Inner Whispers – Episode 8 – 10/3/17

Veronica answers questions from comments posted which include reincarnation and what happens if someone commits suicide to name a few.


  1. Dear Allen, April and Veronica,

    Thank you so much for what you do. I have been reading and listening to all of Veronica’s wisdom and advice for some time. I find it so comforting.

    I would like to ask Veronica how to truly get over past regrets, if you can. No matter how hard I try to stay focused and watch what I am thinking and knowing that I can’t change the past. They seem to keep coming back and adding even more memories to them each time. Making me feel worse each time.

    Thank you, Beverly

  2. Great show again guy’s..each show should be breaking news around the world in my humble opinion.
    I have another question….what is the purpose of breathing from a spiritual perspective…we have always been taught it’s about oxygen and carbon dioxide but I feel there is more to it than that. There many well documented cases all around the world of people who live on the breath alone.. no food no water just air.. I find that fascinating.

  3. I am wondering about other dimensions. Are we living other lives at the same time as our current one ? Do some people doing things because they are slipping into another life at times and do not know what is happening here? I don’t understand how some people can treat others so badly. It seems that there have always been very bad people on the earth. Thank you for your knowledge, Veronica.

  4. Please give us more insight on what other dimensions are like….what they consist of. You speak of the soul sometimes choosing other dimensions for their expansion/growth. Are some of these dimensions similar to the human dimension, the density of the human dimension?
    Also is there a ultimate leader/guide in your dimension. Are there more evolved dimensions that you are not yet familiar with?

    Thank You!

  5. I loved this podcast. Just to shed light, clean slates every moment are critical to be in the present. But I would like Veronica to share more light from dreams. Sometimes my dreams are pleasant when I wake up at 3 a.m., but when I wake up closer to 5:30 a.m. they tend to be more rocking and then it is harder to focus on being in the present, when I am still pondering on my dreams. Can Veronica share more light on dreams, their purpose, and what happens during dream states? Thanks

  6. Anonymous says:

    Really enjoyed the show. Your audio would be so popular on youtube, I guess you know! Thank you all for sharing your talents, letting us in. Letting Veronica out….

  7. Kathy Corbin says:

    Really enjoyed the show. Your audio would be so popular on youtube, I guess you know! Thank you all for sharing your talents, letting us in. Letting Veronica out….

  8. Renee salvatori says:

    What part does the planets play in ones choices, etc. I have a twin sister and we are alike but also not alike. So i was wondering about the influence of not just past lifetimes but also planetary or astrology.
    Thank you,

  9. I am always involved in trying to better this planet. I love animals and nature. I’ve tried to be a leader and a teacher of the things that I know.

    I heard something that has shaken me to the core.

    It is about the leadership of our country and other countries. It was stated that we are already in WW3 and that it will get much worse in the next coming few years. It was stated that our government will crumble and it will eventually turn into a civil war with fighting and killing within our own and many other countries.

    The explanation of this is that many new souls are incarnating, some for the very first time. It was also said that our leaders today are very young, very new souls and that there must be challenges, conflict and fighting of wars for them to gain the experience and learn the lessons that they must learn.

    Obviously, I signed up for this when I reincarnated into my present life. I know that one should stay in the present moment, but like I said…this has shaken me. It was also said that many older souls will leave this dimension for good and that the older souls that remain will congregate to villages and areas where there will be new governments formed.

    I am not one to listen to vast amounts of news. I try to avoid it mostly.

    Do you have any knowledge on this and do you have any words of wisdom for older souls to deal with this?

  10. Linda Eiden says:

    Blessings to you April & Allen. Thank you Veronica for your wisdom. My question is regarding regions of the world, which one or ones are most helpful for awakening? or is religion not particularly helpful.

    Another please! What is the role of having chronic pain? I feel very evolved spiritually and I suffer from chronic pain and illness. Is it for others to learn from?


  11. Peter Roman says:

    One thought that has always taxed my imagination is how our concept of pain is manifested in other realms of existence: In all it,s forms.Is PAIN,And i suppose i include suffering in general, felt as acutely as here in the linear?

  12. As always, an enlightened time during the podcast. As a longtime client, even material I am familiar
    With is always enjoyable to revisit. There are always new insights. Im working on ego these days
    And any insight into the original purpose and how it has evolved in humans will be appreciated. It seems I
    Wrestle with it and would love to learn how to co exist with it in a harmonious way.

    Thank you so so much for this show. It empowers us and inspires us and helps to make sense of spirits living a human condition. 💜💜

  13. Dear Allen, April and VERONICA,

    I am the Founder and Director of a large mental health center in New York. I have also worked with over 3,000 New York City school children, some of which were diagnosed with AUTISM. Most importantly, (LIKE YOU), I am very involved and committed to serving humanity in many ways, usually starting with one person at a time.

    As a big fan of your books and podcasts, I was awoken at 4:44am this morning, after listening to your Podcast #8 last night. I believe that “SPIRIT” wants me to respond to a specific part of your latest conversation with VERONICA:

    AUTISM is now estimated to affect 1 in 68 children in the United States. So millions of families are in DIRE need of understanding how to prevent and treat this heartbreaking disorder. So when VERONICA responded to a question last Monday about AUTISM, she replied that some of the reason for the problem was “a toxic environment”. PLEASE follow up on this topic this week. Please ask VERONICA specific questions so that you and I may best be advised how to help others prevent and treat this disorder.

    For example, in regard to PREVENTION does “toxic environment” refer a child’s exposure to toxic food? What specific toxins? Fluoride and/or chlorine in tap water? Pesticide contamination? Impurities like high levels of arsenic that were recently found in baby food (apple sauce)? Processed foods? GMO’s?

    And then there’s the ongoing debate about vaccines: Are children given TOO MANY vaccines? At TOO YOUNG of an age? Are vaccines really contaminated with mercury and other impurities?

    VERONICA could offer millions of parents very specific advice about how to prevent this disorder!

    For those parents and children already suffering from this order, VERONICA could suggest specific foods, supplements or other behavioral interventions to assist in TREATMENT of ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder).

    I could go on and on, but you get the idea! Allen, April and VERONICA: You are in a unique position to provide specific answers to this (and many other) problems, so PLEASE HELP US.

    Thank you very much for your ongoing mission to assist humanity.

    With Peace and Love,
    Richard Scheinberg, LCSW, BCD

  14. Mary aka GG says:

    Hi there!!

    I’m curious about the choosing of adopting parents. I know we choose which mother to be born to, but do we know we are going to be adopted out to another family at the moment?

    I’m adopted and my first 13 years with my adopted family was great until my father died. My adopted mother had a birth son so she focused on him more than me. I did find my birth mother several years ago and we look alike but don’t have same temperament.

    So in choosing my birth mother was I also choosing my adoptive parents at the same time??

    Just me.. GG. 😉

  15. Hello—thank you so much for all the info you are providing. I would like to ask Veronica where do our souls come from? When did we decide to come to earth, and do we have a choice as to whether to evolve, or just go back to wherever we came from.? Also would like more info re autism and the foods we are eating,. Thanks so much.

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