and sell using real customer photos and videos. Pixlee works with over 150 customers, including top brands such as Levi’s Jeans, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, and Kenneth Cole. Kyle graduated from Stanford University where he earned his degree in engineering. He is a mentor for the Stanford Accelerator (StartX) program, where he advises several early-stage VC backed tech startups. Kyle is a Forbes’ 30 Under 30 All-Star member and is a regular speaker and domain expert on influencer marketing and driving consumer engagement through social media. He is an active contributor for Forbes and Fortune Magazine where he writes on digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and various leadership and career topics.

Jordan Levy

Jordan Levy is an entrepreneur who was selected by Forbes 30 Under 30 list. He started two education companies that are shaping the way undergraduate and graduate business programs approach experiential learning. He strongly believes in exposing students to new circumstances, with real stakeholders, real challenges, real collaboration, and of course real outcomes. He started his first company, Real Time Cases, as a way to innovate the case methodology invented by Harvard Business School over 100 years ago. Recently he has been working on a more advanced experiential learning offering called CapSource. In these situations, we source companies and design projects for semester long student consulting engagements. The idea is to provide students with a more hands-on way to apply what they’re learning so that they can develop their skills as young business professionals.

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