Dr. Diane Hamilton Show – Chris Volk & Joe Simonds

Chris Volk

Chris Volk co-founded and is the President and CEO of Store Capital. For nearly thirty years, Chris has been engaged in the direction of companies that have supplied real estate mortgage and lease solutions to businesses that use real estate in their daily operations to produce their sales and profits. Collectively, those companies have supplied over $11 billion in financing to the chain restaurant, education, fitness, convenience store and other industries. Chris is known within the industry for leading the largest-ever real estate limited partnership rollup transaction of its time in 1994. In 2005, he led the creation of the first real estate master trust debt issuance in the United States designed to finance net lease assets, and is the creator of the V Formula, a revolutionary equation for analyzing business models and the benefits of asset investments to grow shareholder wealth.

Joe Simonds

Joe Simonds is the co-founder, President, and CEM (Chief Entertainment Maverick) at Salt Strong. Prior to that, Joe was the original founder of Annuity Think Tank, Annuity123, Retirement Income Network, and Advisor Internet Marketing. His passion was pioneering and testing new ways for financial advisors to market and brand themselves online, how to create a digital business, and how to simplify retirement income for consumers. Joe recently published a groundbreaking marketing book for financial advisors and other small business owners called “The Authority Advisor: If your prospects can’t find you online, then you don’t exist

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