Savvy Business Radio – Nicole Roberts Jones

Nicole Roberts Jones is the CEO of the FIERCE Factor Lab and works with entrepreneurs to develop income with impact. She does this using her Fierce Formula which gives entrepreneurs the tools to build products & services that effectively meet the needs of their clients and to not only discover what makes your clients tick at a deep level, but to help you Take ‘Your Brilliance to the Bank’.

Karma Ambassador Darlene Tipton, aka “Karma Dar”. She is co-creator with her husband of, a website and mobile app designed to help people reward acts of kindness, courtesy, and honesty, and expose acts of unkindness, discourtesy, and dishonesty. A child abuse survivor, breast cancer victor and five-time Jeopardy Champion, Darlene has a long career in radio, television and film that includes working as a Hollywood studio executive and now as award-winning independent producer.

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