Chosen Generation – 1/3/17

#STOPSEXSLAVETRADE Founders of Called to Rescue Drs Greg and Cyndi Romine join Pastor Greg to discuss what is being done to address this critical issue. Also has California passed a law to legalize under age prostitution and what will this law actually do.

#LiberalDelusion How far will Obama and the left go to try to destroy America and the Trump presidency? What of the continued race baiting? Derrick Wilburn Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives founder and Vice CHair of the Colorado Republican Party weighs in.

#healthcarefreedom Great news as Obama is shot down again in federal court and religious liberty is restored. Dale Bellis CEO Liberty HealthShare joins Pastor Greg to discuss this and how you can be free too!

#RussianHoax Michael Daugherty joins Pastor Greg to discuss the continued assertions about Russian hacking and election improprieties.

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