Inner Whispers – 8/29/17

This is the 3rd episode of “Inner Whispers”. On this show Veronica answers a variety of questions from the questions submitted by listeners in the comments section among other questions submitted through e mail and social media.




  1. Etienne Poulin says:

    Is the entity called “Veronica” an ascended master?

    • A Pop Culture Term “Ascended Master”. Source Entities, for example, do not “ascend”. They are Source Entities. VERONICA is a Causal Plane Entity.

      • What exactly is meant by a causal plane entity? What differentiates a causal plane entity from another entity not on the causal plane? Can you choose to join the causal plane without going through a spiritual evolution?
        Are pets such as cats and dogs who are often more spiritually evolved than humans on the causal plane or some other plane?
        Is the causal plane, the plane where the cause of events is determined? If so, is our effort to manifest works best when we connect our conciousness to the causal plane and then set our intention there?
        Are we on the plane of effect so that there is a causal plane separate from this plane?
        In this vein of thought, how many planes of existence are there? Infinite? One?
        Are source entities on all possible planes of existence simultaneously so that there is no distinction for themn?
        Given that there are roughly 60 source entities, is the number of causal plane entities finite and determinable? If so, what is that number roughly?

        Apologies for the long list of questions. They can be asked together or separately. Really appreciate and enjoy all that is done by April, Allen and Veronica. Many Thanks.

        • Hi Babar,

          Are you the same Babar who has had several direct telephone conversations with VERONICA?

          Regarding the term “Causal Plane”, I consider this also a somewhat arbitrary and pop culture term as are all the labels for the various planes, Astral, lower Astral, upper Astral, etc.

          Think of them all as places or frequencies. Astral planes are generally where one might find one’s self in-between physical lives. Causal Planes are where more advanced or evolved beings can dwell.

          It takes some evolvement to be able to reach the Causal Planes and beyond.

          Best wishes,


          • Hi Allen

            Yes, I am the same Babar.

            Thanks for clarifying “causal plane.” Frequency/vibration is certainly a better way to distinguish the planes of existence. I was just struck by the “causal”.

            Reminds me of the phrase “everything happens for a reason…” to which I usually add my own phrase: “…and the reason is always love.”

            Thanks and regards

  2. Kelly Kincaide says:

    Can people be cursed. I have tried to practice meditation and live a semi-awake life for over a decade or more. Ive studied, read and tried on many many religions and ideologies to try to feel connected spiritually. I talk to nature, try to connect to guides, and pray often…yet I sometimes, well more often than not, disconnected. I have several loves that have passed over and never feel them. Am I cursed or on the right path?

    A follower of you all for over a decade,


    • No. People cannot be cursed. -Allen

    • Dear Kelly,
      IMHO, don’t try, be. Like Allen, I have read all the Seth books. I found them to be a great inspiration.

    • Kelly, You seem to equate being ‘cursed’ with the ‘misfortune’ /Pain of Your Loved Ones dying…or the sense of disConnectedness in an otherwise
      You clearly have the Desire in You Heart for Greater Perspective/Awakening!
      Don’t be discouraged! Everything can Change in a Heartbeat! Believe It!!!

  3. I love all the wisdom from Veronica and appreciate the tremendous effort. However, is there any where to read it instead, as in the old newsletters?

    Deep appreciation

  4. Kathleen MacKinnon says:

    Thank You for pod cast #3. I listen with full open heart and have learned much since you started. Thanks Again~Kathleen

  5. Thank you so much for third podcast Veronica, April and Allen!!

    Veronica spoke a lot about choice. Is that choice only on earth plane and part of the illusion of choice? A lot of what I’ve studied – and it is confusing – tells me true freedom is no choice – being in the flow so to speak – and what we consider choice is really an illusion. And usually that illusion of choice causes conflict and prevents us from knowing freedom. Can Veronica speak to that in one of these podcast sessions?

    Thank you do much as always!!

    • Individuality and choice are what create and drive all of reality. Free will is hardly an illusion. Learning from choices made is what it is all about.


    • Choice is not an illusion. It’s a gift. The universe is a 100% freewill zone. If we didn’t have choice, there would be no consequences for our actions…murderers could go on rampage and claim they can’t help it as they have no choice.

      If we had no choice, all of the most beautiful artistic renditions in human history would be meaningless as they would be devoid of the power of creativity that comes from choice.

      Going with the flow doesn’t mean you have no choice….after all even “going with the flow” requires one to choose to go with the flow! Going with the flow just means you are CHOOSING the path of least resistance but you still have a choice in each moment to change direction or choose a different path. There is no judgement on which path you choose.

      Choice is not the cause of conflict. Choice is actually true freedom as we are free to choose our destiny. Of course, there is a plan we set out before birth that is part of our own script chosen by us. But we can change that script anytime we choose and that happens to the majority of us.

      If we had no choice, we would be no different than programmed robots who carry out their instructions without conciousness. This is what the atheists want to believe as they think that choice is an illusion and all events in the universe are pre-determined. The irony is that the atheists would deny that they have a choice in believing whether choice is an illusion or not.

      • Hmmm…I’m certainly not an atheist. In fact, quite the opposite. I thinks it’s destructive to state with such certainty things which aren’t certain, especially from the limited perspective of the human mind. I very much appreciate the phone sessions I’ve had with Veronica and I’m very much a Christian, albeit one who believes we do come back. If I’d been brought up in a different part of the world, I’d likely not be a Christian per se, yet I’d believe in the same source that Christians call God. I believe God is much bigger than any human mind can fathom.

        I would like Veronica to speak to this more from that plane view. On the earth plane, we need to believe in choice it seems, because that is how our minds operate and there “is no other choice” but to believe in choice. But from a higher viewpoint I don’t think it actually exists. And if we were actually living our potential as best we can from our spiritual selves and not our ego minds, we certainly wouldn’t be programmed robots, we’d be living the New Life the Bible speaks of being in the world, but not of the world – really living moment to moment, not “deciding” anything, not “robotically” existing, but living from a Higher place of peace, enjoyment and non-attachment. Anyway, would be interested in what Veronica would say.

  6. Sydney Thomas says:

    My MUCH LOVED kitty (Scruffy) crossed SUDDENLY almost 8 months ago I talk to him every night begging him to please reincarnate and come back to me…what are my chances? I know beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s possible and he’s smart enough and quick enough to make it happen!
    LOVE Veronica…been a follower for 12 years๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’•
    Many thanks-

  7. For now, I just want to say how deeply grateful I am to the wonderful husband and wife team, Allen and April and to the amazing Veronica. I look forward very much to these radio shows every time and send you all my warmest wishes and heartfelt thanks from Ireland for all your great work!


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