Conservative Commandos – 1/11/17

Derrick Hollie, President, Reaching America. Is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of advertising and integrated marketing experience. Derrick has produced several award winning education and outreach campaigns for government, private sector and nonprofit organizations including Johnson Products, Department of State, Department of Commerce, Census 2010, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Volkswagen Group of America and PepsiCo. Reaching America, a 501 (c) (4) organization developed to address complex social issues impacting communities. We’re focused on innovative solutions for African Americans not based on right or left wing views but what makes sense for a more united America.
TOPIC…Rick Perry will fight for Energy Independence and against Energy Poverty 
Andrew Campanella President of National School Choice Week is an outspoken advocate for providing all children with access to effective, excellent educational environments. Recognized as one of the education reform movement’s most effective media strategists and public outreach experts, Andrew has worked on a variety of education reform policy issues – from public charter schooling and private school choice programs to public school district teacher recruitment. 
As president of National School Choice Week, Andrew works with hundreds of organizations and thousands of schools to increase public awareness of school choice in all of its forms.
TOPIC…eeks: National School Choice Week Will Feature 21,392 Independently-Planned Events Nationwide, Draw Tens of Millions

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