Inner Whispers – Episode 6 – 9/19/17

On this episode Veronica talks about the meaning of “allowance”, “ability”, “abundance” and a few others.  She discusses the scenario “don’t look behind you for what you want in front of you”, and she answers some questions from listeners from the comment section.


  1. Thank you, Veronica, for your information pertaining to Lost Loved Ones and Soul Mates, in both the earlier recording and the newsletter – they certainly helped!
    My question now is : When is Sophia & William’s book about their soul mates journey through the ages, (Will I See You in Heaven?), likely to be published?! R-J :))

  2. Thank you Allen, April, and Veronica. I sat today and listened to all the episodes and wanted to tell you how enjoyable they were.
    I have a question that perhaps may be addressed on one of your future episodes: What part do the astrological planets play in our lives? I know that past lives, current living, and a preset intention for incarnating are major players, but I was wondering how the package of planets play into this? My twin sister and I are similar but very different. Thank you

  3. Thanks so much Veronica, I think you addressed my question without me having to ask. So guess what? You get to be the positive thought I focus on today. 🙂 You have set my mind at ease with all of your answers today and I feel better about a lot of things. So again Thank You and of course Thanks to April and Allen as well. This means a lot to me and I”m sure to many many more. Pam

  4. Does all this mind body medicine really affect the health of our physical body in a more positive way than allopathic medicine?
    What part does our belief system play in our health and aging?
    How do we know what is best for us with all the medical choices out there

  5. Love and appreciate you and thank-you! I always look forward to the truths that help me on my journey and share with others as well.

  6. Thank you for mentoring and extending Veronica’s and April’s audience. Doing so is important, and I have enjoyed listening to them all.

    I am curious about the relationship between time and experience, especially if one can observe a personal past lifetime of choice. Much greater awareness can be brought forward to influence present day selves but can such an interchange of perspectives also change the past? When one observes the past, can one influence a past moment beyond our current life frame through telepathic thought or emotional shift or intellectual clarity? Can one from the future influence the present? What is the relationship of time to the human experience?

  7. Thank you Allen, April, and Veronica for these wonderful programs. I enjoy them so very much!!
    I have a question about a health issue that comes and goes and doctors have not found a reason for it.
    It is about earlobes. My earlobes become swollen,very red, hot and painful. It does not happens in both ears simultaneously. It alternates ears.
    The first time, it happened it disappeared within 3 or four days. then weeks later it happened again but in the other ear. Doctors stated this is really rare condition, they are trying antibiotics, antihistamines, but the condition continues.
    I would so much appreciate if Veronica could bring clarity into this situation.
    How could I ask for help to my Spirit Guides to help me heal my health problems. What should I do, and how should be the best way to do it
    I think my question could apply to all and any health issues.
    y other question is: Would this be a bad energy that hangs on to my ears? How can I get it off of me?

    Please help,
    Thank you so much. I will always be grateful for the beautiful work you do!

  8. Is Earth the only physical planet? If others are dense enough for physicality, do they also have linear time then? If so, are those planets also used for soul development/training/schools?

  9. Doreen Harris says:

    Thanks for these veronica–I don’t listen to many podcasts, but yours I like!!

  10. Wonderful that you started out with how April talks to Veronica! I inter-dimensionally travel, which was confirmed by Veronica a number of years ago. I was at a loss to what was occurring during dream-time. Things had changed drastically, where I was talking to guides face-to-face, among other things.

    My guides as a collective; including Veronica, who is one of my guides thought it would be wonderful, if I would write a book about it. I’ve been traveling in this fashion since I was 2 years old and thought my dream-time adventures were like everyone else’s.

    I’ve been told that “The entire world will read your book.” It explains the process and has many journaled experiences. The book is nearly ready to release now; it’s in the editing stages. It will be FREE and on my website: You’ll be able to download a .pdf file to your electronic devices. It will also become available for on Amazon Kindle, and eventually as a YouTube video.

    I wish that Veronica would speak more about New Earth in a future radio broadcast. One of the reasons that I feel this is important, is when I mention New Earth to people, they all automatically think that they are going, because of their “religious” beliefs.

    Many of these people have MUCH unresolved karmic issues of anger and fear. These lower vibrational frequencies are holding the majority of the population back from these higher energies. They simply will not be unable to resonate at the same vibrational frequency as the “new” planet.

    I realize at a “soul-level” most of the population knows their own truths, but that is not known at the “physical-level.” I feel that this will keep people from doing their own “spiritual work.” By the way, my guides tell me not to be concerned about it. LOL

    Thank you for your time.

  11. What part does our belief system play in our health?
    How do we best clear our neg emotions? Is therapy important?
    As I write this I am already projecting your answers.
    What role does religion play and is there God?
    Thank you

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