Savvy Business Radio – Heather Havenwood

Heather Havenwood is the ‘Sexy Boss™’ Chief and she is the mentor, coach and marketing entrepreneur that helps women worldwide navigate through growth and the development of the business and entrepreneur life.  Ms. Havenwood’s personal life mission is to empower 100 Million women in their journey of owning their talent, self-confidence and self-reliance through Entrepreneurship Education.

David Almeida completed an Honors Bachelor of Science, specializing in Toxicology, at the University of Toronto. As an entrepreneur, David Almeida is a co founder of Citrus Therapeutic – a pharmaceutical company with innovative approaches to drug design and development of novel therapeutics – aimed to benefit individuals suffering from vision loss. His work as an innovation broker blends the spheres of medicine, science, business, and leadership to present new concepts and strategies for successful management. His public speaking is aimed at engaging and motivating participants towards improved efficiency and time management:

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