Inner Whispers with Veronica – 8/15/17

Veronica answers some of Oprah’s questions and discusses who she is.




  1. Beverly Zurman says:


    I’ve subscribed to Inner Wispers for years, (except when hacked).

    Are you still sending the written text, followed by the letters.

    Thank you,


    • Yes, but not as often since Gmail started blocking many newsletters, including “Inner Whispers”.

      Try subscribing with another non-Gmail address or even multiple non-Gmail addresses.


      • Barbara Beveridge says:

        I wondered what happened with the newsletters and why they stopped coming!! Thank you for that information.
        I will use a different email address.

  2. Really nice to hear Veronica speak through April and have an introduction by Allen as well. It takes a lot of courage to try new things and colour outside the lines as they said. So thank you for sharing your efforts, energy and love by commiting to helping others. Loved the audio! Thank you. Fernanda from UK.

  3. Bodhi Drope says:

    Really enjoyed your first radio show and look forward to many more. Although I have read a couple of Veronica’s books I found listening to her very interesting.
    Thank you, ‘Inner Whispers!

  4. Chris Griffith says:

    Well done, Alan for setting this up. It was a good opening show and long may it continue.
    Thanks to all the team and of course, April and Veronica.
    I look forward to hearing more.

    (Glastonbury -uk)

  5. I have worked with Veronica extensively – and after many years in this field (including a year’s participation in Jane Robert’s Seth class – I have to say that what is offered by the Crawfords and Veronica is life changing and extraordinary. I am so grateful to be working with all of them.

  6. Loved the broadcast! We have been working with Veronica for almost 20 years now and it has been life changing. No matter how much you may feel you know about the many different spiritual topics Veronica always expands upon what you knew or thought you knew! But even more importantly than that she personalizes the topics for you to gain a deeper understanding about how you can best expand.
    Alen and April, we are forever grateful for all of the guidance over the years! This was a great addition for sure!

  7. Georgette Hutchins says:

    this was wonderful! Thank you for sharing these podcasts. I will be listening every time.
    Blessings to you and everyone who is involved.

  8. I have been following Veronica for many years, and even had a phone reading many years ago. Congratulations on your new radio show. I am a fan forever,

  9. Veronica’s messages are always a pleasant reminder of who we really are.

  10. Janice Berg Huska says:


    I have been getting the Inner Whispers e-mails from Veronica for a few years and really enjoy reading them.
    The radio show is a great idea! I listened to this with great interest as I am always wondering if the life I am living now is what I planned beforehand.

    I will watch for the next show.

    Thank you,

  11. I am thrilled to receive this radio broadcast and look forward to how ever many more there are to be. I had the privilege of contacting Veronica by telephone several years ago with a friend who actually did most of the talking as he was paying for the call but had wanted me to organize it for him. During this conversation Veronica suddenly interrupted the conversation and recognized my presence and said to me “We know that you have had a very difficult journey and wish to say, well done, well done, well done.” This was something I will never forget it was lovely to be recognized for what I had done….and to be told that I was following the right course on my journey. From the god within with love….Barbara Powell

  12. My life has opened and ascended in a great capacity because of all I have learned from Veronica through the heart and spirit of Allen and April Crawford. I am not sure how I discovered this extraordinary team several years ago however I count my blessings that I did. I have spoken with Veronica more times than I can count and was fortunate to have an in person session as well. We have talked about everything from GOD to current situations in my life to past and future events…there does not seem to be any area that is
    “off the table” or not open for discussion. I am grateful for the guidance , wisdom and most of all love I have received from Veronica and Allen and April. Having read all the books and newsletters , I am very excited about the new radio show and the potential reach it will have to expand our community. Congratulations!!!!

  13. To April, Allen, and of Veronica,

    What a wonderful first show! I enjoyed very much. I will say as a family friend for many years the heart the soul, the compassion of April and the love she express’s is far surpass so many people I have met in my life
    No wonder Veronica choose April along with all the other entities to speak through her.
    Much love always,
    Duke, Alex, & Madison

  14. Hi Allan….really enjoyed your first broadcast…have been an Inner Whispers follower for years…we all need so much help some of us more than others…I want to thank you Allan,April and Veronica for being there for me for all of us…I am going through a very difficult time regarding my health…this is a fight that I will win BELIEVE….must always remain focused….and positive…I will get back to you….Thanks again….Congratulations….Angel blessings….God bless you all….
    .Paulette Montreal Canada

  15. Thank you so much for the radio show. I have been receiving the emails from Inner Whispers for years now. I can’t wait till the day I will be able to call and speak to Veronica. Thank you so much for all you do. I get so much information on my journey here on earth and want to expand my spirituality.

    Much Love and God Bless,

  16. I have spoken with Veronica many times over the last several years. Her guidance is wise and loving. I’m very appreciative of Veronica , April and Allen. I look forward to more episodes from their new radio program!

  17. What a great surprise!

    I receive the newsletter and bought 4 of the books and also had a phone reading with Veronica maybe 3 or 4 years ago.
    I enjoyed this radio show very much and I am looking forward to the next one!
    Thank you Allen and April for being so generous!
    And Veronica for being here with us with her guidance!
    Linda from Rome, Italy

  18. Perry Hatch says:

    I think your first radio show was superb…..always love your newsletters and rereading your books….I loved the opening from April when she said she leaves when Veronica arrives and she goes to “other places”. Made me think of how she knows when to come back….always looking forward to the newsletter and now….the Radio show ! I love you Veronica…April and Allen. Perry ….near Galveston TX

  19. Cris karema says:

    Amazing stuff guys. Really enjoyed that bit of wisdom. Long live inner whispers.

  20. Kathleen MacKinnon says:

    Thank You so much for sending this radio program Allan and April/ Veronica to my E Mail. I have been a follower for 7 years and I simply loved the questions and listening to Veronica’s advice. Loved every minute of it and it all resonates with me the answers given.. Allan…I too would love to hear about reincarnation. I have recently learned that a soul can split and live a lifetime separate as another entity in the same time period? I would like maybe to address this question to Veronica.. ..If you address the reincarnation that is. Thanks again for a great program! Loved it~ Kathleen

  21. Kurt Arnold says:

    Very insightful! Veronica: What happens when our beloved pets die? Does it matter how they die? Do they have a “soul” as you discussed as with humans? Kurt…….New Jersey

    • Pets are discussed in some depth in next week’s program. Should be posted on this page this Monday or Tuesday. -Allen

  22. Thanks to all of you, Allen, April and you Veronica, it’s wonderful to be able to hear you again. I’ve been receiving your newsletters for years, it’s the one email I never just delete due to time or anything like that. I have learned so much from reading what you have to say and it never fails that you touch my heart and tell me something new. I had one reading with you and most of it I spent on a personal subject but I still have a million and four questions I’d like to ask you and fully intend to talk with you again and hopefully be more prepared although we didn’t run out of things to talk about. Anyone reading this, talking to Veronica is one of the warmest and loving conversation you are apt to ever have. I was so nervous at first, but immediately became so very comfortable and felt very safe and calm and right at home as if I’d known her my whole life. I highly recommend it but warn you, you will want to do it often if possible.
    So I really hope this radio show will be a great success and that you will be able to reach a lot more people. I know my life has become richer just knowing you all. Thank you so much for all you do and offer. One question I was going to ask is when someone isn’t being the best they can be, and instead they are being quite the opposite, is this also a learning experience for them? Or will there be karmic events for their actions. And do we make lesson plans that include others when we come to the linear? I mean, is that why some are not so good to be around, so that we can learn a lesson from them that way?

  23. I have a question. Why does the physical form manifest disease? And why are some disease more traumatic than others?
    Can we heal our bodies or are we meant to look to the current methods of those outside of ourselves to find relief from disease?
    Will we be able to bring this physical body into a complete state of wellness?

  24. Dear April, Allen and Veronica,
    Thanks for the good work you’ve done here. I enjoyed hearing your voices!
    Interesting questions from your intelligent and loyal audience, too.
    Looking forward to many years of continuing expansion of consciousness with you all.

  25. Winifred Margolis says:

    Hello and thank you for doing this as you help many to hang in there when times get tough. I have always wanted to know what happened to the soul who reincarnated as Adolph Hitler? Considering the times we are in here in America right now, I would really appreciate an answer from Veronica. Thank you so very much.

  26. My english is not So good i like the email who i every where can read.

    Thus i missed the mail

    Sound and Reading to gether i like the most

    Love wish to your all


  27. I grew in a religious background. My question is – Is there really a 2nd coming of Jesus?
    Is there a Devil?

    Thank you,

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