Dr. Diane Hamilton Show – Steve Gallegos & Sally Dooley

Steve Gallegos

Steve Gallegos, “America’s Ambassador on Success,” speaks, trains, and writes on the topic of personal achievement and remarkable living. His lessons are forged from his years as a U.S. Marine Sergeant, Police Officer, Singer-Songwriter/Recording Artist, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, and Published Commercial Photographer. Through his educational and inspiring talks offered in English or Spanish, he helps executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners gain control over their thoughts, decisions, and actions.

Sally Dooley

Sally Dooley is a highly engaging and experienced facilitator, speaker and executive coach. Her Masters in Training and Development as well as an ongoing commitment to professional excellence, including a recent 12 month Train the Trainer program with Jack Canfield, ensure that her approach remains cutting edge in her field. Over a career spanning twenty years, Sally has worked with thousands of leaders and managers in government, private and community sectors, specializing in a wide range of leadership, people management and personal development areas. This, combined with her own experience in leading teams, has given her an in-depth understanding of the current issues and challenges facing leaders, as well as the capacity to empower leaders to identify strategies that work in their own contexts.

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