Inner Whispers – 8/22/17

On this show Veronica answers a variety of questions from the questions submitted by listeners in the comments.  One topic is Pets and what happens to them among a variety of other great questions.




  1. Note: This is for episode 2. For episode 1 just scroll Down this page to listen to/ down load our first episode. FYI -Allen

    • Georgette Hutchins says:

      Every time I listen to Veronica, I gain more insight. The part today about our pets and their role in
      our lives was especially helpful. We’ve had our cats for 15 years. They are connected to our family in
      the deepest sense, and I know the feeling of looking into their eyes and seeing the “knowing” that they
      have. They are healers and guides, and their gentleness touches us every day..
      Thanks again for confirming what I always knew about them.

    • We all have lessons to learn. How can we know what that lesson is? If I knew what I was supposed to be learning then I would be able to focus instead of floundering through life. It’s like trying to find the answer of why am I here. I can never get a specific answer to that question neither from within or without. People say to pursue your passion. What I no longer have any passion? “do what you love” what if the only thing I enjoy is sleeping? I feel like I’m “living a dead life”

    • Linda Curtis says:

      Thank you all. I find Veronicas words uplifting. My question has to do with our planet. Scientists are predicting a very hot dry weather pattern for much of the planet. Will humans be able to reverse this prediction? I myself cannot imagine the suffering that will be produced. Is it possible that we might go elsewhere when we die because the earth be uninhabital? Thank you.

    • Thank you Veronica, April and Allen. Was looking forward to the third one! I hope you’re doing it. I’ve had several phone sessions and always appreciate what is said and re-listen to the recordings I make if the conversations. Again, hope you’re posting another podcast. Thank you so much as always.

  2. Hi Allen,
    I am so grateful for these episode as they help me as I seem inevitably to slip back into the bickering some seem to enjoy perpetuating. I am having an issue though with down loading these programs so that I may listen to them over and over again. When I hit download on my iPad it starts the episode but does not download it. Would that be because of the devise or my human error? Do you know a way to help me?

    The question for Veronica is this, dos what we focus on and think truly become our reality? If so, then why do some who are following this path of creating seem to encounter struggles that seem to ensnare them and pull them from their serenity? Is the best course just to stay centred in spiritual consciousness even if everything they cherish is about to be taken from them?

    Thank you for considering my questions. As for me, I have had some sessions with Veronica and have had great results. I have now moved back to my country of birth, England, found a new home in a beautiful city with everything I requested almost instantly. I am amazed at just how peaceful and settled I felt almost immediately. I had not realised just how much I had felt at odds with living in the States. (Nothing to do with the land, just me I believe.) I am writing again and, as of this second episode, returning to the quiet meditations from which I had stopped doing.

    Again, thank you and April, as well as Veronica.

    • I do not have an iPad, however if there is a right click function as with a PC, you may want to give that a try. Best wishes, -Allen

      • UPDATE FOR MOBILE DEVICE USERS: Well, I have been made aware that while all devices will play the shows by clicking the download button, only computers can download and save the files… from here. The good news is that I am working with the radio station to create a parallel download page for smartphones and iPads to download the shows.

        In the meantime, all shows are available and stored here. So, you can listen anytime from any where here by just clicking on the Download button.

        Still, many with mobile devices will want to have these shows on their own mobile devices. We are working on it and so far tests look good. Standby. -Allen

    • Kathleen Ploss says:

      Thanks you for all do!! I know this is a personal question just for me, but could you please tell me the name or give the name of my spirit guide Thanks

  3. Carolyn Kreft says:

    Thank goodness you were there today

  4. Thank you so much for your connection to Veronica and the advice that is given through her/him I am very much anticipating all that I have had confirmed to me through this program and all that I will learn in the future. With the joy of learning – Barbara

  5. A question for Veronica:
    What happens to to all these evil maniacs in the present world who blow themselves up and kill other innocent people, when they leave this plane and go back to the spirit plane? Do the entities realize what they have done? Are they made aware of the fact that it was a stupid thing to do? Are they punished in some way?

  6. I wanted to give you a message of gratitude Allen. Your dedication to sharing this with everyone through the newsletter you’ve made and sent for years to the books, you tube videos, and now this radio show. It is really an amazing job and my hope is you are thrilled and fulfilled. I am also extremely grateful for April and her willingness to serve humanity in this way and to Veronica and the spirit world who brings wisdom and insights that would otherwise be easily dismissed by our human conditioning. Thank you for everything you all do!

  7. Jenaire L. says:

    Thank you Allen and April for sending these radio clips out. I enjoyed listening!

  8. Kathleen MacKinnon says:

    Thank You for a wonderful radio show! I loved every minute of it. . Please keep them coming.. With love~Kathleen

  9. Wilbert M. Stephenson says:

    Thank you for putting together this radio show. I prefer hearing Veronica’s voice than reading what she has to say. My question for a future show is: “Why is it that energy beings on the other side do not appear to want to intervene – even when given permission to do so by us in the physical – and give us some help when we request such help. I get the impression that their position is that they cannot do the work for us. We have to do it for ourselves. I accept that, but most times what I asking for is for themjust to give me the tools. I can do the job. I also sometimess sense them saying, ‘You have all the tools you need, use them!’ What is the real position here?”

  10. Veronica saved my life

  11. I am so very much enjoying hearing Veronica.Thank you verinica .I really appreciate April and you Allen choosing to share Veronicas guidence in this way.My question is, why, when I sooo “get” (believer)many of the concepts shared by non physical and wish to impliment them into my life…why is is so extremely difficult for me to allow the changes I belive would be of great assistance to me.Why cant I jump from :I want to believe to actually feeling certain .I understand the power to manifest all things physical begins with a belief.Ive been aware and paying attention for a long time now and still feel as though I impeed my own progress toward inner peace and the freedom I desire to create the life I want.Stubbornly have hung onto unessary negative energy.Why would anyone do this?

  12. Will Treleven says:

    If all living things have souls, do souls evolve from lower to higher forms of consciousness as is the destiny of humans?

  13. Hi, Allen, April, and Veronica.

    Thank you all for all of your hard work and dedication. I had one reading with Veronica, where she stated I was Francis Bacon in my past life. I felt complete resonation with this and I have been following inner whispers ever since. My question is…What is corporeal intelligence if you claim that some animals, which are considered less intelligent, are more evolved than some human incarnations? Is spiritual evolution more important than intellectual development? If so, what is the reasoning for one being more important than the other? Thank you so much!

  14. Dear Veronica, April & Allen,
    Thank you all, for this opportunity – and the weekly podcast is very welcome, Allen.
    My questions concern Communication with passed loved ones – and Life after Death for those left behind.
    Is communication A Given? What makes it possible or probable? What makes it difficult or unlikely?
    Though my late husband was often an Ideas man who spent a lot of time in his head, we had a close and loving relationship for over 27 years and together had a strong interest in metaphysics via the Seth-StGermain-Abraham-Kryon material. I therefore understood that he would be both well and happy, once Beyond the Veil.
    However, I had assumed that we would still communicate after he’d passed and indeed, I have since read many books where this is the case, for others. But I am not aware of this ever happening for me, which saddens me greatly.
    Though it has been more than 3 years, I still miss him SO much and find it very difficult to “Let Go” – or as one friend suggests, to : “Quit bugging him and holding him back. Let him move on! He’s probably off on his Intergalactic Travels!”
    All well and good, but as a 66 year old (and female, with health issues), I no longer feel that I have much of a Life left, other than being immersed in my “grand Pity Party” – as St Germain would say 🙂 and feeling very Lonely for My Beloved – and feeling somewhat “Left Behind”.
    Sharing my life with him was all I ever wanted and I can’t get away from the notion that he went too early (only 68 years). Why? He chose a rare and painful cancer. Why? Did he want to leave me too?
    I can’t believe how my Life seems to have fallen apart and become seemingly hopeless in only a few quick years. I used to think I was fairly “lucky in life and love” and relatively intelligent – how has it come to this? I don’t think I am the only Widow or Widower who feels inured in an ever-deepening hole (is it only Self Pity?)
    I realise that all over the world, at every moment, Lovers are being separated by death – and it has been so, for countless eons – but how is it that the planet has not been smothered long ago, by the overwhelming Grief of humanity???
    So Veronica, please, what do I need to know?
    I am not a particularly Intuitive person and find Meditating “difficult”. But is this what I must learn to do? Can the solution as “simple” as that??? Or is there more that would help me? Please advise!
    Thanking You All,
    Rich Joy
    (one of My Beloved’s names for me, in our better days here on the Earthplane)

  15. Miriam Silver says:

    Our pets do come back to us. I noticed that with my last two sets of cats. In 2011, my cat Eddie passed away from kidney failure and last year Frankie passed from a tumor on his liver. In 2012, a friend told me about a 5 mo. old female kitten. I see Eddie’s traits in her. And last June, just 2 mos. after Frankie passed I adopted a kitten who definitely has Frankie’s psychotic personality. They definitely do come back to us. Why wouldn’t they after all the love they have for us.

  16. Sally Davidson says:

    I was so happy to hear your encouragement about animals being able to reincarnate so soon. I have had this experience with my first dog dying suddenly of lymphoma at age 10…way too short a life. And one day driving home a thought came (probably from my guide) that said “Go to the Humane Society now” -So I did and it was almost magical how all the poor dogs were barking, except for one the was the most beautiful red luxurious coat I have ever seen. A very handsome dog that was my best buddy for 16 years. (named Barney- like your example!) So now I will determine to have him back in my life. Thank you!

  17. Kurt Arnold says:

    WOW! I am happy to see and read the comments from all the animal lovers out there. The sadness of a death can be overwhelming. This was an outstanding podcast! I had to listen to it several times to enhance my understanding. It doesn’t matter what religion you subscribe to, this message is positive and reassuring, as always. Any pet owner that experienced a loss of a truly special pet, that special bond being broken, can find some solace here. Thank you for addressing my question from the 1st podcast. I am anxious to hear answers to the questions your listeners have asked. ….on to the 3rd podcast!

  18. Kurt, as am I. ~Allen

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