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Dr. Dina is a pioneer of the medical marijuana movement and the inspiration for the Nancy Botwin character in the TV show Weeds. In 2003, she unexpectedly entered the world of medical marijuana while trying to help a friend with cancer. Soon thereafter, she would open and run Southern California’s first medical marijuana doctor’s office, consult for and manage the first dispensaries in Southern California, inspire a hit TV show, and become the go-to consultant for countless Hollywood celebrities, politicians, dignitaries, and others, including a presidential candidate, a major Hollywood studio and the cities of West Hollywood and Los Angeles.

Named the “queen of medical marijuana in L.A” by Rolling Stone Magazine, she received her nickname “Dr. Dina” (she is not board certified) from Snoop Dogg for helping him acquire his first letter of recommendation for medical cannabis. Since stepping into the public spotlight, Dr. Dina is rapidly becoming a household name, having been seen by millions in the Vice documentary “The Real Nancy Botwin” and in a GQ web-series with 2 Chainz, where she smokes the world’s most expensive joint and has a $500,000 dab session. She is also the host of the popular podcast Cannabis Confidential on Cannabis Radio. Among her many accomplishments, including winning first place at several High Times Cannabis Cups, she founded Freedom Grow which provides essential support to people serving time for non-violent cannabis crimes and helped launch a compassion program in West Hollywood that provides free medical marijuana to the sick and needy.

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